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Member since: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 4,511

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BE AFRAID ! President Christie

Chris Christie announced he is a candidate in '24.

He did such a great job for New Jersey .....

Perfect response to "Sleepy Joe."

Tell ya what, Demented Don, I challenge you to a quarter mile race. I'll even give you a 300 yard head start on your golf cart.

Lightning Bugs.... (Fire Flies, if you prefer).

My daughter bought 3 acres in rural, western N.J. The perimeter of her yard is filled with mature trees, maybe 75 - 90 ft. in height. We visited last evening, just enjoying the sunset. Rachel said we should stay and watch the Fire Flies. They will begin flashing in the un-mowed grass. Then they will rise higher and higher until the trees look as if they are filled with hundreds of fiber optic lights.

We stayed until 10:00, watching until the yellow lights reached the tops of the trees. Stayed, just enjoying being.

Help. Ins. Adjuster problem.

House in my neighborhood burned down. In the process, house next door was damaged. Estimates go to about $27k. Insurance adjuster offered $7k.

This is in N.J.

Any thoughts?

Help with cat.

Have the bugger for 14 years. About two weeks ago, started "yowling" ... 2 a.m., 3 a.m., various times throughout the night. Stops around 7:00.

If I get up and pet her, she's ok for about an hour or two. She does not go in my room.

I don't believe it is pain because she does not continue this in daytime.


Legal question. Friend paid $2K for a will. Lawyer screwed it up...

One grandson was listed twice and another was not listed at all. Her goal was to have all grand kids share equally.

She wants to cross off one of the duplicate names, write in the missing name, initial it and date it.

Is there any way this could work?

Would you buy a reburbished computer with a 3 year repair policy?

Seems like a good deal. They average about 40% below retail.

Ticks on a wild racoon.

Not quite a pet topic.

The racoon visits on a daily basis. Has 3 engorged ticks on her.

Any thoughts?

How do I know my adult kids are bored?

They're actually initiating phone calls, texting and emails to us...effects of lock-down.

C-19, casinos and smoking.

So. Dakota is scheduled to open casinos today. Other states will follow.

Human exhalation (people exhaust if you want) is the main source of C-19. The more forceful the exhale, the farther it carries virus and it transmits more virus.

Smoking results in a more forceful exhale than does natural breathing. Smokers in casinos will spread more virus than non-smokers.

Take this in consideration when you decide to visit a casino.
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