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Trump Tweet: For the 1/100th time, the reason we show so many Cases....

Can someone explain to me what " For the 1/100th time..." means in context of the tweet?


Trump is closer to a criminal indictment

I think that the public has made up its mind about Trump's taxes and other scandals. Today's decisions by the SCOTUS won't lead to the release of Trump's taxes before the election, but that is okay. Releasing them would not have changed a single vote. Trump's voters are going to vote for him no matter the amount of evidence you put in front of them.

With that said, today's decisions will eventually lead to more investigations and possible future criminal charges against Trump. Losing blanket immunity is big because it assures that he will be charged at some point in the near future.

Confirms the Dems decision not to use the courts to force Bolton to testify during impeachment

Dems would be tied up in the courts for years. Trump abuses the courts to delay and delay.

Trump will gain in the polls after Labor day, but do not panic.

After Labor day when the models start to switch from Registered voters to Likely voters, Trump will close the gap on Biden. That's going to happen because we're a tribal nation, and a significant number of Americans vote based on negative partisanship, e.g. "I hate Trump but the Democrats will be worse".

My prediction is that Trump will probably close to within 3-5 points of Biden by election day, and teetering red states like TX, GA, and NC will fall for Trump.

This is going to be a close election so get ready and don't panic.

Can U. Penn revoke Trump's college degree?

If the SAT cheating charge by Trump's niece is found to be true?

The "sword of Damocles" that's hanging over Trump's and the Republicans' fall campaigns.

Schools. In particular, re-opening schools in the fall. That would be pre-school through college. It's July, and there's NO national plan or strategy in the works to make sure that the schools can re-open safely.

What you will hear is that, "Hey, kids don't contract the virus. They should be okay.", but here's the problem. Kids don't teach themselves. They are taught by adults, and adults can get the virus. If a school has an outbreak, then the teachers won't come in nor should they.

Also, what contigencies are being made to ensure safety? Will masks be required? Good luck getting a 6 year old to wear a mask all day. Will there be hand sanitizers in all of the schools? Even the poor ones?

I know. Well, it's up to the governors of each state. Yeah? Governors like Abbott and DeSantis? A parent is supposed to trust these assholes? Are you serious?

If there's chaos with the schools in the fall, Trump and the Republcans won't have time to recover. No one is going to care about fucking statues or fireworks over Mt. Rushmore if they don't have a plan for their kids in the fall.

Parents will blame Trump and the Republicans for this failure, and parents vote. Trump and the Republicans will be cooked.

You aren't getting fatter just because you step on the scale every day.

The act of stepping on the scale is not what's making you gain weight.

And you won't lose weight if you stop stepping on the scale.

Trump's Speech Ending with Neil Young's Rockin in the Free world?

Are you fucking serious?!

The Flintstones as The Sopranos

I'm watching Fantasia for the 1st time.

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