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My name is Ned.....

This sign is heartbreaking 💔

Michael Franti and Spearhead

My "take" on the primaries....

We fall in love with our candidates in the primary, and we fall in line for the general.

That is all......


Today, WI Rapids, WI..sad story, they are family friends of ours. 😔😡☹️😥

This note was in Carlos’ locker today at work. I wish I could say it was the first time something like this has happened, but unfortunately I’ve lost count of how many racially charged “incidents” there have been.
If you know me, then you likely also know my husband. You know that he is a guy who works hard for his family, who is a great dad and supporter of his kids, and he is a good husband who goes along with all the crazy things I ask him to do. He volunteers, he will always lend a hand. He’s also much more patient and tolerant than I am.
And also, for the record, he’s from Texas. (And proudly sports a Texas tattoo)
And while Carlos is a tough guy and won’t let this get him down (because he has seen and heard these things his whole life), the (hopefully) unintended consequence is that my children also see and hear these things. What they hear makes them feel that being Hispanic makes them less than, and that there is something inherently wrong with who they are.
Behind every racist comment or note shoved in a locker there is somebody’s dad, husband, son, brother...
Words hurt. Ignorance hurts. Racism hurts.
And if you think that this isn’t a problem, if you think it’s not happening here, it is. Right here in central Wisconsin.
Andrea 💔

Heartstrings here....my 2 grandsons are 1/2 Japanese...4 and 9. If this doesn't stop being standard acceptable behavior, encouraged, and not called out for what it is, I fear the time will come when their culture is called up....damn I hate 45...hate!

Asking for a friend....

How does one go about telling a dear opposite sex friend (and possible romantic interest) that as he’s gotten older he has developed ‘old people smell’. I think he doesn’t wash clothes and bed linen enough.

Had to pull over on a major highway to catch this photo!

I hope to see more!

Edit for location: this photo was taken on Hwy 19, just East of Madison, WI
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