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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 21,968

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

To be honest, totally honest, I lose focus. Why? The election for president is next year, not this.

To be honest.totally honest, I lose focus. Why? The election for president is next year, not this.

..The nomination for the democratic candidate is next year, not this year. I think like it is next week, or next month, and it isn't....
... The first primary is in January? or February?..I posted that before. We need to think about this too. 8 months away is a long time in politics. yes......anything can happen, and often does.

Iowa's longest-serving GOP lawmaker joins the Democrats because of Trump

Source: CNN

By Jamie Ehrlich and Eric Bradner, CNN
Updated 9:09 AM ET, Wed April 24, 2019

Washington (CNN) Iowa's longest-serving Republican state lawmaker is ditching the party in a protest of what he called President Donald Trump's "unacceptable behavior" and is joining the Democrats.

State Rep. Andy McKean, a moderate from eastern Iowa whose 29 years in the legislature include stints in the House and Senate, announced his party switch at a news conference Tuesday. He called Trump "a poor example for the nation and particularly for our children" and said he'll seek re-election in 2020 as a Democrat.

"With the 2020 president election looming on the horizon, I feel as a Republican that I need to be able to support the standard bearer of our party. Unfortunately, that is not something I am able to do," McKean said Tuesday of Trump.

"He sets, in my opinion, a poor example for the nation and particularly for our children by personally insulting -- often in a crude and juvenile fashion -- those who disagree with him, being a bully at a time when we are attempting to discourage bullying, his frequent disregard for the truth and his willingness to ridicule or marginalize people for their appearance, ethnicity or disability," he said.

The move -- which narrows the GOP's hold on the state House to 53 seats to Democrats' 47 -- is an embarrassment for Trump in a state that's under a constant political microscope due to its role as the first to cast votes in presidential nominating contests. Democratic presidential contenders will battle for the next nine months ahead of the state's caucuses next year.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/23/politics/andy-mckean-iowa-gop-lawmaker-change-party/index.html

Republicans have a good chance of remaining in control of the Senate in 2020: CNN


Analysis by Harry Enten, CNN
Updated 2:56 PM ET, Mon April 22, 2019

CNN) Voter enthusiasm for the 2020 presidential election is already sky high. With all the coverage of Beto O'Rourke's counter climbing and Pete Buttigieg's speaking approximately 200 languages, you might forget that 34 Senate seats are also up for election. You can bet those races will soon be hotter than a firecracker, given the Senate's power to confirm Cabinet members and federal judges -- such as the justices who sit on the Supreme Court.

Republicans have a better shot than not of maintaining control of the Senate in 2020. However, recent trends indicate that the possibility of a clean sweep for either side (i.e. taking the presidency and the Senate) is higher than it's ever been.

Democrats need only a net gain of three Senate seats to win control, if they win the presidency. In such a case, the vice president would break the tie. With Republicans controlling 22 of the 34 seats up for election, Democrats have, in theory, a wide playing field from which to choose.

The problem for Democrats is that the biggest trend in Senate elections is straight ticket voting. When you cast a ballot for one party on one part of the ticket in recent elections, the chance of voting for that same party on other parts of the ticket is significantly higher than it used to be.

(rest of article at link above)

This is a fairly long read, but there is a lot information there. Very interesting, but it is the future. Who knows? One thing I believe, McConnell knows all about this. That is why he is making statements about not allowing any so called, "socialist" legislation to pass. He deeply believes that the Republicans will maintain control of the Senate after 2020's election. This article clearly shows why he has this belief. Further, this information is no real secret. It is there for all to see.

Giuliani: There is nothing wrong about taking information from the Russians.

Source: CNN

Washington (CNN) -- President Donald Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani said while he would have advised the Trump campaign to avoid Russian help, he thought there was nothing wrong with a campaign taking information from Russia.

"There's nothing wrong with taking information from Russians," Giuliani said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union."

Asked by CNN's Jake Tapper if he would have taken information from a foreign source, Giuliani said, "I probably wouldn't."

"I wasn't asked," Giuliani said. "I would have advised, just out of excess of caution, don't do it."

Giuliani's comments came in an extended rebuttal to Utah GOP Sen. Mitt Romney, who issued a statement Friday saying he was "sickened" by the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller's recently released report.

