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Archives: August 1, 2006

Boy George gets to pick trash in NYC August heat (great gig)

The king of fairyland will never grasp the realities of the Middle East

Death at the Supermarket (Workplace shootings & Reagonomics)

Nixon Considered Nukes in Viet War

Is anyone else readng Lovelock's new book Revenge of Gaia?

Surfing, Chemicals and Cancer Workplace Health & Safety, Labor and Politic

Southern Company Owns Top 3 US Power Plants For CO2 Pollution - Reuters

Britain's Seas Now Teem With Species New To Northern Waters - Independent

More Than 60% Of The United States Now In Drought Or Abnormally Dry - ABC

Negative Impact of the Alberta Oilsands

Year to date electrical energy statistics, 2006 and 2005 compared.

WH Representative Skips Blair/Ah-Nold Climate Meet - "Scheduling Conflict"

UK - Hottest July Since Record-Keeping Began In 1659 - Times

Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land

Depeche Mode announce last minute cancellation of Tel Aviv concert

Probe launched into threats against MK El-Sana

Maddox's take on 9/11 conspiracy theories

Where is that thread about Hakim (sp?), Pentagon, missing $, and 9-11?

A question.

Check this out! GIs made sure votes counted in 'Battle of Athens'

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 8/1/06

Conyers:Electronic Voting Machines: The Worst Ever Security Flaw

BBV details the latest worst security flaw ever detected.

Have yall heard about Juanita's signs? They are all over it on Greatest!

South Texas Whistlestop Tour, Aug. 1-3

DU this transTexas corridor nightmare ABJ poll

McGuinty plans fiscal imbalance lectures

Prime Minister Harper's full Cabinet has not met over Mideast crisis

Train derailment no accident

'There is no ceasefire. There will not be any ceasefire' Creates User Submissions Section

Castro relinquishes power before surgery

Mel Gibson Mug Shot Released

Trapped Lebanese flee town during break

Bush looks to U.N. for Mideast solution

AP: Feds Call Reinforcements for Wildfires

Israel approves wider ground offensive

Senate Democrats Set Aside $7 Million to Back (Ohio's) Sherrod Brown

CNN/AP: Surgeon General Richard Carmona quietly leaves post

NYT:Tax Cheats Called Out of Control

NYT: New Finding Challenges Tour Champ Landis's Claim

Oil pipeline in Iraq a shambles: Pentagon watchdog

Footballing president breaks nose

SF Chron: Study predicts a much hotter, drier California

Venezuela set for poll campaign

Bombing on Israeli patrol road in Golan: military (Syria link?)

Bill Moyers to Get Lifetime Achievement Award at Emmy Awards Ceremony

Reuters: Two Koreas exchange gunfire along fortified border

AP: Panel: Offshore Tax Havens Cost Billions

NYT: Evolution’s Backers in Kansas Mount a Counterattack

Israel ready to swap 2 Hezbollah captives for IDF soldiers

US general who oversaw detentions retires with honors (Gitmo, Abu Ghraib)

Atlantic Tropical Storm 3 Forms In Carribean - Heads For Bahamas

NYT: Indonesian Province Aceh Embraces Islamic Law

$300,000 should be in the bank to cover retirement expenses

Cuba’s Fidel Castro undergoes intestinal operation, government says.

IWW Starbucks Union Co-Founder Daniel Gross Facing Termination Pending

What Was The Name Of The First Gay Guy You Went Into?

Tuesday list thread

Some mondays you just KNOW how it's gonna be that week

Man hit by"Girls Gone Wild Bus"

Watching Olberman and reading DU

whose face can you more easily recall

Question for DU lesbians

I just sprayed garlic juice all over my back yard

Here's a new twist on an old theme...

Florida Keys...Am I the coolest spot in the USA???

I'm ANGRY! Ask me anything.

Anybody know where last night's shark week stuff is online?

Cultural Reletavism or no?

Recipe question: Blackened Ahi

NEED HELP!!!!! - Window Decorating Dilemma.........

