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'He is lying': Colorado election chief tears into Trump -- and debunks his lies about mail-in ballot

Source: raw story

Published 1 min ago on August 13, 2020

On Thursday’s edition of CNN’s “OutFront,” Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold tore down President Donald Trump’s false claims about voting by mail.


“President Trump is lying about vote by mail,” said Griswold. “Colorado has a very clean history of running great elections with vote by mail. We have safeguards in place to make sure we would catch any type of double-voting, including signature verification, rules about ballot collection, and a lot of other safeguards. But what is true is that there’s over 160,000 Americans who have died from COVID-19. It’s thousands of times more likely for an American to pass away because of the coronavirus than any type of fraud.”
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“So, what do you do then if the USPS does not get the funding?” asked Burnett. “If he blocks that funding, then what do you do? Does that then put the sanctity of the election in question if it doesn’t get that funding?”

“Well, Colorado’s election model has built-in contingencies,” said Griswold. “We send out ballots three weeks before election day. And there’s hundreds of mail ballot dropboxes across the state … [but] I will tell you the president is going to all lengths to try to suppress the vote. The RNC is suing in Pennsylvania about dropboxes. It doesn’t matter what you do — they are coming with a lawsuit and lies to try to suppress turnout in November.”

Watch below:.........................

Read more: https://www.rawstory.com/2020/08/he-is-lying-colorado-election-chief-tears-into-trump-and-debunks-his-lies-about-mail-in-ballots/


Trump Gives Barr An Ultimatum: You Could Be 'Greatest' AG Or 'Average Guy'

Source: TPM

August 13, 2020 1:52 p.m.


The President then went on to issue an ultimatum directed at his attorney general.

“Bill Barr can go down as the greatest attorney general in the history of our country, or he can go down as an average guy,” Trump said, regarding the Durham probe. “We’ll see what happens.”

The President added that Barr is “great most of the time” but that “he’ll be just another guy” if he “wants to be politically correct.”

“(Barr and Durham) have all the answers,” Trump said. “It goes all to Obama, and it goes right to Biden.”

In a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee late last month, Barr wouldn’t commit to releasing the Durham report until after the November election.

“Under oath, do you commit to not releasing any report by Mr. Durham before the November election?” Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-FL) asked Barr.

“No,” Barr said, before doubling down on his denial and adding that he “will be very careful.”

Read more: https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/trump-barr-durham-probe-fox-business-interview

Bet Barr gets the report and does what he did to the Mueller Report

Barr On Durham Probe: ‘We Are Trying To Get Some Things Accomplished Before The Election’


August 13, 2020 3:31 p.m.


“We are gonna proceed with this investigation and not put it on hold right now during election season,”
Barr said Wednesday on an interview on “The Buck Sexton Show.”

“We’re all aware of the calendar and we’re not going to do anything for the purposes of affecting an election, but we are trying to get some things accomplished before the election,” he said.

He declined to answer Sexton’s question about if the probe is in its final stages, but promised that “people will be held accountable” if prosecutor John Durham finds that any criminal laws were violated.

The probe has become increasingly colored by partisanship as President Donald Trump openly hopes for, and pins Barr’s legacy on, Durham finding evidence to discredit the origin of the FBI’s investigation into his campaign. And, as Trump has made clear, he wants that exculpation before the November election.

"supermarket employees now say they are overworked, overwhelmed and feeling expendable again"

I see so many stories of grocery store employees being at risk for violence when they try to enforce the
mask requirement. selfishness is Dangerous to all.

“The mounting despair is heightened by the lack of other job options: Supermarkets are among the few bright spots in an industry that has been ravaged by covid-related store closures and a sharp drop-off in consumer spending.”

“Find something new,” says .@IvankaTrump
Quote Tweet
President “ramble-parade of lies and boasts”


Side-by-side video exposes Trump as he reads exact same script at multiple press briefings

Trump is downcast, blubbering on and on.




Side-by-side video exposes Trump as he reads exact same script at multiple press briefings


Published 8 mins ago on August 13, 2020

By Sarah K. Burris

If President Donald Trump sounds like he’s mindlessly rattling off random facts and figures on a monotone voice while reading another script that sounds like the same script before, there’s a reason for that. The scripts have been almost identical on multiple occasions.

The Recount showed a mash-up of several different videos of Trump reading the exact same words about the COVID-19 pandemic and the United States “conducting more tests than any other country in the world.” He also cites the exact same phrase for talking about the elderly dying of the coronavirus and how they can fast-track the vaccine for 100 million of the 330 million Americans in the United States.



Side-by-side video exposes Trump as he reads exact same script at multiple press briefings

kick em Kamala--Trumpy will be following in his golf cart.............




@RepLizCheney is a vile echo chamber for #Trump..............

She really just repeats what Trump said. And she did not use her official Representative twitter account.

Kamala Harris is a radical liberal who would raise taxes, take away guns & health insurance, and explode the size and power of the federal gov’t. She wants to recreate America in the image of what’s happening on the streets of Portland & Seattle. We won’t give her the chance.


#Trump is ordering schools on Native American reservations to reopen...

