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What strain is your favorite and why?

I've been trying Night Fire OG lately and thought it feels pretty good.

I'm looking for something that is a really relaxing body high and something that really keeps the muscles loose... nothing too harsh-smelling especially when smoking it...

Yom HaShoah: Israel falls silent in memory of the Holocaust

OP note: In memory of my grandfather and his family who perished in the Holocaust.

Israeli Jews fell silent for Yom HaShoah as the nation paused to remember the 6 million Jews that died in the Holocaust.

Commemorations began on Wednesday evening and continue through Thursday, with the country coming to a near total standstill as sirens marked a two minutes’ silence at 10am.

Restaurants, shops, and places of entertainment are closed by law and television and radio stations are broadcasting special programming about the genocide.

The theme of this year’s reflection is ‘The Anguish of Liberation and the Return to Life: 70 Years since the end of World War II’, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used a speech at Yad Vashem to liken Iran to Nazi Germany.

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