Who would win in a fight? Lois Lane or Mary Jane?

I just got a great granite birthday present

Cross-posting: Myth Machines

Okay. I closed my eyes. What are you doing

So I had this really good cantoloupe, so I decided, "Hey I'm gonna eat

I'm 150 posts away from 10,000. Ask me anything about the conservation of

Ultimate Kat Fighting- Kaged Kats Square Off In The Ring!

If you had the accent from another country

Corona Light...

After leftofthedial,

Facial hair on women?

Dear Jeebus, is a steaming pile of shite!

World's worst company URLs

I've never been to the States, what's it like?

what does "pulling any punches" mean?

and now the family album of the Morally Righteous America!

I am a toaster.

They're not gay...

Flavor of Love 2

I'm running down the highway screaming

would ann coulter's head make a good soccer ball?

Do you ever wonder why they have lightsabers but no light-pocket knives?

Posting while drunk

Ever get drunk and assert things you didn't really believe?

Late Night DU Treat: Offroading in a hummer it lick shoot suck?

If you were gay, that'd be okay. . .

What film has the greatest anal scene?

Much more water today. Where I was yesterday is underwater!

kinda drunk...kinda to me!

Fuck all this crap. We're going to Canada. Tomorrow, next day,

I like glitter rock

I just ate a bunch of cold bacon

what's this I hear about sperm warfare?

List people who never changed with the times.

Am I the only one who thinks Maria McKee is one of the greatest

Great. I'm stuck visiting my psychotic, senile, freeper mother Wed-Sat.

Ever get drunk and insert things you didn't really believe?

You make the call, baseball fans

Is it just me or is "Shark Week"...

Chiropractors affirm they are quacks!

'Watch out — he's got a pen!'

Best "big rock finish"?

On a dark desert highway

has anyone ever been in love or lust with more than one duer at a time

What film has the greatest final scene?

Try To Remember: Which Celebrities Have Endorsed What Products?

I miss Lucy Ling on "The View" (BEAUTIFUL PHOTO)

Phil Ochs appreciation thread

What's your single most favorite song?

What's the strangest saying you have ever heard?

"Girls shouldn't play football"

Jeebus! I am freakin' exhausted!


I'm hungry...what's for dinner?

RW alter-egos, post here!!

What Is your favorite END OF THE WORLD movie?

best stoner music

Asshat Combine performs Roxy Music.

Best Jodie Foster Role

Hopefuly people will eventually learn that fisticuffs solve nothing.

Hey, who misses Bob Boudelang?

Facial Hair on Men

DU GROUP PROPOSAL: Mel Gibson Fan Club Group

A toast- To simpler times.

By Jupiter, scientists find 'Red Spot Jr.'

Synthetic testosterone found in Landis urine sample

Saban Declines Offer From Bush....

I'm having a fit of the giggles

August 2006 - Light and Prayer Thread

Rick DiClemente's Starself for August, '06.

Five People You Meet In Heaven

Bomb Shell Court Ruling on Veterans with more then one claim

Pictures of today's speech

I know it is hard to do

A Special Post - Senator Kerry Stakes Out Ground As a D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T…

NECN story from today's speech.


KOEB 7/31/06 - KO is back edition

Entertained the neighborhood today!

Is 'Casablanca' a racist movie??

i will never see another Mel Gibson movie.

I am so disappointed...

KEITH IS BACK: "Countdown" Thread!

Those Democrats who want to drill for more oil, even if it solves NO

About the National Guard at the Mexican border...

Israel/Lebanon: Where The Blame Really Lies

Hizbollah says hit Israeli ship, Israel denies

A Protest at the National Mall

From K.O.: Condi having Dinner with Bush tonight

Amy Goodman blasts MSNBC execs...Live on Hardball!

OMG, Iraqis evacuated from Lebanon need assistance in Iraq

Aside from working for Falwell, is Blitzer denying his Gayness?

