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Here's What's Actually Happening, Folks [View All]

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Parisle Donating Member (849 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Aug-25-06 03:48 PM
Original message
Here's What's Actually Happening, Folks
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----Corporate welfare,.. "Privatization" of numerous governmental functions,.. No-bid contracts,.. tax cuts for the rich,.. widespread de-regulation,.. softening or outright jettisoning of penalties for various big-time violations of environmental law,.. etc., etc.,.. Call it the "trickle UP" phenomenon of the Bush administration,... but administration opponents are whistling past the graveyard when they try to denounce it as over-reaching "greed." It is no such thing.

----This is not mere greed. A person can only have so many $100 million yachts, or multiple residences or personal jets. There is a "ceiling" to material gratification. POWER is still in the mix, of course,... but power to do what? Rich people,... even unimaginably rich people,.. are still governed by the same general rules of human nature as the rest of us. And yeah,.. they currently OWN the government of George Bush,.. but what are they doing with it?

----It stands to reason that the beneficiaries of all the afore-mentioned policies are apt to have a somewhat better idea of what the future holds,.... after all, they get better information than the rest of us lowly mortals. Hell, they're actuating many of the events to which we are warily wondering and reacting. And they have chosen this moment to loot the economy. I used to think that this was the "Battle of the Bulge" against the political philosophy set in motion by FDR's New Deal. But no longer.

----The upper, upper class isn't worried about FDR, and their looting of the nation's wealth isn't for yacht payments, have no fear. They know something's coming, and they are salting it away,... They are grabbing everything they can grab before the pudding hits the prop,... and it is left to us to try and reason out what has spooked them. "Peak Oil" coming up sooner than expected? (That's my guess) Massive currency collapse? (Another frontrunner) Terrorism? Something else? I don't know,... but I bet they would know about it before the rest of us do,... and they are presently stocking up and battening down.

---- And George Bush Jr is Prince Prospero.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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