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Mike 03

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Modesto California
Home country: United States
Current location: Arizona
Member since: Mon Oct 27, 2008, 06:14 PM
Number of posts: 12,726

Journal Archives

He did spend $80 Million.

He's also doing this:

Bloomberg’s Gun Control Group Pours $15 Million Into Races in 8 States
The group, Everytown for Gun Safety, hopes to help Democrats flip three Senate seats, win control of state legislatures and lift Joe Biden to victory in Florida.


How Bloomberg’s Digital Army Is Still Fighting for Democrats
With expensive data and tech heavy hitters, Hawkfish is backing the former mayor’s promise to take on Donald Trump.


When Trump announced he was pulling us out of the Paris Agreement, Bloomberg flew to Paris the next day to meet with Macron and personally pay the United States' climate accord dues.

He's one of the good guys. It's hard to get that through to some people.

Working on the Dukakis Campaign...

We are graduates of The School of Hard Knocks.

You were smart enough to recognize it was depressing at the time. I didn't realize it was depressing until we lost. (Although making cold calls to "Democrats" who turned out to be Republicans was, actually, depressing now that I think about it, and getting hung up on.)

It didn't hit me how multi-faceted and serious this was until the early Clinton years.

Just out of college, I had been a precinct captain on the Dukakis Campaign, but looking back I realize I had no clue what I was doing or how truly serious this all was.

But it's really been an evolution rather than an event. But it was the early to mid 90s when I really began to tune in, watch political television, read books about campaigns and by political strategists. The anti-Clinton conspiracy stuff was something I'd never seen before--it was insane.

Speaking of Amazon..

I know this is probably futile pie-in-the-sky but I just wrote a passionate letter to Jeff Bezos imploring him to think of any way he might be able to help in this situation. Amazon is in close partnership with the USPS (some say it's an abusive relationship--I didn't get into that in my letter) and depends upon them. I mentioned but didn't focus on the political aspect--I focussed on commerce, economics, late fees, etc.... because of the audience.


Somebody will read it and if enough people write to him about this, maybe someone will tell him about it. I'm pretty sure he's already thinking about it too. It can't hurt to try.

PS: Jeff Bezos hates Donald Trump.


I get the same feeling. Seeing them drag Kellyanne Conway out of her crypt and hearing her comments, seeing the ridiculous froth they are attempting to throw at Kamala Harris, blowing harmlessly back in their faces. They seem spent, totally exhausted. And it's embarrassing, quite frankly.

"If this is how he wants to go out, this is how he goes out" - Network

Back in October he already tried to smear Kamala:

Allegations of 'Sexcapades' Levied Against Kamala Harris by Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman Fall Flat

Like everything he and Jack Burkman do, it was a disaster.

Kamala’s Fake Lover: Jacob Wohl Told Me It Was for a Spike TV Show

Why are they not behind bars??? Isn't offering money to people to falsely accuse others of wrongdoing a crime? He accused Robert Mueller and Mayor Pete of sexual assault for pete's sake.

I'm so doubting this.

The obvious reason is that a huge portion of his base (Evangelicals and racists and misogynists) will pee blood if he does this.

Haley isn't stupid and won't take it. It won't help her. It will "help her" even less than it helped Paul Ryan to run with a loser like Romney.

Trump's inner circle will collapse into a circular firing squad, because half of them are devout political Christians who lionize Pence.

"I am Anonymous"...

Here's a list of books due out on December 1st:

I Am Anonymous by Larry Kudlow
I Am Anonymous by Peter Navarro
I Am Anonymous by Hope Hicks
I Am Anonymous by Mark Meadows
I Am Anonymous by Stephen Miller
I Am Anonymous by Rudy Giuliani
I Am Anonymous by Kellyanne Conway
I Am Anonymous by Secretary Mike Pompeo
I Am Anonymous by Mark Esper
I Am Anonymous by William Barr

The Breeders - Summer Is Ready When You Are

The song is really called "Saints", but everyone calls it "Summer Is Ready When You Are"

I like all the different people
I like sticky everywhere
Look around, you bet I'll be there!
Hot metal in the sun
Pony in the air
Sooey and saints at the fair
Saints alive you're saying
Walk in ... squares
The hid are out, out for the year
It's a lot of face
A lot of crank air
Eroding around here
Summer's ready
Summer is ready when you are
I like all the different people
I like every kind of fair
In the crowd, you bet I'll be there!
Walkin' around
Going nowhere
Seeing Sooey and saints at the fair
Summer is ready when you are
Summer is ready when you are
Summer's ready
Summer is ready when you are
Summer's ready
Summer is ready when you are

I'm agnostic on this. But enough smart people are concerned about it that I'm not going

to be the first in line. As I've written before, I'd take a W.H.O., European or Israeli or Canadian vaccine in a second. But when has Trump ever presided over something that succeeded?

Scientists Worry About Political Influence Over Coronavirus Vaccine Project

Operation Warp Speed has moved along at a rapid clip. But some people involved in the process fear pressure to deliver an October surprise for President Trump.


Also, it's not really a distrust of scientists driving this concern; it's a distrust of the FDA under Trump. This isn't the old FDA. It's Trump's FDA.

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