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Member since: Thu Oct 11, 2012, 06:50 PM
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"The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth." ~ Chief Seattle

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My dad is losing his best friend in an hour

My dad's best friend will be taken off of life support in an hour. He had been hospitalized a month ago and was sent into a nursing home to recover. He contracted Covid and was sent back to the hospital and eventually on a vent. He is around 70 and has a host a health problems and it doesn't help that he was in one of the worst Philly hospitals.

My dad and this friend have played cards with one other friend every Wednesday night since the 70's, stopping only for Covid. My mom joked that my dad was so dedicated to Wednesday night cards that if she died on a Wednesday, he'd still go out to play cards. Well, my mom died this year on New Year's Day, which was a Wednesday. My dad played cards that night.

I'm worried about my dad. We just lost my mom. I have taken my kids over weekly for over a decade, but we stopped due to Covid. My dad is a Vietnam Vet who still holds into that trauma and doesn't realky express a lot of emotion.

Fuck Covid. Fuck Covid.

Can I get some prayers and good thoughts sent to my dad's friend, his family, and my dad plesse?

My voting experience today

For those who like anecdotal data....

I live in a Philly suburb. We're supposedly light blue in these parts, but I feel like I am constantly surrounded by Trumpers.

I voted a little before 11:00 am. Turn out was steady. It's rainy and chilly. I was about 50 years younger (I'm 40) than most voters with me. lol The lady handling the democrat info had more people speaking with her than the republican lady.

Y'all.....I was #254. 254. I have never, in 10 years voting in this location, been such a high number in a non-Presidential election. I usually vote a little later and I am normally just under 100 or somewhere in the 170 range for bigger elections. I pushed each button individually rather than hit the straight party button.

My husband votes this evening so I will be interested to see his number. It's funny watching the GOP poll person jump all over him. He is usually in something camo with an American flag, he has a beard, wears a camo ballcap. People assume he's something he's not based on his looks and clothes.


If I am choosing between NYCB and ABT then ABT is my #1. I do appreciate NYCB and their brand of ballet. I do have some fab dancers from there, such as former Principal dancer, Kathryn Morgan. But, NYCB tends to be a little too sharp for my taste sometimes. I am also not Balanchine's biggest fan by a long shot, for many reasons. On that note, I'm so tired of nearly every local version of the Nutcracker being the Balanchine version.

Thank you for the heart!

I've had a very rough few weeks so seeing that little heart really made my day.

This is new information

Thank you for your post. Until I read it, I had no idea there were ever any scientific accomplishments by white men. White men involved with Apollo you say? Wow! That information has been kept in the dark for decades. Thank you so much for bringing this to white....I mean light.

Thank you heart #2

Thank you for my second heart. You rock!

Thank you!!

Thank you for the heart. Makes me smile.

Here you go.



What are GIS and ESRI?


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