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Democrats know they don't have the votes to convict.

They have never believed that they had the votes.

But, they want there to be political consequences for the Repubs that defend the illegal and unconstitutional actions of Donald Trump.

They want to be on the side of public opinion. At present, about 70% say there needs to be documents and witnesses to have a fair trial.

Democrats want to win the public debate, realizing there is little chance of convicting Donald Trump.

Repubs will claim victory but will it be a pyrrhic victory?

Repub Senators are going to do what McConnell and Trump tell them to do.

They are not independent thinkers. They are more like lemmings.

No one can depend on them to defend our Constitution.

They are driving down a blind alley at night with a blindfold on.

They are incapable of seeing anything outside their partisan lens.

That's just the way it is.

That's the world we are living in.

What is your opinion of Chuck Schumer?

Is he pushing too hard from a partisan viewpoint?

Is his strategy of attacking Repubs in such a confrontational way harmful to the Constitutional argument of Pelosi and other Democrats?

Time to play hardball with McConnell?

And Mitch knows hardball. Just ask Merrick Garland.

What can the Democrats do to slow down the direction McConnell is headed? He wants to dismiss the trial as soon as possible.

He wants both sides to talk for two-twelve hour days so he can say everything was "fair". Per the orders of Herr Leader, he wants to end it quickly.

Democrats could request an upfront vote before they would proceed any further? It might force Roberts to make a ruling? They need to disrupt the process that McConnell is planning.

It's about hardball politics but that is not something Democrats enjoy participating in.

What are their options?

Elizabeth Warren's secret weapon against Donald Trump?

It is her nickname.

The "conventional wisdom" is that Trump wins when he calls people "nicknames". True, most of his supporters laugh and move on.

But there are some Republicans that do not think it is funny. If Trump continued to use the nickname, "Pocahontas", it would have a negative effect on a percentage of his voters. That is enough to permit Elizabeth Warren to be the next President.

By the way, the NYTimes Editorial Page endorsed Warren and Klobuchar, an all-women ticket. They may be on to something there?

As a show of good faith, Democrats should make a motion that witnesses be approved?

Make it the very first motion?

If Mitch McConnell objects, would John Roberts have to make a ruling?

Would it be better to take a vote for witnesses at the beginning or wait a week or two to take the vote?

They should not proceed until they know the Republicans are serious about this impeachment trial?

(If it goes beyond SOTU schedule, then so be it.)

Just my opinion.

Prepare yourself: You are about to be OJ'ed.

Mitch McConnell has already said he is ready to work hand in glove with the White House Counsel.

"If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit".

Just like with OJ, they look to confirm their pre-conceived notions.

All the evidence said OJ killed those people. It wasn't just the glove. It was the blood on OJ. On his clothes. In his vehicle. His confession as he sought to escape on the Expressway. There was mountains of evidence. Yet, the jury acquitted him.

With Trump, there is also mountains of evidence. It is everywhere. Even in places he keeps secret.

But, in the end, OJ walked.

At least, for a while.

Democrats will do their job and inform the American people.

They are doing their best to protect our Constitution. Unfortunately, they have no control over what the Republicans choose to do. If they choose to acquit Donald Trump, then so be it. The Democrats have chosen to defend their oath and to hold Donald Trump accountable.

Republicans may fear Trump and his base but Trump and his base are wrong and dangerous for America. They may cheer an acquittal of their Leader but it is far from a victory.

If they vote to not permit witnesses or documents, then it is a cover-up. It is as simple as that.

Republicans will be arguing theories and opinions about the Constitution. Democrats will be arguing the facts.

Donald Trump will be the only impeached president to ever run for re-election if he is acquitted. If he cannot cheat, he cannot win.

Democrats will have done their duty. They can hold their heads high. History will be much more kind to them than Trump and the Repubs.

If the Democrats get witnesses or documents...?

It will not be good for Trump or the Repubs.

Better for them to take a political hit with no witnesses and no documents allowed, than to take the hit that might come with witnesses. It could be perceived as an admission of guilt.

Still, they believe that a quick trial and acquittal is best for them right now. If four Repubs join the Democrats, they could change the course of history.

Democrats will present the facts.

Republicans will present their opinions, about the Constitution and about the authority of the Executive. They will not want to deal with the facts.

One should be preferable over the other.

However, they will have equal standing in the eye of the public. Perceptions will be very important. Few minds will likely be changed by the trial

In the end, the Senate is likely to acquit Donald Trump. Repubs will be left with 9 months of further evidence to deal with, before they stand for re-election. No one expects the spigot to be turned off once the trial is over.
The scandal will continue at a more rapid pace.

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