If I see one more melodramatic hand-wringing misanthropic post

Richard Wolfe - Newsweek: The idiocy of the Neocons

If you had an independent media, you might know this....

Paula Con CNN is getting smacked

Busby Election Contest-San Diego Legal Filings TODAY - Lehto (Land Shark)

Breaking on CNN: Syrian Pres Tells Army to Prepare for War

Assad orders troops to step up readiness ...

Humanism and the media

Is there a web site yet to specifically donate to the agencies

Mel Gibson is crying in his $300 million anti-semetic fortune

Murray Bookchin has died.

Chuck Hagel Says It Like It Is-Calls For IMMEDIATE Cease Fire

Man hit by"Girls Gone Wild Bus"

Boehner Pledges To Privatize Social Security: ‘We’re Going to Get Serious

Smirking Chimp - Second-quarter scorecard — Summer fiction bonanza

Colbert Report

CNN's Faith and Values Correspondant is telling us about the rapture!

LOL! Mel Gibson Driving School Puppet Theater...

Best Part of Tweety tonight...

Israeli jets fly over Assad’s palace (June 29)

Mel's Mug Shot


The Synchronicity Policy

Poodle here in CalEforNEa with Aarnold about Global Warming

With Love From Israel

Ever see children fight over one toy... and eventually parents come

Greg Palast: "Blood in Beirut: $75.05 a barrel."

Some things ARE Black and White

25 million to feed and shelter the poor....

Rabbi Lerner of Tikkun to be on CNN

For all the civilian carnage, what has been the death toll among

Veterans Home Investigated

Time for the Dems to Call GOP's Bluff! Call for a Vote on Abortion.

Advanced Copy: Conyers Report on presidential law-breaking

Over the Counter Plan B AOL Poll

Bob Kincaid just revealed something interesting about Qana.

Mel Gibson mugshot - sign of the Beast.

Has anyone seen any CABLE appearances with Al Gore/ promoting Documentary

Outback takes Santorum to an expensive lunch, gets lucky

CNN's Blitzer's ties to Fundamentalist Christian Pat Robertson....

Myth Machines

Source: IDF destroyed most of Hezbollah's long-range missiles

Is Judaism the only religion it's not okay to bash?

Tony Blair and Arnie together at a news conference today - pics

Castro Transfers Power To Brother Raul

So I was hanging out on Main Street when a billionaire friend stopped by..

Larry King: Castro ceding power because of illness!

Does anyone else see a coincidence that * is in Miami

Bushitler's heir cut by Greg Palast (he didn't call him that, I did)

CNN correspondent in Israel just said.. There's something in the air.

A Pinker alert

Hah! run Wolfowitz thru DU spellcheck!

Help finding a funny post?

OH MAN! Daily Show Compares Left Behind Video Game to Grand Theft Auto

Jon just spewed coffee everywhere

A question if Lieberman wins next Tuesday

The Second Coming: Bush's fundamentalism has SERIOUS consequences for worl

If there was no oil in the ME, would the US be supporting Israel?

Breaking: Will Farrell hates gay midgets!!! (Daily Show)

Gillerman on CNN: Hezbollah made civilians stay in building...

Had a thought about John McCain's son joining the military

Vandals Tear Down Rainbow Flag at Meade business

NEW Cease-Fire Agreement and Prisoner Exchange-Set For Friday

Israel v. Arab. Sunni v. Shiite. Hatfield v. McCoy.

Radio personality feeds the homeless, gets a ticket (Vegas)

Local races

Screen cap: Al Qaeda in Lebanon.

OK, we've SEEN Mel's fucking MUGSHOT, already!

Hey, I know what generous compromise the House Republicans could do next!!

Dancing in the streets of Miami

I ain't no fortunate one.

Mel's mug shot, just released...

POLL: Will we impose authoritarian corporate capitalism on Cuba???

F.D.A. Shifts View on Next-Day Pill

Drama in the Senate: Rich Plan, Poor Plan

Lamont coming up on Colbert

** went to Florida to personally approve

French Foreign Legion to be stationed on Lebanon's border...

