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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 9,058

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Why doesn't the owner of the church property in Washington get a court order and

Force them OFF THEIR PROPERTY? With the local sheriff. Maybe first get a sheriff and try to access the church. THEN go to court!

Does Gov. Inslee have any power to force the White House to identify

Who the troops are surrounding the White House?

Today MIGHT be as close as rump gets to his

Parade that he wanted.


Can Governors REFUSE the military RUMP is sending?

RUMP is pushing people to use weapons!

That's what he WANTS! People need to be SMART, because he will use military to the FULLEST!!! BE CAREFUL PEOPLE!!!!!

Time for another impeachment?

I believe so!!

In the case of the cnn crew arrest will CNN or

ANYBODY discover who made the decision to arrest them and what charge? How about all the other news people being harassed?

The peaceful protests need to be in tRUMPS face!!

I would love to see HIS Motorcade BLOCKED by peaceful protesters EVERYWHERE they go!! STOP his golf game in it's tracks!! Let him sit there for hours!!! He needs to live this EVERYDAY!! Wherever he goes! (needs to happen at least a couple times) (BLOCK HIS IN TOWN ROUTE)

How easy was it for Russia to invade America?

REALLY EASY! Just pick tRUMP and the ABORTION issue and THERE YOU ARE!!! Stupid religious Right just GAVE America away! WW1 WW2 Korean War, Vietnam war, Iraq war, ALL those brave soldiers fought and Died for this country, and these ASSHOLES just give it away!!! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!

Well i'm 99.9 percent sure tRUMP is giving Russia every secret info they want!

Will we EVER prove what these ASSHOLES have been up too? What charges can be brought forward AFTER Biden wins?
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