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From Kentucky to Colorado.

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The difference between William Weld and Joe Walsh, the primary challengers to Trump?

William Weld is considered a New England "liberal" by most Republicans. Most Republicans probably think they may as well vote for a Democrat as vote for William Weld? After all, he was a staffer, along with Hillary Clinton, on the Watergate Committee.

With Walsh, he can argue that he is a "conservative" and that Trump has deserted conservative "principles". Born into politics with the Tea Party movement, he is about as right-wing as the average Trump voter. Still, in my opinion, he has a better chance of taking votes from Donald Trump than does William Weld. His "Trump is not a conservative" argument is still pretty strong with a few Republicans.

I think the Trump regime would be more worried about Walsh than Weld?

Someday, they will point the finger of blame.

The Democrats will say they knew there was no chance of conviction in the US Senate so they had no need to rush impeachment. They would continue to investigate and attempt to call witnesses.

The Republicans will say they could do nothing so long as the Democrats refused to impeach. Democrats assumed that all Republicans would vote against conviction and would not support impeachment. They would make that argument.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, they maneuvered their messages for the next election.

As the refuse from the disorder and confusion weighed heavily on both Parties.

After all, how much damage can the narcissism of only one man do to society?

Surely not much, they reassure themselves.

They wanted someone to "shake up" Washington...

Are they sufficiently "shook up"?

After truckloads of bullshit, tons of incompetence, and rich embarrassments, are they finally happy?

Is Washington more to their liking now?

Or do they think we need more confusion and turmoil?

Do they think we need to tear the country down even more?

Such patriots!

The deep, dark recesses of the Republican mind

First of all, they have to win their next election. How they win is of little concern.

They stand for nothing. They just want to be part of the game. They love the power of their positions. They do not concern themselves with morality, integrity, or what might be best for their country.

Their biggest concern about Donald Trump is that he may threaten their chances in the next election. They know he is unpredictable, unstable, criminally-inclined, and likely a threat to our national security.

But they need the base that supports Donald Trump. It doesn't matter if they are racists, white supremacists, and just plain ignorant assholes, they need them to have a chance to win.

If they had a heart or a conscience, they would speak up. But their silence is their complicity. They covet their political positions over everything else, including the security of our nation. They know, when they look in the mirror, they are weak and sorry excuses for human beings.

The Urgency of Impeachment

Because no President should be permitted to nominate a Supreme Court Justice if he is in the process of being impeached. It would be wrong and fool-hardy, contrary to what Mitch McConnell would argue. Democrats would have no choice but to block it in every way possible, if it was to happen?

Three Supreme Court nominees by Donald Trump would not be acceptable to our system of government. It could not stand. The politicization of the Supreme Court will need to be addressed in one way or another.

If the House were to initiate impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, he would not have the standing to nominate anyone until the proceedings were finished. The country has operated with 8 SC Justice before and it will need to do it again.

From Madness to Sadness

At first, we were just angry. We were mad that people actually voted for Donald Trump to lead our nation. We were mad that they were willing to overlook his bullshit and his criminality. We were mad that no one held him accountable. We were mad when he embraced the Russian leader and denounced our own country. We were mad when he obstructed the legal investigation of Robert Mueller. We were mad when he acted like a school-yard bully, shoving his way to the front and calling people nick-names.

But, eventually, the madness turned to sadness. When he stabbed our allies in the back and took up with dictators like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin and Xi of China, it was sad to see the character of our country change in such a dramatic fashion. It was sad to see our Justice Department and our laws so flagrantly violated. It was sad to see the incompetence and lack of curiosity coming from the White House. It was sad to see Donald Trump take credit for the good economy and the stock market, when Barack Obama had been working for eight years to repair it, knowing that it was just a matter of time until he tore it all down. It was sad to see so many of our fellow citizens follow the charlatan down the road to ruin.

When was the last time Trump was on FOX and Friends?

Could that be the reason he has fallen off the edge?

Is it his decision or FOX's decision to give up that platform?

He has been critical of FOX for the last two or three weeks. He complains about their polls.

Is he trying to teach them a lesson? "Hey! You need me! Without me, you don't get the ratings!"

Or has there been an actual split between Trump and FOX?

If true, it would be good for America.

Very early Johnny Cash

How Mitch McConnell corrupted the United States Senate?

Mitch McConnell has stated that one of his proudest achievements is putting a huge number of judges on the court.

When the Obama Administration attempted to fill vacant judgeships, Mitch McConnell blocked them in the US Senate. He blocked almost everything.

The Democratic Senate, under the leadership of Harry Reid, made the decision to change the appointment of judges, below the Supreme Court level, with a simple majority.

McConnell warned them that they would regret that decision. Some Democrats thought he had already made up his mind to change the filibuster rule to a simple majority? That was why he was blocking all the judges that were nominated by Harry Reid and the Democrats. He even blocked the vote on a Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland.

Then, when Trump and his regime took control of the government after the election of November 2016, McConnell was ready to rock and roll. The Republican Senate passed a record number of votes for new judges. Some of them were immensely unqualified. They even sent thru two new Supreme Court Justices, by a simple majority.

Now, Mitch McConnell is warning the Democrats that they should return to the old filibuster rule, with a requirement of 60 votes to continue debate.

Some say, life is a gamble. The Democrats might just gamble and keep the rules just as they are, as created by Mitch McConnell, the architect of the corruption now seen in the US Senate.

SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD (1964) by Doc Watson

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