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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 15,889

Journal Archives

j mascis - fade into you (studio - 2013) dinosaur jr doing mazzy star

that IS my bag, baby ...

Before we entirely give up hope ... think about Trump's ego ...


Pass Gently RBG. We love you

Now ... I wouldn't entirely count out the possibility that Trump decides it's in his interest to gamble in this situation.

He doesn't REALLY care about his supposed 'agenda', he cares about winning, and money, and Donald Trump.

He COULD, IMHO, decide that it's in his interest, election-wise, to NOT name a nominee yet, and to instead 'campaign on' the idea that 'if you re-elect me, you'll have me to pick the next SCOTUS member'. Assuming that this will really get the vote out for him him him, the only thing that matters.

Not out of the question, IMHO.

you live long enough ... the people you love ... get old

yesterday was my pop's first birthday since passing away last year ...

red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme

as someone astutely mentions in the comments:

'my guitar is now a coffee table, because what is the point?'

yeah, it's pretty much like that

chvrches - leave a trace (studio-2015) my fave electronic band of the past 10 years ...

let it hereby be said that lauren mayberry is a goddess ... and i'm ONLY saying that because she has a masters degree, and she's really liberal, and she's a great singer and songwriter.

bonus live track ... this was from right when the album dropped so it was brand new song. hence the boring crowd ... but they freaking rock it ...

grimes - artangels (studio-2015) if this song don't get you on the dance floor

... meaning the room that you're currently in, of course ...

then I have to conclude that your ass is, for whatever reason, more or less permanently attached to your chair/sofa/etc.

it's friday night ... crank this up, and party!

side note: she made this song entirely by herself, in her home studio.

and it's her trippy artwork too

sons of bill - find my way back home (acoustic live - 2012) from one o' my all time fave albums

Called Sirens, which is a total hidden gem of awesomeness from start to finish.

These 3 dudes are brothers. Their dad is, strangely, named Bill.

This song is awesome. And is the song that the Rodney Crowell song I posted below reminded me of

rodney crowell, roseanne cash, john paul white - it ain't over yet (studio-2017) really good song

which very much sounds like another song I know, been trying to put my finger on it ...

but it's pretty killer nonetheless

stephen stills - treetop flyer - demo version (studio - year unknown) this is pretty badass ...

Stripped down, just Stephen on a National ... killin' it ...

iron and wine - call it dreaming (studio-2017) so beautiful it brings a tear ...

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