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Pants not required

First day of voting in the Commonwealth!!!! 🇺🇸

Yeah us!

WH Presser - Atlas says vaccine could be available in January

for top priority people (health workers and elderly).

Now Trump is saying that Redfield’s timeline was wrong.

Yes this is politics related - Big 10 football in October

Trump has been promoting this for a while now. Expect him to take credit for it. Big medicine in Michigan Ohio Wisconsin Pennsylvania and Minnesota

Sources: Big Ten to announce October return to college football

The Big Ten is expected to announce on Wednesday a return to football in October, sources confirmed to ESPN.

The news was first reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The Big Ten on Aug. 11 postponed all fall sports seasons, including football, because of concerns about the pandemic. The league's presidents and chancellors voted 11-3 to postpone, with only Nebraska, Ohio State and Iowa electing to proceed. A vote to play a fall season would require at least 60% of the presidents and chancellors (nine or more).


1,126,501 students.

We were watching Mayor De Blasio a bit ago on CNN.
A million kids. Everyday. At least lunch. A million people. Amazing.


#95 Terry Poe - Dallas Cowboys- took a knee.

Apparently known about.... still ....F. U Jerry.

60 Minutes - Woodward- on now

Hold on! We might have Big Ten football after all.

You may not think this is politics but it is. Football is BIG MEDICINE in Ohio Michigan Wisconsin Pennsylvania and even Minnesota. Trump hung his hat on this just last week. He will declare a big victory if they vote to return to football —— BTW by all accounts it went pretty well yesterday for everyone else.

Sources: Big Ten revote on when to start football season could take place Sunday


The Big Ten's council of presidents and chancellors will meet Sunday to review the latest medical information and possibly vote again on when the fall football season can begin, sources told ESPN.

The medical subcommittee, co-chaired by Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour and Ohio State lead team physician Dr. Jim Borchers, will present the presidents with at least four rapid response antigen tests that could allow Big Ten teams to test daily for the coronavirus and significantly decrease the amount of necessary contact tracing. The latest information about myocarditis and its occurrence in athletes who test positive for COVID-19 also is expected to be shared, sources said.

"It's light-years different than it was five weeks ago," a conference source told ESPN on Friday.

The medical subcommittee includes four Big Ten athletic directors -- Michigan's Warde Manuel, Michigan State's Bill Beekman, Minnesota's Mark Coyle and Maryland's Damon Evans -- as well as team doctors and other medical experts from Illinois, Purdue, Michigan, Nebraska, Northwestern, Indiana and Maryland.

290 days ago this boy got rescued

If you look closely, he has WiFi.

Whoa-oh ---"Show me how to fight for now"

Funny story. I’m at a Wawa on Thursday middle of the afternoon and this is on the sound system. I’m feeling it...getting my coffee and then the “Whoa-ohs” start.
In the song and at the gas station. There are about 30 people total in the store. I could see everyone head bobbing and moving to this. Almost a dance. The “whoa-ohs” got the the point that we all looked at each other and raised our hands each time.

“Show me how to fight for now” is a great lyric.

An extended version but it highlights the Whoa-ohs

Very cool version
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