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Member since: Sun May 25, 2014, 11:27 AM
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Thoughtful essay on white priveledge. From FB.

One more time. In case itís still unclear.

400 years ago white people brought black people over here and enslaved them. And sold them. And treated them as less than human. For 250 years. While white men formed the country and created its laws and its systems of government. While 10-15 generations of white families got to grow and flourish and make choices that could make their lives better.

And then 150 years ago white people "freed" black people from slavery. But then angry white people created laws that made it impossible for them to vote. Or to own land. Or to have the same rights as white people. And even erected monuments glorifying people who actively had fought to keep them enslaved. All while another 5, 10 generations of white families got to grow and accumulate wealth and gain land and get an education.

And then 60 years ago we made it "legal" for black people to vote, and to be "free" from discrimination. But angry white people still fought to keep schools segregated. And closed off neighborhoods to white people only. And made it harder for black people to get bank loans, or get quality education or health care, or to (gasp) marry a white person. All while another 2-3 generations of white families got to grow and pass their wealth down to their children and their children's children.

And then we entered an age where we had the technology to make PUBLIC the things that were already happening in private-- the beatings, the stop and frisk laws, the unequal distribution of justice, the police brutality (police began in America as slave patrols designed to catch runaway slaves). And only now, after 400+ years and 20+ generations of a white head start, are we STARTING to truly have a dialog about what it means to be black.

White privilege doesn't mean you haven't suffered or fought or worked hard. It doesn't mean white people are responsible for the sins of their ancestors. It doesnít mean you canít be proud of who you are.

It DOES mean that we need to acknowledge that the system our ancestors created is built FOR white people.

It DOES mean that we aren't disadvantaged because of the color of our skin and it DOES mean that we owe it to our neighbors-- of all colors-- to acknowledge that and work to make our world more equitable.
Posted by CaptainTruth | Thu Jul 2, 2020, 07:41 PM (3 replies)

Just had the first 2 COVID19 deaths in my county.

And as of yesterday 8 confirmed cases on the island I live on.

Close to home. Stay safe everyone!!!
Posted by CaptainTruth | Tue Apr 7, 2020, 11:41 AM (3 replies)

Orange County testing site hits capacity 7 minutes after opening Friday

This is insane. This site is getting the test kits from the federal government & they've been limited to 250 tests per day, yet Trump says there's no problem getting tests.

Officials changed the testing criteria earlier this week to include people under the age of 65 who are experiencing certain symptoms. They've quickly hit the daily capacity in the days that followed the change.

Anyone can receive a test if they have: a 99.6-degree fever or higher and respiratory symptoms, or a pre-existing condition. First responders and health care workers are also included.

The testing site can only conduct 250 tests a day because they get their tests from the federal government and said they have limits.

"That federally mandated number is what we must follow. So, while we have 2,400 tests, we're only able to perform 250 a day. You may be thinking. Ďoh, well the Miami site and the Jacksonville site have more tests that they're able to do,í and we understand that, however the reason they're able to do that is that they have either a hospital partner, or they have tests that came in from the state of Florida. While that's an option to happen here as well, it hasn't happened yet," Lauren Luna, spokesperson for the testing site said.



Posted by CaptainTruth | Fri Apr 3, 2020, 12:29 PM (1 replies)

New test site open in Miami Gardens, 65+ only w/symptoms

#COVID19 @FLSERT Test Site @HardRockStadium is open for testing today; you must be 65+ and have symptoms below👇no appointment needed. Bring a valid photo ID with name and birthdate. @FLSERT @fema @HHSGov @FLGuard

Symptoms: On-site temperature above 99.6 and respiratory symptoms.

Posted by CaptainTruth | Fri Apr 3, 2020, 09:40 AM (3 replies)

Orange County testing site "federally mandated to stop each day after completing 250 tests"

I don't know why. Until today people who were not at least 65 years old AND displaying symptoms (or first responders & medical professionals) were turned away from this drive-thru site & not tested per Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Today is the first day without the age limit (you still must have symptoms to be tested), but we're now told there's a federal limit of 250 tests a day (Why a federal limit on state testing? Trump trying to keep the numbers low?), so everyone beyond that is ... you guessed it ... turned away & not tested.