U.S. building germ warfare center?

OH MY! Colbert updates own article on Wiki!!! TRUTHINESS RULES!

NE Hurricane Could Cripple Economy ($200 billion, forecasters worried)

How will Castro go down in history?

Crisis in Cuba: Day Two

Advice for a letter I'm sending to Seventeen?

Is Israel a puppet of the US or are we a puppet of Israel?

What's your best guess on what will happen in Cuba after Castro dies?

NYT: New Finding Challenges Tour Champ's Claim

The World's Smallest Political Quiz

Iran has the World's LARGEST MILITARY; The U.S. Response: NUKES

I think Castro is dead

War Looks Different When the Reporters Are Not EMBEDDED

Bush said in his radio address: "...a moment of opportunity..."

Robert Fisk: A Nato-led force would be in Israel's interests, but not Leba

Mel Gibson Mug Shot Released

One thing that bothers me about all this Rapture talk

Hasta la Victoria Siempre, Comrade Fidel

In Kansas, Evolution’s Backers Are Mounting a Counterattack

UPDATE: Castro suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding

PHOTO: Bush stumbles back to Washington, DC

Pimping Hezbollah: Media bias done well

LOL - caption this * pic

CBC's Peter Mansbridge begins a 5day series, "Our Changing Arctic"

Will Hillary and Joe come out and condemn the "Left Behind" video game?

Setting the Record Straight: President Bush's Foreign Policy Is Succeeding

US general who oversaw torture at Abu Ghraib prison retires with honors

TOON: This Modern World (You Were Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!)

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Roll Call

"There is something fundamentally wrong with the war where there are more

You guys better kiss Hank's ass!

River of Jordan

Am I a "liberal?"

Mel Gibson's MUG SHOT

Monopoly: America: Presidency=Boardwalk, Congress=Park Place

Who knew? South Park's "Passion of the Jew" episode is a documentary!

Is the Mel Gibson flap a ruse ???

I'm an atheist, so

Can't Get Fooled Again - A Reminder And A Dire Warning (flash)

MSM Covers Potential for Election Tampering! (FACT -- not THEORY!)

Kicked out of the Hannity 'Freedom Concert'

BUSBY/BILBRAY ELECTION CONTEST: Lawsuit Download, Schultz Audio, MORE!

TOON: Tom The Dancing Bug (U.S. Invades Fertility Clinic)

Radical tinfoilism

Best Freeway Blog Ever! Reposted

The Likud Party is a right-wing party and it controls Israel's government

It seems Israel has just told us to go F ourselves! And Condi thought

Have you had Finance charges on a zero balance on a CC?

Ignore me....I'm gay...and do what the RW wants.

Corporate Media Whores and the Democrats’ Dilemma

Why do people who claim they are pro-life...

Starbucks Fires Two More Workers for Joining the IWW

Cynthia McKinney supports aborting puppies and kittens!!!

Conyers Report on Potential Bush Crimes

Fair, Balanced & Horny Fox News settles sexual harassment suit for $225K

Progressive "Working for Change" Runs anti-McKinney column

Eric Margolis: War fever wins elections.

Iraq Oil Pipeline Behind Schedule (project gone unmonitored)

"Whoops! I'm sorry" doesn't cut it anymore

Libby seeking to admit the expert testimony of a memory specialist

WP A1: Hill Democrats Unite to Urge Bush to Begin Iraq Pullout


Lieberman laughing heartily at "WMDs gotta be somewhere." from 2004

Iraqi Abductors Find Deep Pockets in U.S.

Actor Tony Shalhoub-Lebanese descent; Shalhoub family slaughtered in Qana

I wonder about primaries in August

Biden: Why Democrats Oppose Billions More on Missiles

Can you be an anti-Semite and Bush supporter at the same time ??

it is the price politicians such as Lieberman pay to save Israel

This clip is a hoot (Clinton vs. Coulter)

Bush's (ridiculous) take on the 'current crisis'

The very definition of conservatism implies un-compassionate selfishness

Facilitating Fascism: J'accuse by Zbignew Zingh

Caption Photos * and Rice tonight

Connecticut Senate Candidate Ned LeMont On Colbert Report Tonight!

