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Member since: Thu Jul 27, 2017, 12:07 PM
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What would have to happen

for any Trump pardons to be over turned?

I think his ability to pardon should be frozen during any impeachment process but I have no idea what the Constitution says about this nor what if anything SCOTUS has said (or other federal courts).

What is your end game with respect to Trump being impeached?

There is a lot of traffic on here discussing the possible impeachment of Trump. When I think about it, i am on the fence because of what would come after. IF Trump is impeached, AND Pence goes with him due to further charges, we know who is next and that person is worse than either in my opinion.

Is there a route that does not end with someone worse than Trump in office?

Here are my justifications for Pence and Ryan being worse than Trump as POTUS:
1. They are career politicians who are more likely to be able to get what they desire as POTUS
2. They want to make the rich richer, break the poor as hard as possible, remove all safety nets (SS, Medic...)
3. Make abortion unconstitutional
4. Make discrimination constitutional against as many groups as possible that are not white males
5. The list actually keeps going on

These are the people who are extremist in view against most of Americans. The difference, in my opinion, is they have the political wherewithal to accomplish those goals since the GOP will not be fighting with them at every turn.

Please do not take this as an anti-impeachment thread, I abhor Trump as POTUS and the day he was elected I immediately lost faith in those millions of Americans who voted for him.

Another newcomer saying hello...

Hi everyone! Ummm 43 year old retired disabled veteran here, just found this place. Looks like a much better place to post my opinions and feedback than facebook was (no longer on facebook!). I generally do not affiliate myself with a political party. I prefer to examine all of the information before making an informed opinion at the polling time. My leanings are definitely left though. Right now, I could not vote Republican because: their stance on women is wrong, I disagree with discrimination of anyone because of what they are and not who they have proven themselves to be, and because I feel it is an inherent responsibility for those who can to take care of those who cannot. I am sure someone will try to label or pigeonhole my political leanings, however, I won't do so myself as that would subconsciously prevent me from doing due diligence for every vote.

I spent 13 years in the US Army before being medically retired. I was both a Counterintelligence Agent and an Interrogator with a split in time of service. Currently, I am a union member and part of the dwindling middle class who sees my ability to fight for my rights vanishing before my eyes as unions are getting beat up and are likely to disintegrate under the current POTUS.

For some reason, it seems to matter, so I voted for HRC and would do so again if she had a chance to win again. I do believe she was more qualified than any of the Republican candidates or 3rd party options and felt she would do better against trump than Bernie would have. However, I did and do feel she is too far right leaning and is more of a centrist candidate who was pulled left by Bernie Sanders and would have done less for growing the middle class and reducing poverty than Bernie would have done.

I am married to an immigrant and in the spirit of honest communication, would have strongly considered getting her in country illegally as doing it legally cost me nearly 10k and she is not a citizen yet. The costs are exorbitant and with her mother dead and her father elderly, deaf, and in bad shape physically, it will cost at least that much to get him here as well to improve his quality of life before he passes. I was only able to afford it by doing without for a few years, but not everyone has that option and with that high of a bar to entry, I understand why a lot choose to come illegally.

I currently live in Omaha, Nebraska, and will continue to do so until forced to full disability. Luckily, there are enough liberals in Omaha that I do not lose my mind! My family is from Louisiana and talking with any of them post Trump is tough because we are always one fight short of not talking to each other again. Luckily my mom and younger sister are staunch liberals!
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