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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 9,086

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But for

COVID, many people with underlying conditions would be alive today.

Underlying conditions were not a premature death sentence. The trump virus is.

"Excess Mortality"

is the Pandemic Electoral College.

Apparently there is a requirement now

for buses to undergo a new rigorous road test to validate they can withstand the damage caused by tossed under Chump staff members.

Definition of Fake News

Any announcement by vaccines during anytime that Chump is President.

Looking back six months now something

has become quite clear. From a military perspective, a rearguard action is one of the most difficult operations to undertake. It requires the committed sacrifice of a unit to allow a larger unit to escape or prepare for the onslaught on an attacking force.

In March and April, in general, the population of America fought this rearguard action. They sacrificed time, income, education, family, mental health, emotional health, and, in the end, thousands of lives to buy time for the government to prepare a defense against COVID. That time could have been used to manufacture PPE, produce test kits, better equip hospitals, and generally prepare the population with accurate information to prepare them for the attack of COVID.

Instead, Chump and his minions, sacrificed this rearguard action and downplayed the Virus as a democratic Hoax, outsourced supplying the nation to Vampire Kushner, continue to hold rallies, and systematically screened out information contrary to the Reich Wing narrative.

Chump's actions were no Profile in Courage, rather a blizzard of infamous lies and actions that have killed tens of thousands of Americans.

In what remains the single greatest, scariest threat of

my lifetime this is how a real President handled it. Give people the information. Some panicked. Some didn't. At least treat people as adults.

February 7, 2020

A date that will live in infamy.

While we all scrubbing down packages in March

Chump had information the virus was airborne.

Not that he bothered to tell us.

All while he downplayed, continues to downplay, the wearing of a mask. And social distancing.

Chump's Go to Excuse--Keep people calm

Lying to people to keep people "calm" will be the go to talking point used by President Bleach and his sycophants in the coming days, even today. Chump apparently had no confidence the American people could handle this information and not panic, classic projection actually. Here is a small anecdote from my life about giving information and keeping calm.

When I was a teenager I worked at a major public venue. This venue was attended by thousands of people, including families. One day we had an event that caused us to close the venue very early in the day. The decision was made to let people know what was happening (gas leak) and exactly why we were doing it. I remember quite clearly that people, even those with small children, took in the information and proceeded to the exits without panic or screaming. All they needed was the information. People acted responsibly and with caring to all.

No panic. Responsible behavior by all.

President Bleach never gave the American people the chance.


The Cover Up

The virus is bad enough. The cover up made it exponentially worse.

The virus would have killed thousands.

The Chump Virus cover up added tens of thousands to that number.

President Bleach is a one man tobacco executive board.

He is now President Virus.

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