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Lol... Nick Cannon has gone full Kanye (or Farrakhan, for that matter)

No more Masked Singer for you!

If you met a doctor who looked like this in pre-op, would you let him operate on you?

If you met a doctor who looked like this in pre-op, would you let him operate on you?

If you met a parent this drugged when they opened the door, would you drop your kid off for that sleepover with their kid?

So why the fuck are we letting this drugged idiot be the President?



HA, HA: 'Is anybody here illegal?': New Hampshire radio host loses her show after berating workers..

One thing that has a way of seriously triggering some far-right extremists is hearing a language other than English spoken publicly in the U.S. — even during a conversation that they haven’t been asked to participate in. One such extremist is radio host Dianna Ploss, who lost her show at New Hampshire’s WSMN-AM after berating some landscapers for speaking Spanish on the job and asking if any of them were in the country illegally.

Many videos of abusers harassing Spanish speakers are posted online after someone who saw what was happening pulled out a smartphone and started filming. Ploss, however, wanted to make sure her audience saw what she was doing, and she live-streamed her rant against the landscapers on Facebook.

In a video, Ploss can be seen angrily telling the workers, “It’s English, English, English! Is anybody here illegal? Are these guys illegal? What’s the name of this company?….. It’s America. Speak English!”

When an African-American man asked Ploss why she was “harassing” the workers, she asked him why he was wearing a face mask. The man responded: because “there’s a global pandemic.” And Ploss sarcastically responded, “Really? OK. He’s a black man, and he’s going to protect the brown man from this white woman who’s practicing white privilege.”After returning to the studio, Ploss asserted, on the air, that she didn’t single the landscapers out because they were speaking Spanish and reminded listeners that she could be equally hateful if the language had been, for example, Russian.


Our handsome, brave, good president looked so great in his mask

Did you see him in his mask? Wow.

How fortunate we are to be alive right now. Game over!

I formerly thought that it would be a devastating show of weakness if the president hid his beautiful lower-face quadrant from America for even a flicker of a moment, but I was wrong! The concealment of one possible source of blessing and wonder only made the rest of him shine more brightly! I am NOT writing this under duress and quaking with terror that if the president does not get fawningly over-the-top compliments from far and wide, he will not wear a mask again. He was so effortlessly compelling that I am sure he will wear one again! The mask looked so great and powerful that I quaked and became formless briefly but then recovered stronger than I had ever been, with more arms than I could even use. My blood is oil and my ribs are made of stainless steel; my lungs are now a tariff.

I sent a picture of him in his mask to my sons, who are tall, healthy and strong, and they wrote back and said, “JOE BIDEN IS FINISHED!” and we all roared together from our throats. Just looking at this picture of the president in his mask made me so strong that I had to go buy a different, fiercer brand of deodorant. After such an image, I must tie my fist with a strong leathern strap or it would just be punching all the time. My family describes me as “greatly changed, but only for the better,” which is also how they describe America. We all became jets and flew over the president to thank him, because words failed us and only a jet flyover could possibly say all that was in our hearts.


Change Washington's name??? I DONT THANK SO


They forgot about their routine traffic stop the minute they saw the Black man who happened to be...


Macomb sheriff's office won't cite mask order violators

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office on Monday announced it will not issue citations to people who don't wear masks — a pushback against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s order that residents wear face coverings in businesses and crowded outdoor spaces to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Whitmer’s order went into effect on Monday, but the Macomb County department posted on its Facebook page that it would leave the issue up to local businesses.

“If a business wishes to enforce this order, they may require patrons to wear a mask,” the announcement said. “If the patron refuses, the business may ask them to leave their establishment. If the patron refuses, the business may contact us and we will treat it as a trespassing complaint.”

The sheriff's office said complaints against people not wearing masks or businesses that don't enforce Whitmer's order can be made with the Michigan Attorney General's Office.

“The Sheriff's Office will respond to an establishment that contacts us regarding a person(s) being non-compliant with wearing a face mask, or who does not leave a business,” the announcement said. “We will take direction from the business owner or establishment representative on course of action. We encourage all to wear a face mask.”


Scott Adam's wife was 1 year old when he created Dilbert at age 31.


WTF: "Biden & Obama stopped their testing ... I'm sure you don't want to report it"

Trump is having yet another one of those events where he goes around the table and gives everyone an opportunity to praise him

"Biden & Obama stopped their testing ... I'm sure you don't want to report it" - Trump absurdly tries to blame Obama for problems w/ testing for Covid-19, which didn't exist until nearly 3 years after he left office. He then falsely suggests the 1918 flu pandemic started in 1917.


Winners of the 2020 Audubon Photography Awards Highlight the Beauty of Birds

Each year the National Audubon Society asks photographers from across the United States and seven Canadian provinces to submit their best bird imagery. With over 6,000 submissions, the 2020 Audubon Photography Awards was hotly contested. In the end, American photographer Joanna Lentini came out on top for her magical photograph of a double-crested cormorant diving into the waters off Mexico.

“I’ve spent many hours underwater at this California sea lion rookery in the Bay of La Paz, but I had never before encountered diving cormorants there,” she told Audubon.org. “Shifting my focus from the playful sea lions, I watched in awe as the cormorants plunged beak-first into the sea to snap at the sardines swimming by. Although I spent a long time admiring these birds, I didn’t see a single one catch a fish. Adding insult to injury, curious sea lion pups would zip by the hunting birds and nip at them from behind.”

Lentini’s work is complemented by the other winners and honorable mentions of the contest’s four categories—Professional, Amateur, Youth, and Plants for Birds. The Plants for Birds category, which celebrates the vital relationship between animals and nature, is making an appearance for the second year. Also in its second year is the special Fisher Prize. Named after Audubon magazine’s former creative director Kevin Fisher, it awards the photo that best blends artistry and technical ability.

Each winner displays a wonderful sense of timing and keen observational skills. Whether it’s amateur photographer Bibek Ghosh clicking the shutter just as a drop of water circles a hummingbird’s beak or Christopher Smith capturing the moment a Greater Roadrunner seizes its prey, each photograph is a masterclass in wildlife photography. These winners will have the opportunity, thankfully, to share their work with an even larger audience as their photos will be featured in Audubon and Nature’s Best Photography magazines.

“Double-crested Cormorant” by Joanna Lentini (USA). Grand Prize Winner. Location: Los Islotes, Mexico

“Anna’s Hummingbird” by Bibek Ghosh (USA). Amateur Honorable Mention. Location: Ardenwood Historic Farm, California, USA.

“American Dipper” by Marlee Fuller-Morris (USA). Fisher Prize Winner. Location: Yosemite National Park, California, USA.


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