From Rachael Krause, ch 13 Orlando:

The @OCCC testing site is federally mandated to stop each day after completing 250 coronavirus tests. Today, after dropping the age requirement, they reached that test limit at 11:15 am - their fastest time yet @MyNews13 #N13COVID19


Something smells fishy in Orlando & it's not the grouper.
Posted by CaptainTruth | Wed Apr 1, 2020, 02:54 PM (4 replies)

Thank you to whoever gave me the heart! I really appreciate it. Going through a rough patch...

Recent death in the family, unfortunately the plane ticket to get to the funeral is more than I can afford, so I'm remembering from afar.

I'm learning that memories are just as sweet no matter where you are, I just wished I could be there with my family.

I drove past Mar-a-Lago yesterday.

My wife & I went to Fort Lauderdale for the weekend, to see the Who play Friday night & spend the weekend there.

I drove A1A most of the way back north, including the bit (South Atlantic Blvd) that runs along the back of MaL.

I flipped him off & yelled a few choice words (even though he wasn't there) for myself & for all of my DU friends as I drove by.

Then I turned around & did it again.

It felt good.

What will Trump defend?

Russia attacked American elections, & Trump refused to implement the sanctions that were overwhelmingly approved by Congress.

Iran (maybe, we don't really know yet) attacked a Saudi oil facility & Trump's response (on Twitter, of course) is to "substantially increase sanctions!"

Trump does more to defend Saudi oil than he does to defend our own elections.

Great Twitter thread about the impeachment process.

I've tried to explain this multiple times here & on Twitter, but Malcolm Johnson does a much better job than I did.

THREAD: I'm not a Lawyer, but I have a particular view when it comes to Impeachment.

When I worked for Warner Bros. Legal and Business Affairs, we had a simple guideline for pursuing litigation. First, we'd send the offending party a 30 day cease and desist letter... 1/12

When that didn't work, we'd send them ANOTHER 30 day cease and desist letter...and if that didn't work, we'd send a THIRD 30 day cease and desist letter... 2/12

But on day 91 of that process, we'd initiate litigation.

Inevitably we'd be in court, and the Judge would ask us, "Okay, but have you given the offending party every chance to comply with your wishes?" 3/12

And we'd be able to say "Yes, we have your honor. Here is our first 30 day cease and desist, here's our second and here's our third. All documented, and transmitted, all ignored by the Offending Party." 4/12

Suddenly, we weren't the ones having to prove anything, it was the guys we were suing. The Judge would look at them, and say "So what about this counselor? Why have you ignored their lawful request??" 5/12

In terms of Impeachment, we are on the second 30 day cease and desist letter, metaphorically speaking.

The Democrats are bound for court and are now collecting documentation to show how much the Administration is acting unlawfully. 6/12

We are going after Tax Returns via Ways and Means.
We are going after Bank Records via Intelligence and Finance.
We are after Testimony via Judiciary and Oversight.
All of which we have a right to.
All of which have been subpoenaed. 7/12

So when you see the Chairmen of these various committees "not going fast enough" remember, they are collecting documentation with each of these extended deadlines. 8/12

When the Democrats face a judge, they'll be able to say "Look, your Honor, we gave the Administration EVERY CHANCE to comply with the law."

What you call slow and ineffective, is what a Lawyer would call crossing every "t" and dotting every "i" before going into court. 9/12

Because it's a dead cinch lock that the Judge will rule in our favor once those "t"s & "i"s are taken care of...because what I expect to happen...and what I think every Democrat expects to happen is that Trump will then defy whatever ruling the Judge hands down... 10/12

...and once that happens, once Trump defies a Federal Judge's ruling (which I expect to happen 100%), well the pressure to impeach won't be on the Democrats. It'll be on the Republicans. 11/12

So, if you're patient, this is going to play out the way you want. Trump can't help himself. 12/12 END


I think these bans are about more than abortion.

Republicans saw women voters (largely the pro-life ones) deliver victories to Democrats in the 2018 elections, threatening GOP control of government.

Now, Republican legislators are trying to make abortion & even miscarriage a felony.

Why? Sure, there's the usual "pro-life" base BS, but I think a lot of folks are missing something important:


These bans are a way they can take the right to vote away (at least temporarily in most states) from pro-choice women who have an abortion. It's safe to say this will suppress Democratic votes more than Republican votes.
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