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Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 04:33 PM
Number of posts: 6,503

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Need a good video capture device to convert 8mm tapes to PC

So many cheap ones and the reviews are all over the place.

Most seems low cost.

Anyone know of a quality device? Prepared to pay more for that.

Anyone digging up some Barr - Epstein connection?

It just feels like Barr is right in Epstein's client demographic.

Re Stone: So many coffee boys are getting convicted. Who orders all this coffee?

He may become the first potus to be arrested in office.

WTF is this new type of popup ad?

You can't close it as there is no such option.

I have tried to find the source / cause with no luck. Sonicstate does not do these though it shows their name on the ad.

Perhaps it comes from Sweetwater as I had just looked at a Youtube ad for the new Waldorf Kyra synth. Their name appeared in a version of this ad. It changes product or content now and then.

I've sent them an email.

Perhaps it is a Youtube thing and I looked at their settings - no change so far.

Its a very persistent little shit of an ad.

How to enhance gun control: Just tell magats the law is too LIBERAL

truimp even cheats himself at pocket billiards. And that's not even a game.

The ever expanding web of traitors must be in danger of collapsing soon.

They are all so basically stupid and greedy.

I hope there will be a stampede to get a deal to avoid prison.

It was a huge mistake to let Nixon off - it just encouraged them to try harder.

Feel I'm being mugged re car insurance

Just checked the payments and for 3 cars its now at $3438 per year.

The cars are all old - about 10 years on average.

Worth about $12400 total.

This sucks.

Looking for a better insurance deal. Suggestions welcome.

CA laws / taxes may explain some of this hefty fee.

My guess about drumph's fate:

As the 2020 election looks like he loses Putin has him poisoned.

Think of the chaos that would ensue.

Putin blames the Deep State or Dems etc

We'd never hear the end of conspiracy theories.

Assuming Putin's aim is to reduce the USA to a complete mess.

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