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Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 6,175

Journal Archives

Moscow Mitch the Kremlin Cur

New solar technology


We need a notice of eviction suitable for CA.

tenants are in violation of subletting, causing nuisance, parking tickets, failure to maintain garden, leaving garbage piled up etc etc

Late night parties with loud music till 2 am.

Forming Reenactment group for Revolutionary War Airport Seizures.

All idiots welcome.

We are going to get trump soon, not long now, maybe 2020, eventually.

Meanwhile he's destroying every semblance of decency and rationality.

It was a matter of waiting for Mueller, then Barr, then Mueller in person, now its executive privilege, court challenges, getting a tight case?

Mandatory reading for DU

Has drumph ever been invited to join the board of any company not owned by himself?

I guess very few if any.

Drumph's tombstone will read:

Here LIES D Trumph


The Kingdom of USA

Where the potus is untouchable despite committing treason

Drump supporters: O was born in Kenya but the russians did not help drump

Actual proof O was born as a US person

Massive proof drumph betrayed his country.

They would have to admit O did pretty well for a humble Kenyan.

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