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Profile Information

Name: Lara
Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: Ugh, the deep south.
Member since: Fri May 2, 2014, 07:40 PM
Number of posts: 1,986

About Me

Just a poor liberal lesbian living in the deep south. Don't expect me to be nice just because I am a liberal. I am kind of bitchy with an attitude problem.

Journal Archives

Lola is home!

This is Lola on her ride home today. The other two are still missing.

The Joe Budd Wildlife Refuge in Midway, Florida called the Gadsden County Humane Society and reported that she had been hanging out there for a week. Judy at the Humane Society recognized her and called me. I rode out there and called to her and she came. This place is about 5 miles from home.

She's covered in ticks and fleas and has what looks like a healing animal bite of some kind on her hind leg. She got a bath, some fresh water a meal and some flea and tick repellent.

Original post.

My Three Lost Dogs. (Still lost)

But this is my new rescue, Sashie. She has helped mend our shredded hearts after losing all three dogs on

Thank you everyone who read the original post and responded with such kind words.

My three lost dogs.

On June 20th of this year, my three amigos dug out from under my fence and disappeared into the Apalachicola forest area in Midway, Florida. I've done everything in my power to bring them back home but it hasn't worked.

I've called all over, posted on several lost pet listings on Facebook and Craigslist for my area. Have visited the local humane society, been in touch with animal control and the park services. Nothing.

I am beyond devastated and have been crying nearly nonstop for 2 weeks. This is the three of them as youngsters.

This is Mali.

This is Harley.

This is Lola

Just posting this to let you know to hug your babies tight and give them extra treats for me. You never know when something like this can happen.

People, I'm so sad, angry, hopeless, helpless.

My country is devolving right before my eyes. I worked hard in the 80's to protest Apartheid in South Africa. I protested the Klan marching in Tallahassee, Florida. I have been vocal. I've never backed away from a racist.

I have actively opposed racists and have even risked my safety to call down an asshole white man who was using racist language as he tried to fix my car in a Winn Dixie parking lot in Monticello, Florida. Made him get his fucking head out of my car, I was so furious.

I don't know fucking what else to do. What do we do to stop this madness of racism in this country? It isn't enough to get rid of trump. How do we change the hearts and minds of the brainwashed?

Sorry if my language has disturbed you. I'm just so goddamned hurt and angry and so sad. My heart is breaking.

Found on the internet: Tara Reade, serial accuser.

Also found: https://ascammersnightmareisjustice.blogspot.com/2020/04/tara-reade-legacy-of-lies-part-one.html?m=1

I don't know the truth about this, but if true it should be shouted from the rooftops.

Have you noticed that trump has not

tweeted one message of condolence or concern for any victims of the COVID virus? Nothing. Not one word to the families on this "National Day of Prayer".

Former Republican Lawmaker Aaron Schock Has Come Out As Gay

Source: Buzz feed

During his six years in Congress, Schock voted against many measures supported by the LGBTQ community, including hate crimes legislation and the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell."

Chicago Tribune / Tribune News Service via Getty I
Former Republican member of Congress Aaron Schock came out as gay on Thursday in a long statement posted to Instagram and his personal website.

Schock spoke about his years of struggling with his sexuality and estrangement from his conservative family, and added that if he were in Congress now, he would "would support LGBTQ rights in every way [he] could."

During his six years in Congress representing Illinois, Schock consistently voted against policies supported by the LGBTQ community, including the 2010 repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," which allowed gay and bisexual people to openly serve in the military, and the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

Read more: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ellievhall/aaron-schock-gay-comes-out

My Meyer lemon tree is about to bring forth a bounty.

I buried one of my cats who passed away under a lemon tree about 8 years ago. Lilly. She was precious to me and since then my tree has given me tons of delicious Meyer lemons each winter.

Please post your favorite lemon recipes for me to try. I promise to do the recipes justice and post the results. Thanks from Lilly and me.

Oh, and my wife thanks you too because she gets to eat the results.

My family thought for generations that we had a Cherokee ancestor.

We even new her name, Susie Redman. She was a family story and I grew up very proud that me ancestor was a Native American.

Long story short, my sister did a DNA test and we have zero Native American blood. She did some research and found that Susie, was from Germany. She couldn't find the origin of the family legend. Lmao, true story I just found out.

I'm not religious, but there are angels on earth.

My wife and I were at the medical marijuana dispensary, she's in a wheelchair. We got into a conversation with a man and his wife. Nice people. When he heard that my disabled Navy veteran wife didn't have a wheelchair ramp outside our front door he got livid.

"They treat our veterans like shit." he said. Then he volunteered to build her a ramp. We exchanged numbers thinking, what a nice man. His wife was just as lovely. We didn't really expect anything seeing as how nothing in life is free and we thought he was just making pleasantries.

To make a long story short, he is at my house right now with his wife and he is making good on his word. Not some fly by night ramp either, a good sturdy one that is cemented in. Paid for all the elements out of his own pocket and won't take a dime from us.

Clint and his lovely wife Shelly have restored my faith in humanity. I had to share this feel good story in this day and age. People, pay it forward. Do a kindness for someone. Karma is real and it can either be a bitch or a blessing.

I'm not religious, but very thankful for this blessing.

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