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Gender: Female
Hometown: Texas
Member since: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 07:53 AM
Number of posts: 7,127

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Assuming that Pence does NOT drop out of a debate with Harris ---

Not a given that he will debate her. I can't wait for him to make his first condescending, minimizing sexist remark. What does he have to offer? The greatest explosion of the deficit, horrible unemployment, worst pandemic in 100 years, little kids in cages, No Wall, No Healthcare plan that's better & cheaper.

What has he got? What are his accomplishments?

Since she sits on the intelligence committee, she must have a dump truck of dirt on them that she can't publicly talk about. Oh my! I really really hope that Pence debates her.

How long before he digs up Reagan's welfare queen, driving a Cadillac?

Maybe he'll run a Willie Horton ad too. The next 80+ days will see tons of fear-mongering from Fort Trumpistan.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Team Biden-Harris will offer a POSITIVE VISION, that will inspire us and offer hope and change once again. All their racist dog whistles will get called out and RIDICULED by all of us on Team Biden-Harris. I'm already planning to pop a champaign cork, when Team Biden-Harris gets sworn in.

Well I'm jazzed about Kamela

So looking forward to the VP debate, where she will chew up Pence and spit him out. Checked out Faux news, where they didn't waste any time calling her a VICIOUS attacker. Woo-woo! Woof-Woof! Are they scared, or what?

Ya think Kamela is licking her chops to debate Pence?

Do you think Trump will ever get prosecuted, convicted, and do jail time after he leaves office?

I can think of a whole host of crimes, federal and state, which he probably committed and for which he deserves punishment. Do you think that America has the stomach to prosecute a former POTUS? Personally, I think that he needs to be made an example of no one is above the law, and corrupt venal politicians will not be tolerated.

Texas senate race is on!

John Cornyn calls MJ Hegar a "liberal." Then she labels him "a spineless bootlicker."

Hoo boy!


Will Trump carve his name in the Resolute Desk?

"Trump was here."

He's nasty enough to do it.

Keep those cash registers ringing!

Republicans care only about money. Keep those cash registers ringing. No matter if people get sick and maybe die. There's a surplus of unemployed people to fill the jobs of those, who get hauled off in an ambulance.

They don't seem to realize that hospitalized and DEAD people don't shop much.

As long as we're getting rid of monuments to slave owners,

shouldn't the electoral college also be on the list?

My favorite picture of Obama

Shows his humanity and yes basic kindness and decency.

Trump's speech on racism

Various cable news are reporting that the WH is considering letting Trump make a speech on racism. Now I usually make a point of switching the channel whenever he appears on TV. But I don't think I could resist watching the colassal butt show of a Dimwit speech about racism. A speech that would surely include every dog whistle and white racist platitude possible. Completely miss the point of social justice and BLM. Have no solutions. Probably announce some commission composed of more of his asshole grifter cronies, and be derided far and wide.

And gosh golly, we would surely get the additional delightful treat of asshole Republican congressmen and senators praising his speech and mouthing their own empty platitudes.

A Trump speech on racism. I get excited just thinking about it.
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