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Member since: Thu Aug 25, 2016, 01:28 PM
Number of posts: 94

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We need a Trump Shut Up not a Trump shutdown

The idiot blabbers all day long; we would all be better off if he could just SHUT UP.

Drove by my polling place in Tallahassee twice today

Parking lot full both times. Highly democratic area.
Bring it home, Mayor Gillum!

Caravan going down the interstate with the bomber's van

That is not the caravan Trump was counting on.

Does this coverage remind any one of the OJ white van?

So similar

Just voted in Tallahassee

I asked how many people had voted today and they say they there were having a steady stream all day; the parking lot was full. This was an African American early voting location. Go Mayor Gillum!!!!!

What do you all think of Amendment 6--the victim's rights amendment

It looks like a good idea but I did some reading and I am not sure about it. The League of Women's voters is against it.

The orange one is criticizing Tallahassee while we are preparing for a major hurricane

For those of you who don't know, Tallahassee is a bright blue city in a sea of red. We have 2 universities and a community college.Most if not all of the city officials are democrats. Now this orange ass is criticizing our city. Go for it! Get out the democratic vote, idiot.

Graham is taking over the crazy for Trump while Trump tries to remain silent

I think Graham's craziness is a show for the base while they desperately try to keep Trump's mouth shut. In other words, Graham is a fill in for Trump until after the midterms when Trump can renew his usual bombastic bs.

We will see how Trump likes it when his son is in cage

He shouldn't have a problem with it since he has locked up hundreds of people's children.

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