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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 19,594

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GRID, Laetrile, "Female Hysteria" and other horrifying myths...nothing's changed.

This is all stupid medicine like John Oliver “stupid Watergate” description of the Trump/Russia scandal. The medical establishment has long proffered ridiculous claims or assumptions, some of which have persisted for generations.

Of course, those of us who are practicing any form of medicine during the early HIV/AIDS years were horrified by the notion that this syndrome was gay related exclusively. It was stated with absolute certainty, and the vast number of us knew that it was a lie. Oh sure there were some hemophiliacs and heroin attic’s and even some patients who had the disease, but if you were straight you’re going to be OK. It’s like saying only a socialist can get a cold or the flu. But in the face of common sense and so-called anecdotal information, the powers that be insisted for months that there was no indication that the disease could spread to the heterosexual population, As though virus cares what you do in your spare time and with whom. As a practitioner in a very significant urban setting, I wound up losing almost 15% of my practice in a 20 months Due to rampant death. It was horrifying beyond comprehension and the unwillingness of the establishment to own up to the truth was painful to say the least. When when Jack Nicholson lectures Tom Cruise and says “you can’t handle the truth“ it reminded me of my attempts to talk to people and beg them to please be careful. It was like beating your head against the wall and watching the inevitable happen.

And there are also those of us old enough to remember Laetrile as the ultimate cancer fighter. Thousands of people forswore conventional treatment and opted for this fraud which did nothing for their cancer except accelerate it due to lack of legitimate treatment. Now whereas it is true that chemotherapy was much more primitive in those days, there were countless people who had at least a small but reasonable chance of surviving who did not. When we would hear that someone elected Laetrile treatment, we just assumed they were only going to live a short time despite their claims of wonder drug success potential, and made plans to eventually attend their funeral. All kinds of physicians were touting this drug is a wonder cure and giving false hope to afflicted individuals and their families. A tragedy by any measure.

And of course, who could forget the medical establishments attestation that all types of ills in women were due to complications arising from the fact that they had a uterus and female reproductive organs. Hysteria was not simply uncontrolled emotional expression, but every so-called foible under the sun. Even worse, many of the treatments outlined for this so-called condition utilized sexual stimulation machines including all kinds of vibrating devices to relieve the woman of her problem. My aunt owned a suitcase which was sold by a company, I believe it was Niagara, which had six different Electronic items for relief of her “problems”. I found this in a closet after her departure from this mortal coil, along with the literature and the techniques for the relieving of certain moods via massage and vibration to the nether area. Now I personally have nothing against masturbation, (having tried it once or twice), but utilizing it as a panacea for Medical ills does seem to be a bit much. And all this occurred in my lifetime, in the so-called modern world, the scientific age, the times of awareness and enlightenment of purpose and of identity.

Of course there are many more fallacies promulgated by so-called experts and so-called educated folk. I was personally a victim of ridiculously closed-minded medical care and with clear somatic symptoms was referred to a psychiatrist with a diagnosis of factitious disorder, a term which refers to the individual deliberately inducing symptoms in order to appear sick to garner attention. It turned out that I was quite ill with a dyscrasia which had been undiagnosed Until a physician, just an average doc, No one particularly special, not boarded in subspecialty, took a look at me and said I don’t know what’s wrong with you but you’re certainly sick let’s see what we can find out. And find out he did. And cured me within a couple months. I had been sick for nearly 2 years while these double-0 doctors, that is “licensed to kill” Refused to take me seriously. .

I write this tonight because I want to stress that the fact that someone has a degree after his or her name is simply a starting point, that one heeds more Then credentials to achieve competence. The old joke was the answer to the question what do you call the person who graduated last in his or her medical school class? The answer was “doctor“. As a dentist I have seen outrageous forms of treatment promulgated by What could be best described as quick-buck artists who stand on very flimsy or fundamentally non-existent scientific ground and proclaim ridiculous degrees of success. I have also been around long enough to of seen after the fact, just like the Republicans who refuse to name their presidents who are disgraced, these doctors pretend that they never practiced this brand of medicine. Or dentistry. Or podiatry.

Oh well, I guess some of these professionals are people from the heartland, people of the soil, you know, morons. (A tip of the cap to Mel Brooks). Any professional who sells his or her soul To Donald Trump and mitigates the claims of individuals who speak the truth, should lose his or her medical licenses and be tried for murder and mayhem. It is a form of genocide.

