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Long but funny - Rickles on Carson. 1973

Super Bowl ad SPOILER

See link


Fox News has to break in with an Alert!

Trump's defense is using the "hearsay/no facts" testimonies from Schiff's hearing

Okay. Hold it. They're using the "hearsay/no facts" testimonies from Schiff's hearings???
The right wing has been saying this for a month. Now THEY are using THAT testimony in their defense?!?!


Oh and the written order from Trump to ignore subpoenas is a closed book. The second article.

Neil Young is now an American citizen (dual) and can vote

Neil Young reveals he became a U.S. citizen, will vote Democrat: 'I’m happy to report I’m in'

The 74-year-old singer made the announcement on his website with an image showing Young saluting next to an American flag alongside a table with a sign that reads: “Democrats register to vote here.”

“I’m happy to report I’m in!!” he captioned the photo. “Vote your conscience.”


Neil Young is finally a US citizen after he says his love of weed delayed application

Neil Young has officially become a "Canarican" after his citizenship application was delayed for months because he smoked weed, he said.

Young referenced an April 2019 policy addition, which states that, "An applicant who is involved in certain marijuana related activities may lack GMC (Good Moral Character) if found to have violated federal law, even if such activity is not unlawful under applicable state or foreign laws."

US Citizenship and Immigration Services told CNN in November that it could not comment on whether Young's application had been held up, citing privacy protections, but said the agency was required to make judgments on cases based on federal law.


❤️ Valentines Day at Waffle House - they are dimming the lights and taking reservations

Waffle House Is Dimming the Lights and Taking Reservations for Valentine’s Day

What could be more romantic than an affordable night out beneath the warm yellow glow of a Waffle House sign?

Southern Living magazine

Looking to smother and cover that special someone with love this Valentine's Day? This February 14th, Waffle House locations across the country are serving up affordable, one-of-a-kind date nights beneath the warm glow of their iconic yellow signs.

This year, close to 200 restaurants in 21 states will be taking reservations, offering special menu items, dimming the lights and classing up their Formica tables with candles and white tablecloths.

Waffle House's Valentine's Day tradition reportedly began in 2008 at a location in John's Creek, Georgia. An influx of customers dined at this restaurant every Valentine's Day, so the manager decided to make the experience extra special.

Find a participating Waffle House location near you at WaffleHouse.com.

Phone numbers to to reserve your table here


Some funny & cool changed in the Dem controlled Virginia General Assembly

I was talking today with someone who is at the General Assembly everyday during this 60 day session.

First, she said it's the most fun and relaxed House session she's ever seen. The Dems haven't had
Leadership positions in 20+ years and they've had some management problems but the spirit is free wheeling. Republicans are resigned to their lack power and are actually enjoying their time in Richmond.

At the bottom of the rules, it's traditionally read "The use of the pronoun 'He' should be understood to include 'She' and neutral". The rules now read, "The use of the word 'She' should be understood to include 'He' and neutral".

At a debate about a bill banning teens from using tanning beds, two female Representatives (of color) spoke, jokingly:
"What if a young person wants to reach this (waving her hands over herself) beautiful color of their skin?"


"What if a young person seeks to attain the skin hue of Jesus Christ?"

LMAO - Sling TV's impeachment graphics. 😆

MSNBC’s is the Orange one.
CNN’s was also Orange until today.

Well that was fun. Watching Fox News. (Just added to Sling along with MSNBC)

I'm off (but you knew that) for MLK day. Trying to see coverage of the Ammosexual fest downtown. Very little coverage on any of the news networks that I can see.

I have it on in the background- it's cleaning day here for my daughter and I.

Dennis Donovan has this covered

So I see that Peter Schweitzer will be on Hannity tonight. Schweitzer's book is the impetus for the whole Hunter Biden nonsense.

Oooh look. On the eve of the Senate Impeachment hearing Fox News has Joe Piscipo on to offer his insights on Prince Harry.

Hold it! How is THIS GUY not on Trump's "as seen on TV" legal team?

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