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Profile Information

Name: Bob
Gender: Male
Hometown: Syracuse NY
Home country: USA
Current location: Syracuse
Member since: Tue Mar 7, 2017, 06:01 PM
Number of posts: 79

About Me

I'm an ex republican from 2001 until I started reading and informing myself. I was diluted when I was in the military to be religious and a right wing republican.. Now that I have spent 16 years and hundreds of books and thousand of articles. I am a democratic socialist that owns my own business and employs a meager 3 people.. I was on the Army Bomb Disposal team and had the opportunity to meet Ronald Reagan, the first Bush, Francois Mitterrand and his wife as well as Mikhail and his wife.. It's been a long road to today...

Journal Archives

Racism from a 53-year-old white male form a white privileged neighborhood.

I was a white teenager in a predominately white area in upstate New York. My father was a Doctor and my mother a nurse, we were surely privileged. Our high school had maybe one or two people of color when I grew up. Honestly, we didnt dislike each other or see each other that much differently. What happened to integration?
Its still the same way now. I guess that was only for the southern people.
Our parents taught us to not look differently at people with color and treat them the same way you would do as your best friends. I remember when I was in my teen years, we were rolling skating with 4 of our friends. One was black (or a person of color) and the other was white. We had nicknames for each other. One was the black honkey and the other was white n. reversed of course. It shames me today to admit what happened 30 years ago.
The roller-skating rink we frequented was primarily people of color and one day I found myself yelling hey nger at the rink to try to get my white friend to respond. My other friends (white) took me to the side and instructed me this was very wrong and although we had a relationship with our friend you should never do this.
This is the white privilege as I keep trying to understand every day of my life since the late 1980s I have served on a jail committee that has seen the terrible plights of AA young men without money being incarcerated in pretrial confinement for years because of their color and their economic situation. My friends and I have taken the path of understanding our privileges and do what we can to change the ways or the 70s or 80s
The first instance of my privilege was in 1984 when one of my AA friends drove me down Columbus City off of Ft. Benning and I was in the back of the car. The only thing the officer asked was that was I OK? I went off and on white rant that aske him WTF was he doing pulling up over. My friends were absolutely disturbed.

You see that my friend is my privilege and I live every day to end it.
However , I could have done the same thing as Governor Northam back I 1980s.. Please look at his record.

We have to top eating our own

How many times can you impeach?

The thugs tried to overturn obamacare how many times? Is there a limit on how many times the house can impeach the jerkoff before the senate convicts.. Just keep impeaching him. One by one for all of his affairs...

Mitch F'in McConnell

The optics of this situation would be totally different if Turtle Head would allow a vote. Then dump would have to veto it. It would be nice to have the votes to overturn the veto but I doubt it. What does dumpster have on McConnell.. does he have ruskie connections too?

Sitting for the Anthem..

Tonight in red NY I chose to sit for the anthem at my son's wrestling match. My family has over 50 years of service in the military. My Dad walked into Dachau the day after liberation. He never spoke much about it. We have all served Kids, Grand kids, Desert Storm, Iraq, Kuwait... One of my sons is now DAV,..Fuck This bullshit and Dump, McConnal and the rest. No one said a word to me for sitting. I should have knelled (?sp) in respect to my not white brethren. I am sorry, I should have had the courage to kneel.

Just voted in the NY primary

I live in a little hamlet in Upstate New York. Probably 500 people. Primaries are from noon to 9pm and only dems are voting.. I arrived at 4:15 and they had 50 votes in already. That's a big turnout.. Hope Governor Cuomo has is concession speech ready!!

VFW as a Vet.

I served from 83 to 91, One of my son's was medivaced out of Iraq in 2003. The other did 4 tours on the Stennis and Reagan. I live in a very wealthy town is upstate NY.. We do OK ... we make just over a 100 grand but the houses on our lake cost multi millions.. Welcome to cost of living...

My sisters friend, the sister or Barry Crimmons, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Crimmins), rented the VA hall for a family remembrance. When I showed up at the VFW at 1130 am on a Saturday there were at least 10 people intoxicated at the bar. We also have the American Legion in my part of town and it's the same thing.. a bunch of drunks..

The funny thing is that most of these people are not vets.. they are son's and daughter's of vets.. They could give a shit less than having a private place to get drunk... They march in the parades thinking they are proud... They love Trump..... They have never read the constitution nor took a vow to it..

They don't want Vets like me... I almost got into fisticuffs a year ago at the clambake..

That's the president's base...

Fuck the American Legion and the VFW... True vets do not go there..

oops forgot one thing my Dad was one of the first soldiers to walk into Dachau after it's liberation.. He became a Doctor......

This reporting makes us look bad

I am all in with the problems with our police and have knelt for the Anthem as a white man at a Syracuse football game..
However, this article on Huffington Post is what the right is going to use against us.. A black man breaking into his own business to test his security system and someone called the cops... Perhaps, his neighbors were looking out for his business. I am really not sure this was or had any racist intent..


I'm really pissed at the Secret Service

I was Army EOD and ran with the Secret Service.. How could they allow our President to walk through a line of people with daggers and swords with all the stabbings in London.... .......

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