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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
Home country: USA
Current location: Santa Fe, NM
Member since: Sun Oct 21, 2007, 12:35 PM
Number of posts: 45,150

About Me

job: Administrative Assistant in UC Berkeley avocation: artist

Journal Archives

Noah Feldman should be played by

Benedict Cumberbatch when the movie is made.

Chuck Todd happily shows he doesn't have a clue about Kamala Harris

Big fucking gotcha smirk accentuated by his signature body thrust at his guests when he thinks heís hit a home run.

He thinks she dumbly fell for someoneís idea that she should run. Heís just a little prick trying as hard as his pumping little gestures can move to be a big prick. He invariably fails.

The only reason I watch him is because I turn my tv on a few minutes before the next program, so I catch some idiocy.

A portrait drawing of mine I posted in the Artists group


My portrait of Clarence Darrow - Monkey trial lawyer

I love faces that tell a story of the life and character of the subject.


Clarence Seward Darrow (April 18, 1857 - March 13, 1938) was an American lawyer and leading member of the American Civil Liberties Union. His opposition to the death penalty and his work against racial inequality furthered the cause of human rights early in the twentieth century. He is best known for defending teen-aged "thrill killers" Leopold and Loeb in their trial for murdering 14 year old Bobby Franks (1924) and for defending John T. Scopes in the so-called "Monkey" Trial (1925) where a dramatic confrontation took place in court between Darrow and fundamentalist Christian William Jennings Bryan.

Darrow remains notable for his oratory utilizing the wit, compassion, and agnosticism that marked him as one of the most famous American lawyers and civil libertarians of the twentieth century.

I wonder, is the Trump family beginning to feel hunted?

One of my color pencil drawings of vegetables

Food from Mexico

It's snowing in Santa Fe, NM tonight

This is a photo of my tree.

Why haven't the Republicans fired their counsel?

He always asks open ended questions in which the people speak at length which just cements the facts in place for the hearing, illustrating perfectly how and when and where Trump has committed his crimes.

I think Jim Jordan suffers from Stockholm Syndrome

Heís loyal to men who belittle and bully others. I think his coach, or coaches cornered him in the shower room to engage in sexual activity and he took it and did what so many boys and young men do. They Ďtook it like a maní. He believes sexual assault is part and parcel of sports and growing up. That itís a rite of passage.

He shrugged off the allegations of sexual assault because thatís what men are supposed to do. Because he did when it happened to him. Because real men donít whine and cry like babies, or, as is so often said, like a girl.

And that goes a long way towards explaining why he seems to be competing on being more loyal to Trump than anyone else. Trump is the embodiment of what a coach should be in his estimation. A bully who also takes on the job of forcing boys to learn to be men by using sexual power.

Anyway, thatís what I think.

I'm just sitting here soaking this day in

There is so much history happening at such a galloping rate that all anyone can do is let it all wash over one like a blue wave. Things happening today and on related days are writing history. A history that has just taken a screeching turn to the left. Iíll foray into the analysis part a bit later. Right now I just want to absorb the amazing facts so as not to miss anything.

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