Did anyone else here hear that

Trump was playing golf in these heavy winds from Fay, his drive on the first hole landed in the cup for a hole in one and then it was lifted out of the cup by a little waterspout which blew it into the cup of the second hole and so he went down in 17 for an 18 hole course, Breaking his record of 18 which he has held in perpetuity.

Amazingly, it was a par five and all the people witnessed it said they never seen anything like it before and were utterly amazed. Again. For the umpteenth time. A whole professional tour tips its collective Hat at the Donald, pardon me, President Trump, for this amazing display Of skills.

“Now watch this drive. “ -W.

Where are all the coins?

I believe them but I don’t understand:


Out of coins to make change? Somehow I find this weird. I would have assumed that the inventory for coin in the federal reserve would be astronomical, involving the necessity for scientific notation to count the number of coins present. Apparently I’m wrong.

Frigging Chuck Todd

So he asks Rep. Dean from Pennsylvania what attorney general Barr can say at his hearing that would make her “feel better” about him.

Hey Chucky, why don’t you ask a Holocaust survivor what the head of the American Nazi party could say to make her feel better about HIM? How long is it going to take this dumb ass to realize he is not part of their club, and that they hate his fucking guts? Moran.

So here's the REALLY good news:

SCOTUS is sending a message to this Tinhorn Mussolini that at Noon on Jan 20th he will have to vacate the WH in preparation for its fumigation. That is the meaning of today.

He knew in advance...

No question in my mind.

You know, this is really picky,

But as usual I can’t help myself.

I was watching the Creepy Trump ad and noticed that Ivanka’s crowns or veneers are so grossly overbulked that they are incredibly unappealing and if I had inserted anterior restorations in a young lady‘s mouth which look like that, I would expect at the very least some very nasty letters from her, family, or perhaps even an attorney. What probably happened here is that she wanted her teeth done and refused to have any reduction of her natural teeth to make room for a proper or natural “emergence profile” from her gum AND CONCOMITANTLY she wanted the lightest shade possible, what we call a bleaching shade, and the combination of those two parameters caused a fairly grotesque look to the teeth.

If proper reduction were permitted, and I certainly understand why someone would not want to lose significant tooth structure, the veneers or crowns would appear to be more natural. Or if the shade had been less brilliant, the apparent distinction between those six front teeth and her posterior or back teeth would not be as great, and would not be so obvious. The effect is not so apparent on direct frontal view, but when she turns 3/4, it really is from my perspective a horrifying look. In the beginning in the 1980s when veneers came into being, occasionally a case would look like this if the laboratory technician did not fabricate thin enough veneers because he or she were not trained properly at that time. But there is no excuse now for that appearance Unless the patient has restricted the dentist from performing his or her task appropriately, or the dentist has no idea what here she is doing which is also quite possible.

Her fathers reconstruction, while horrifyingly white with terribly chosen hue and value for a man his age, is at least conforming to the surrounding tissue and properly proportioned, unlike the rest of him.

Parenthetically, you have no idea what it’s like to do dentistry on a terrible asshole. I’m not talking about your average difficult person I’m talking about people who are impossible. They say being a dentist is like trying to fix a Watch with somebody spitting on your fingers. Doing it on a horrible person is like being a Watchmaker with someone spitting on your fingers and hitting you in the head with a ballpeen hammer at the same time.

Trump may have crossed the Rubicon

Both the military and intelligence agencies play the long game, and the fantasy that is Trump has a finite shelflife, which is quickly drawing to a close. The betrayal of the military, coupled with the insidious destruction of the public trust as well as the internal stability of the intelligence agencies is enough to force the hand of these individuals to end this.

Many of us who have been around for a long time believe that actions against the system as a whole by people in power are not tolerated well. Trump has essentially attempted to destroy the fabric or the glue which holds this nation together and for a variety of reasons, some of which are more altruistic than others, this will not be allowed. It is one thing for the rich to get richer, it is another thing to undermine the basis for the existence of the country in order that the rich may become richer. He is risking cataclysm and TPTB know this.

I would like to remind those who mention Dukakis' polls

that he was ahead coming out of his convention by something like 14 points so what did he do? He went to Tanglewood and listened to classical music (which btw I would LOVE to do) for two weeks while a Bush and Co. did a job on him.

That was exactly why Clinton-Gore at the end of their convention got in the bus and went on the road immediately. They learned from the Dukakis mistake.

I'm wondering if Der Fuhrer was told that SCOTUS

was going to rule against him in the tax return case. It might account for his coming off the rails even more than he usually does.

Just a thought. I would believe that they have inside info.
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