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Member since: Fri Nov 5, 2010, 11:18 PM
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Another example of why Europeans think Americans are idiots


Utah Teacher Fired After Students See Nudity in Art

LOGAN, Utah — A Utah art teacher was fired amid complaints that images of classical paintings containing nudity were passed out in a classroom and seen by sixth-graders, a newspaper reported.

Mateo Rueda said he wasn't aware that a set of educational postcards from the elementary school library contained a few works depicting nudity when he handed them out during a lesson, the Herald Journal newspaper said Thursday....

Cache County deputies found Principal Jeni Buist shredding postcards — at the request of the school district — that contained nudity, said Sheriff Chad Jensen....

The two images seen by students were the Impressionist-era portrait "Iris Tree" by Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani and the Rococo-style partial nude "Odalisque" by 18th-century artist Francois Boucher....

The 2 paintings in question:

538: What Is Kirsten Gillibrand Up To?


At her essence, Gillibrand would seem to be not an ideologue, but an operator. In order to win she has evolved her positions....She used to have an “A” grade from the NRA, when she represented a conservative upstate district in the House, and she was against protections for sanctuary cities....Progressive members of New York’s congressional delegation were so incensed by her appointment, they threatened to run against her.

In 2017, things are different. Gillibrand supports a path to citizenship, and has called Trump’s border wall a “hurtful, terrible policy that will never work.” In 2016, she wept in an interview while discussing her former stance on guns....In the House, where she served from 2007 to 2009, she was among the least liberal members of the Democratic caucus, ranking 209th out of 241. But in the Senate, she has skewed left. In the last Congress, she was the seventh most liberal member of the 46-person Democratic caucus.

Why the Repubs will not suffer because of the tax bill

The negative effects of this bill will not be realized for seven to nine years. In the short term (2 years) most people will not see any change other than a very small reduction in their payroll tax.

When the economic crises occurs sometime between 2025 and 2027 there almost certainly will be a Democrat in the White House, and probably a Democratic controlled congress. Since the crisis will occur when the Dems are in power, the Repubs will blame them. President Warren or Biden or Sanders or whoever, will try to remind people that the economic crisis 2026 was caused by the Republican tax bill of 2017. But nine years is a long time, people have short memories and only know what is in front of them at the moment. The same people who voted for Trump will be blame the Dems for the crumbling economy and the next election will go to the Republicans.

10 Facts That Show Exactly Whatll Happen Without Net Neutrality


Countless Companies Have Blocked Skype....
Comcast, Verizon, And MetroPCS Have All Slowed Down Netflix....
Telus Blocked Their Workers Union’s Website....
Plusnet Charged Customers Extra To Play Online Games....
Comcast And Cox Cable Blocked VPN....
Verizon Blocked Google Wallet....
Comcast Secretly Blocked BitTorrent....
Verizon Shut Down Wi-Fi Hot Spots....
Windstream And Paxfire Redirected Google Searches....
Verizon Has Admitted They Plan On Censoring The Internet....

Question: Does the senate tax reform bill need 60 votes?

Robert Pruett executed


Mr. Pruett was 15 years old when he last saw the outside world, after being arrested as an accomplice to a murder committed by his own father. Now 38, having been convicted of a murder while incarcerated, he will be put to death. At a time when the Supreme Court has begun to recognize excessive punishments for juveniles as unjust, Mr. Pruett’s case shows how young lives can be destroyed by a justice system that refuses to give second chances.......At age 20, while still behind bars, Mr. Pruett was accused of killing the correctional officer Daniel Nagle. At 22, he was sentenced to death for the crime. He has maintained that he is innocent, and there is reason to believe he is telling the truth. The conviction relied largely on the testimony of inmate eyewitnesses, who are alleged to have received favorable deals in exchange for testimony. No physical evidence ever connected Mr. Pruett to the killing, and when he finally succeeded in having the murder weapon tested for DNA, nothing conclusive was found. Legally, that wasn’t enough to overturn Mr. Pruett’s conviction, but it should be deeply discomforting and raise serious doubts about whether he’s responsible for the crime.

Trump lost the popular vote because Cruz, Jeb, and Rubio, criticized him during the primaries

What I can't understand is how Obama won the general election in 2008 after Hillary criticized him during the primaries.

A 2010 study in Public Opinion Quarterly found that in the 2008 election 25 percent of those who voted for Clinton in the Democratic primary ended up voting for Republican John McCain, rather than Barack Obama, in the general election.

'Guns are fine racism is not: Armed redneck lefties waging different kind of war on Fascism


A well-armed organization of anti-racists are using gun culture to organize rural white voters against the administration of President Donald Trump.

“Redneck Revolt is a national network of community defense projects from a broad spread of political, religious, and cultural backgrounds. It is a pro-worker, anti-racist organization that focuses on working class liberation from the oppressive systems which dominate our lives,” the organization’s website states. “In states where it is legal to practice armed community defense, many branches choose to become John Brown Gun Clubs, training ourselves and our communities in defense and mutual aid.”

Terrific protest sign

Legal question: Is a special counsel the same as a special prosecutor?

The media keep referring to Mueller as a special counsel. Is there a difference?
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