The former New York mayor -- and 2008 presidential candidate in a GOP field that included Romney -- said Romney should "stop the bull," but conceded he did not know that Romney accepted information from foreign sources.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/21/politics/rudy-giuliani-trump-russia-cnntv/index.html

National Park Experiences...Scary Moments?

,,,Too many to tell...Here is just one. My scariest moment in a National Park is not an animal, or storm or anything like that. I took a tour through a new cave near Carlsbad Cavern National Park. It wasn't the cavern itself, but another cave near the Caverns which was being toured for by the tour guide getting ready for future tours. It was like a beginning tour. (Of course the guide had been through there many times)...
...So, about 2/3 of the way down the cave, the guide turns off the lanterns that had lead us through the cave. That cave, unlike Carlsbad, had no lights, or trails. So when the lights were turned off, there was no light.
...Nothing, nada, dark, darkest, unreal, etc. You couldn't see anything in front of you..

..It lasted a minute, then he turned his lantern back on. That darkness in that cave sticks with me. And it was 40 years ago, in the summer of 1979. Keep the lights on in the cave...that is my motto..

Accusing "people" of "Treason" in an email is wrong. Trump wrote this yesterday,:

"It is now finally time to turn the tables and bring justice to some very sick and dangerous people who have committed very serious crimes, perhaps even Spying or Treason"

..This tweet, in my opinion, steps over the line. For the President of the U.S.A. to accuse some people of being "dangerous" and .."committed very serious crimes"...like "Treason"....is wrong. Who are, "some people?" What does this mean? Could this one tweet incite violence? .Is this tweet, in of itself, "illegal?"

... This tweet is there for all to see. I wonder what lawyers think about this one? Is this like yelling "fire in a crowded theater.?" Could this incite some people to hurt others? Who are the "dangerous people who have committed very serious crimes, perhaps even, "Treason" that Trump refers to?

The most important idea is to nominate the strongest candidate who will have the widest appeal.

Especially in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Georgia, and more. States that are "swing states." That could either way. No, I don't think a Democrat will win Texas. Do you? But Arizona is very important.
...On the other hand, I do think Democrats will win New York, California and Oregon. But the future is very foggy indeed in Florida and Michigan. We do not know what it will be like a year from now. But, wherever we may be, we need to win to save this country. We need to be united in the Democratic Party to beat "them" They are awful beyond belief. And I believe that the Republicans will be united behind their candidate, most likely Trump. We cannot have the infighting that has characterized us right here in this group. That will destroy us, and allow "them" to win. And we cannot count on Pence being a pushover. There are no pushovers. I surely thought Trump would be a "pushover." It was too close, and the Russians pushed him through.
...Please when this is over, we must unite against "THEM". The bad guys, the Republicans, the assholes, the killers. Please we need to win against .."THEM."............................................
.please excuse the play on words............I had to do it...With 18 months to go, till the November 2020 election, I had to play with the word ...."THEM"..........

THEM is a 1954 movie about giant ants taking over a city. Due to fall out from nuclear testing, the ants grow to a gigantic size and attack humans in the city... Hit the link below if you don't believe it..


Day 1, Give the Storm a Chance to Grow..

Yes, this will take time. It always does. How it will end? Very Bad for Trump. How Bad? It will take time, and then we will all find out. One thing, we need more

I am thankful for this day for electricity that powers this computer.

..I recall 45 years ago hearing about computers, and how they are run. They were in large rooms with all kinds of stuff and far more expensive than anyone could imagine. Just as important is the electricity that runs through my home, and operates so many take for granted things. Like the refrigerator, TV, radio, lights and other things we use every day.
...From time to time I go to meetings in a very old church. On the walls of this church are gas pipes that used to provide gas that was used to light up the rooms. Of course, they are capped off, and solidly fused, so no one can get in those pipes, but they kinda stick out, and many do not know what they are. Back in the 1880s, these pipes were used at night to illuminate the classrooms of the church. Of course, most people don't know that, but I used to teach history and I know somewhat of the history of the city where the church is.

There is another French Gift to the U.S.A. And it is a Great Gift..

It is an old gift, but one that has lasted a long time. France was England's enemy during the mid 1700s. The two were powerful, hateful enemies. So, when the 13 colonies decided to seek independence, guess who helped them out in a whole lot of ways. You can look that one up if you want. Yes, France helped us gain our independence from England. Not a bad gift I would say. That is in the history books if you want to check it out.
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