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Member since: Wed Mar 15, 2017, 02:56 PM
Number of posts: 771

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Interactive weather map

Mt favorite weather tool. [link:http://windy.com| Great animation. Praying for those in the Bahamas.

I have a question that has me stumped

I was writing and I came across a little problem that I can't quite find the answer to so I'm looking for help here. Question: If some men singers are considered crooners, are some women singers considered crooners too? Or is there another name to give a woman singer of that same caliber that would be synonymous to being called a crooner? I don't have a clue.

I didn't write this but I wish I had

Some guy named Charlie on yahoo news posted it, but I don't think I've ever heard more truer words. "As long as the right can be scared in to thinking that Dems want to take away their guns, Gays want to convert their children, LGBT want to molest them in bathrooms, they will never learn. Trump has built a wall around their brains - no intelligent thought can enter and no stupid thought can leave."

Chuck Todd is an a-hole.

He said to his panel that shouldn't the lead story be that Manafort never flips? He doesn't even try to hide the fact that he is anti-Democratic.

I read that Mueller is supposed to talk to Bannon before the month ends

That leaves 3 days. I hope he does it on Tuesday and Trump knows about it. That'll make for some SOTU. I bet he won't stay on message.

Anyone know if Trump enacted the Russian sanctions?

I know the deadline for him to act was yesterday, and I understand that these past 24 hours have been terribly tragic, but I haven't seen anything anywhere on the matter since Rachael mentioned it on her show last week.

Rachael mentioned something about the Russian sanctions.

The deadline for the pResident to do something about it is up tomorrow if I'm not mistaken, and if that's the case then tomorrow should be very interesting. Time for him to fish or cut bait. On behalf of myself and my family, our hearts go out to the people of Puerto Rico. A tragedy compounded senselessly by the nitwit in chief.

Malcolm Nance

On Stephanie Miller's Show right now. Free Speech TV

Just saw Clint Watts on Hardball

I swear it was like Chris Matthews wasn't taking anything the man was trying to say seriously. When are these media people going to wake up?
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