If our leaders had listened to leaders like Kucinich, McDermott & McKinney

Serious question...who's got the 'nads and the firepower to make this go?

Hey there ... yeah you .... Backwash .... c'mere .... you've been *had*

Sen. Kennedy: "It's political blackmail ..." re: minimum wage

"All you need is a screwdriver"

Senate race run-down

How many DUers knew there was a 50 state canvass on July 29th?

An old lesson still holds for unions (PATCO vs President Ronald Reagan)

A scary survey for the GOP

We need to stop Bush in 06 with Democrats in Congress!

Desperate Mckinney sues Atlanta Journal for "libel"

Think THIS is "Far Left"?

Green Zone turns to Yellow Zone- Newsweek(Hirsh)

Jimmy Carter: Stop the Band-Aid Treatment

Minimum Wage Hoax

Bird Flu Continues To Be Difficult to Spread (They're TRYING!) Wa Po

Criticism of fire crew could be especially costly for (Conrad) Burns

Keeping Cuba healthy

Bush tax cuts hurt 99% of Americans (Citizens for Tax Justice)

LAT, part 3 of 5, "Altered Oceans": DARK TIDES, ILL WINDS

American Psychological Assn and interrogations on Prisoners

Sadly, the Plural of "Fiasco" Requires No "E" (Ray McGovern)

A Primary Lesson for Lieberman - Dionne gets it!

“The Dangerous and Sinful Practice of Inoculation.” (NYT op-ed)

Aoun: 'History Will Judge Us All On Our Actions'

GOP purging voter rolls

The Fast Lane To Fascism: Conservatives Without Conscience

O Canada!

Slate: Bush's Treasury admits that tax cuts aren't free. Last Laffer

When the "Minimum Wage minimal increase, Inheritance Tax giveaway" crosses

Market Manipulation May Be The Cause of Current Anomalies

11 AM AST 8/1 - TS Chris 100 E Antigua Max Sust. 40 WNW 10 MPH 1009 MB

DARK TIDES, ILL WINDS (Part 3 - LAT - Altered Oceans series)

Rare clouds over Antarctica suggest global warming

The Allure of Deepwater Wind Power

xpost from LBN: Scientist publishes 'escape route' from global warming

Sudden Concern About Gender-Bending Runoff - If In Human Drinking Water

Mass. Home Made From Scraps From Big Dig

Environmental Coverage On TV News "All But Vanished" In Past 5 Years

Sudden Backpedaling Marks GOP Response On Mining, Drilling Issues

Plains, Midwest Hit By Blowtorch Heat - Newsday

Rare Nacreous Clouds Photographed Over Antarctic

Winnipeg sets new records for hot, dry weather (CBC)

Record power use could bring Ontario brownouts (CBC) {99 degrees!!}

"Calamity" For N. Italy As Po River Sinks To Record Low - Crops Failing

NWS Researchers Predict Decades More Of Western Drought

Scientists - Expect Repeated Fish Kills In Great Lakes In Years Ahead

8/1 - Detroit Will Likely Hit Or Break 100 F Today - Detroit News

Italian Beaches Closed After Neurotoxic Algae Outbreak - ANSA

FDA Issues Alert On All Raw Paciic Northwest Oysters - Oregonian

House Report Suggests At Least 20 Changes To Weaken NEPA - ENN

Lung Damage To WTC Workers = 12 Years' Worth Of Aging - USA Today

A Tank of Gas, a World of Trouble -- Chicago Tribune

Trends in Renewable US Electricity Generation Over the Last 14 Years.