DANGEROUS Meanness is the hallmark of the Trump admin!!

Trump’s Order on Coronavirus Relief Alarms Governors as Stimulus Talks Stall

The Trump administration is ordering schools on Native American reservations to reopen. California’s chief health officer has resigned. The pandemic has now sickened more than 20 million people, according to a Times database.


Published Aug. 10, 2020 Updated Aug. 11, 2020


Federal schools on Native American reservations, where infection rates can run high, are told to reopen.

The Trump administration is ordering schools operated by the Bureau of Indian Education to reopen for in-person instruction “to the maximum extent possible” on Sept. 16, according to an internal memo obtained by The New York Times.

The memo says that while families may choose to keep their students home and rely on virtual instruction, teachers are expected to teach in person unless they are at high risk for health complications should they contract the coronavirus.

The bureau operates 53 schools serving Native Americans living on tribal lands. A number of reservations have been hard-hit by the coronavirus, especially the Navajo Nation in the Southwest.

The bureau’s schools are among the few under direct federal control, rather than state or local control. The bureau is part of the Department of the Interior.

Sue Parton, a member of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma and the president of the union that represents the bureau’s employees, said the plan to reopen the schools so soon was “foolish.”

'This is no longer a debate': Florida sheriff bans deputies, visitors from wearing masks

Source: Washington Post

August 12, 2020 at 2:32 a.m. CDT

On Tuesday, as Florida set a daily record for covid-19 deaths, Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods prohibited his deputies from wearing masks at work. His order, which also applies to visitors to the sheriff’s office, carves out an exception for officers in some locations, including hospitals, and when dealing with people who are high-risk or suspected of having the novel coronavirus.

In an email to the sheriff’s department obtained by the Ocala Star-Banner, Woods disputed the idea that masks are a consensus approach to battling the pandemic.

“We can debate and argue all day of why and why not. The fact is, the amount of professionals that give the reason why we should, I can find the exact same amount of professionals that say why we shouldn’t,” Woods wrote in the email.


Woods, whose office didn’t immediately respond to a message from The Washington Post, participated in a phone conference with President Trump and other sheriffs on Tuesday.

The sheriff ended his missive by making it clear that he would brook no dissent.

“This is no longer a debate nor is it up for discussion,” he wrote. “Please keep in mind this entire pandemic is fluid and constantly changing the way things are done. However, my orders will be followed or my actions will be swift to address.” ...................................

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/08/12/masks-florida-ban-billy-woods/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=wp_main

good gawd. this Dangerous sheriff talks to Trump and now puts all in his jurisdiction at risk for the #coronavirus.

Marion County, Fla., Sheriff Billy Woods has forbidden his deputies from wearing masks. (Marion County Sheriff's Department /Marion County Sheriff's Department)


Oh CRAP!! Scott Fitzgerald easily wins Republican nomination for Sensenbrenner's seat

Fitzgerald is a Scott Walker cultist--now will be a Trump cultist.

I am glad he is leaving WI, but he is bad for America.

Scott Fitzgerald easily wins Republican nomination for Sensenbrenner's seat



Meg Jones

Scott Fitzgerald easily won the Republican nomination Tuesday, advancing to the general election to replace Jim Sensenbrenner in Wisconsin's 5th Congressional District.

The state Senate majority leader will now face Democrat Tom Palzewicz of Brookfield in the Nov. 2 election.

The 5th District includes Jefferson and Washington counties and parts of Dodge, Milwaukee, Walworth and Waukesha counties and is the most Republican congressional district in Wisconsin.

LIVE UPDATES:Wisconsin August primary election results

Fitzgerald, who lives in Juneau, defeated Coast Guard Reserve commander and businessman Cliff DeTemple of Jackson. Palzewicz, a Navy veteran and businessman, ran unopposed in the primary for the Democratic nomination.

Sensenbrenner, a Republican, is retiring after serving more than four decades in the U.S. House of Representatives.....................................

U.S. Coronavirus Response Met With Alarm Abroad; "Don't they care about their health?"

Europe, in general has always to up to America. No more.

CORONAVIRUS 08/09/2020 08:08 am ET Updated 1 day ago

U.S. Coronavirus Response Met With Alarm Abroad
Europeans are watching America’s bungled coronavirus response with astonishment.

Nicole Winfield and Lisa Marie Pane

ROME (AP) — With confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. hitting 5 million Sunday, by far the highest of any country, the failure of the most powerful nation in the world to contain the scourge has been met with astonishment and alarm in Europe.

Perhaps nowhere outside the U.S. is America’s bungled virus response viewed with more consternation than in Italy, which was ground zero of Europe’s epidemic. Italians were unprepared when the outbreak exploded in February, and the country still has one of the world’s highest official death tolls at 35,000.

But after a strict nationwide, 10-week lockdown, vigilant tracing of new clusters and general acceptance of mask mandates and social distancing, Italy has become a model of virus containment.

“Don’t they care about their health?” a mask-clad Patrizia Antonini asked about people in the United States as she walked with friends along the banks of Lake Bracciano, north of Rome. “They need to take our precautions. ... They need a real lockdown.”......................
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