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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
Number of posts: 1,250

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Al Franken podcast reviewing the history of ACA (Obamacare) AND where does it stand today & in 2020?

Two points to start off.

1. Healthcare in the US including a brief history of the ACA since it passed in 2010. A great "inside baseball" review of the facts about the ACA and its troubled path as seen from the former Senator Franken's inside experiences. Franken discusses the many attempts of the GOP to repeal the entire plan. Franken and his guest offer predictions about its future in 2020 and forward. If you or a loved one relies on ACA / Obamacare please continue and share this with others.

2. Former Senator Al Franken interviews Andy Slavitt. Andy Slavitt is the individual that was hired to fix the embarrassing crash of The Affordable Care Act (ACA Obamacare) at its introduction in 2010. Franken and his guest review the history of the ACA and make some predictions of where it will be in 2020. Please listen to the Al Franken Podcast in the link provided below. Franken's often humorous stories about the behind the scenes details of the maneuverings of the GOP to kill the ACA makes the listening worthwhile.


A final personal note. Senator Franken's detailed knowledge and grasp of the status of worldwide healthcare systems make his absence disheartening.

Thank You for bearing with me in my first attempt at starting a new thread. Apologies if it isn't in the right forum. I decided not to post it in the Democratic Primaries forum although it does have connections to the 2020 election.

Marco Rubio is right. Hold the Attorney General in Contempt of Congress and demand he should resign.


This could be the best news I heard since being told my cancer is gone.

Please let it be so.
Please rid the country of it's cancer. The Trump family and his adminstration.

WI GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos threatens to take power away from Tony Evers before January

Wisconsin GOP legislative leaders are threatening to restrict the newly elected Governor Tony Evers.

Apparently they don't believe in "Let the voters speak". We spoke and kicked out Scott Walker and his AG.

The North Carolina legislators tried this move in the pass, when a Democratic Governor was elected, and failed.




For my milestone 600th DU post.


An open display of the respect for life. All life.

Inherent compassion. Obama had it. Jimmy Carter had it. Beto has it. It's what the country needs in it's leaders.

I would like to think that that is true. I hope it is and I hope she is reminded of it everyday...

..... for the rest of her cowardly miserable life.

She doesn't deserve any less. One NO vote and she could have retired with a place of honor in the history books of Americans.

But this is how most Americans will remember her.

Senator Flake just agreed to a one week delay BEFORE the floor vote for an FBI investigation.

Source: Live TV coverage of committee vote.

That would seem to suggest that he will vote NO from the floor if he does not get the one week delay he has asked for.
One Week no longer. And only the FBI investigation to cover those questions already raised.

Read more: Live TV coverage of committee vote.

That would seem to suggest that he will vote NO from the floor if he does not get the one week delay he has asked for.
One Week no longer. And only the FBI investigation to cover those questions already raised.

He is not done yet trying to cheat the system.

Lying and cheating is the ONLY way he knows how to get ahead.

Thanks for the hard work you do.

A matter of fact demeanor from our poll works is welcomed. Now!

Sad but true. We live in a small town 8,000 total. We have live in the same house since 1980. Voted in the same voting place since 1980. Have the same address and telephone since 1980. Many of the poll workers are folks that we are on a first name basis with. Often we are greeted by "HI my name" and "HI my wife's name". Hi John Hi Sally. For years they would have already located our name BEFORE we finish small talk.

Now of course we have to show our ID etc, etc. Which would be fine IF we weren't smart enough to realize that this is all about VOTER SUPPRESSION. There is no voter fraud as recent news has proven. Trump and Kobach's "voter fraud" committee has already failed and been debunked by the national press.

VOTER SUPPRESSION been the point from the beginning.

Now I carry my ID to get milk and bread.
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