If you thought last week was hot...(California 10 deg warmer in 2100)

Unchallenged and happy idiots

Israel attacks USS Liberty killing American sailors

McKinney Loss = Morale Boost for AIPAC, Israeli Hawks, Cheney, and Bush

Court: Temple Mount Faithful can visit holy site

Hacker Inserts Fictitious Anti-Israel News Item on ABC News Web Site

Israel eliminates 300 of 2000 Hezbollah - this is progress? A Personal Perspective on the Israel/Hezbollah War

A Hezbollah Upon All of Thee!

Prof Steven Jones concludes that thermite was planted in all three

Why the planes?

US releases hundreds of 9/11 attack photos,

Moussaoui Trial Exhibits Online.

What's so hard to understand...

The 9/11 panel will have a repeat broadcast tonight...

NYT: A Skeptic on 9/11 Prompts Questions on Academic Freedom

9/11 Skeptic & Academic Freedom

Has Alien Contact Been Made? Yes! According to Dr. Steven Greer

Hey does anyone want to know...

Randi Rhodes is talking about the 9/11 panel!

Randi Rhodes has been talking about 9/11 & taking calls

9/11 panel replaying on CSPAN 1 now.

9/11 Truther reviews Stone film, says Oliver hints at alternative theories

Oliver Stone Movie Linked To Swift Boat Group

IN: GOP purging voter rolls

Bush to join Blackwell event

Lawsuit Seeks to Void Bilbray-Busby Results

Lehto Launches Legal Challenge to San Diego Election (WDNC Blog)

Are you guys dropping OxyContin or WHAT?

Election Funding

Any El Paso residents here? I just saw all the flooding your way

ACLU weighs in on St. Mary's attack of the Freedom of Information Act

MacKay being questioned by committee now

If you recorded any of the 1st/2nd seasons of "Monday Report"

Nixon Considered Nukes in Viet War

UK terror threat level to be issued.

Car bomb kills seven in Iraqi town

Senate panel report comes down heavily on tax havens

AP: Media Firms Counted As Small Businesses (govt. contracts)

Soldiers From 2 Koreas Exchange Fire

BBC: UK soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Int'L Big Business Rallies to Revive Failed WTO Talks (Uh oh)

Questions give hints in DeLay appeal

AP: British Lawmakers Outraged at Spy Chief

Running Silent (Lieberman and campaign volunteers won't discuss petitions)

EU draft seeks immediate Lebanon ceasefire

LAT: Bush Baggage Could Cost Lieberman Primary

Jeweler charged with false terror plot report - AP

LAT: Sheriff's Office Debated Gibson's Arrest Report

DNA tests clear Kovco roommates (didn't handle the gun)

Please DU this Poll it Feingold needs to win!!

Livni: Qana attack led to turning point in support for Israel

Blair urged to demand ceasefire

Iraq northern oil pipeline hit by sabotage-sources

Libby wants memory expert testimony in CIA leak case

Bush undergoes annual physical exam

Israeli raids kill 828

25 kindapped from Chamber of Commerce in Baghdad

NYT:Tax Cheats Called Out of Control (Super rich)

Violence in Iraq "SPIRALING": 44 dead in latest blasts

Bush Approval Stable at 40% (Gallup)

Minister of Foreign Affairs (Canada) questioned re Lebanon - watch now

Breaking: Iranian president rejects U.N. nuke deadline

(Israeli FM) Livni: Qana attack led to turning point in support for Israel

US army 'degraded' by Iraq deployments: defense experts

Decker pleads guilty in Black probe (switched parties for $50,000 )

45 reportedly kidnapped in western Iraq

Danny Glover Helps Union in Puerto Rico

Yunnan (China) culls 50,000 dogs to purge rabies

Shock and fury mark worldwide protests at Israeli air strike

Iranian TV reporter killed in Baghdad

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 1 August

Senator Baucus' nephew killed in Iraq.

NYT: A Skeptic on 9/11 Prompts Questions on Academic Freedom

Study: Iraq War Vets Suffer Mild Memory Lapses

Lebanon sees environmental devastation

(Mass.) Minimum wage hike veto rejected

TURN ON CSPAN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baghdad fuel shortage supports generation of street kids

US Senate passes Gulf of Mexico drilling bill

Body found in eastern New Orleans, believed a Katrina victim (#1578)

GOP Senate candidate McGavick sued over Safeco package

Guerrilla war beckons as Israel eyes land offensive

AP: GOP Aids Green Candidate Carl Romanelli (US Senate - Penn.)

CNN: Israeli troops landing near Syrian border in NE Lebanon

Cops: Wife pulls gun on pastor in church (Over Text Msg to Mmb Youth Grp)

Jeb Bush: Florida preparing for potential surge in Cuban immigrants

Historic Caribbean sea turtle population falls 99%

Audit: Corruption in Iraq a 'Pandemic'

N.Y. Lawmakers Aim To Curb Electoral College

Gibson seeks meeting with Jewish leaders

Benefits 'pose risk to US growth'

Bush physical (results): Fit but heavier

Jewish Cop Busted Mel Gibson (CBS)

Border Agents Let Fake IDs Go Through

Military brats get their own magazine

Chatrooms may be banned in US schools to combat sexual predators

US soldiers charged with murder in Iraq in court (3 male prisoners)

Journalist Jailed For Not Turning Over Footage

ABC Cancels Mel Gibson's Holocaust TV Mini-Series

Lebanese: IDF tried to kidnap senior Hizbullah member

Advanced Copy: Conyers Report on presidential law-breaking

Court: Feds May Inspect NY Times Records

Lebanon: We will sue Israel in Hague

White House Ready To Help Cuba

3 (Israeli) soldiers killed in southern Lebanon

Reid notes connection between Yucca, 'Big Dig': Bechtel Corp. involved in

Activists plan to meet with Iraqi parliament members (Sheehan, Code Pink)

New era on immigration (Colorado Immigration Law signed)

NYT:Up to 10,000 Israeli Troops Push Into Lebanon

News Agencies Stand by Lebanon Photos

(Colorado) Court rules parolees cannot vote

Chavez lashes out at Bush, US "imperialist monster"

(U.S. Treasury Secretary) Paulson warns on spending

Montana senator's nephew dies in Iraq

Castro 'feels fine' after surgery

Chinese County Slaughters 50,000 Dogs

Congresswoman (McKinney) Sues 'Atlanta Journal-Constitution' for Libel

I feel the startin up of a headache...

KW called Monday morning

I'm happy, in spite of everything - are you?

What is the POINT of an abridged book?

My Highschool's acronym was "PMS"

I'm going to write tonight....

One more reason to not stand James Blunt

You get a nickel, I'll get a dime

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 8/1/06)

Ugh, I don't feel so well

Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes...

The best thing about pet rabbits...

Even though I feel at peace - some people f'in suck ( RANT)

reyd reid reed is being difficult

After no consideration...


Please don't squeeze turtles

What's the best way to deal with how insanely doomed everything is?

men - have you ever experienced PSS?

Announcing the Summer Issue of DU'S "The Necessary Language"

If the Rapture comes and I fart and sneeze at that exact moment

just for clarification

Anyone need a ride?

Whine as though you were a Republican.

What ever happened to the paperless society?

please....keep me out of GD.....

That's not riiiiiiiiiight!

Ticket to Regime Change

How much STUFF are you working on/have running?

Cingular: Buy New Phone Or Pay Monthly Fee

Stairway to Gilligan's Island

Good Tuesday morning, crew!

Sonofabitch! Castro has relinquished power!

I just "discovered" the "OPEN IN TABS" function in Safari...

Do your animals speak to you?

I'll be on the radio today!

Which words or topics in a DU headline get the most reply posts?

Post something that made you stop and think

Computer Help Please

Just watched "The Dish" (2000)

"Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils, is still choosing evil."

After much consideration ...

The Wizard of Oz: children's story or political satire?

In appreciation of haruka3_2000

As an astronomer, I enjoy probing Uranus.

Are you one who shuts things out?

Favorite Buddy Movies?

19 more days and I get my house back.

Have you seen the film "Au hasard, Balthazar?"

Any slackers here?

The mystery of the missing money -- any ideas?

Crosby Still & Nash first big appearance at Woodstock (video)

Heads Up! The Computer Hard Drive Is 50 Years Old Next Month!


Star Wars theme ... on a banjo

Do recruitment agents even read your resume?

How eclectic are your musical tastes?

DU GROUP PROPOSAL: Joe Lieberman War Support Club Group

I'm thankful I have a job .. but........

This puppy is driving me nuts

and the Joker is.....

New TV Ad Compares Union Bosses to Class Bullies

Say this out loud quickly, especially within earshot of others.

Summarize the plot of a racist Jody Foster film in one sentence

My (not cockney) kid just informed me

Mother Arrested For Leaving 5 Y.O. Son In Hot Car While She Partied

Looking for Colbert performance at the White House press dinner

Thank You Mel Gibson For The New Slang

Bob Saget is God!

Petula Clark......

Mel Gibson is Steve Guttenberg

There are too many threads on Mel Gibson and not enough on Tom

94 degrees my melted ass!

Think happy thoughts

Damn, Neko Case rules - listen to her new tune

What's the temperature and Heat Index where you are?

You have been chosen to win a free Laptop PC*

Will Paris Hilton eventually morph into Zza Zza Gabor?

Since we're all complaining about the heat, I'll join in.

Weather report.

Best Warren Beatty Movie

Azzah! I've been asked to house-sit - for the best reason ever

Freeper Kitchen - What's for Dinner?

Does anyone really give a RAT's ASS about Mel Gibson?

Well we had King crab legs and claws hot off the grill, with drawn butter

"Severe Clear" - feature film made from a Marine's Afg. & Iraq war videos

What's the deal with the heat index?

A rant against my cable company

Do you eat at the table, or do you grab and growl?

What is that thing on Zeppelin's "Presence" album supposed to represent?

My cat gets food as a treat

Tuesday, August 1. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager (episode 2)

Is it just me or does GD kill you too?

Stand By For ACTION!!!!!

It's fucking freezing here!

Greatest opening scene of a film?

What about the wind chill factor?

Cripes, I'm Watching Rudy On Starz, And It's At The End, Where They Chant

I'm so excited! I just bought the 5th season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm!"

Summer Wind......

So I found my old G.I. Joes...

Share Some Cold Inspiration..Please! We Are Burning Up

Soooo.. Chimpy got the gloved finger up the a$$ today..

Are We There Yet?


Mel Gibson is the new Tom Cruise

I was poking about and found this

Is it just me or do you notice more BAD drivers out there?

Clerks 2 sucked ass

Are YOU a danger to society?

Damn I'm a cheap SOB

Does anyone have the "Impeach Bush" game advertised on AAR?

Inside: Hardcore Prawn....

OMG, I love this record label...

Waitress Asks Woman For I.D.- Woman Has Waitress's Stolen Driver's License

The Post of Sanity


Is GD running S-L-O-W for anyone else?

Say what you will about Maddox, but....

What's the most overrated classic rock song?

anyone have access to hoover's or a similar service?

"The Chappelle Theory". Powerful African Americans forced him to quit?

A corny apology I just sent to a friend

Hey! Come waste some time...

My SIL's 15 minutes of fame.

Is there a cure for PMS ?

Trumad asks Scientologists for help in healing.

Do insurance companies deny liability automatically?

It's Too Darned Hot

Cher Sells Off Personal Items - paging RonnyK

Complaint about Retail Stores

Blue hair is the frickin' tightest thing ever invented.

It is pouring rain here in my section of North Georgia.

Do you ever feel just sick for a day?

does your school district have a Fall Break?

funny ads

Dr. Johnny Fever or Venus Flytrap?

I need a favor. A big favor. It's important to me

Popsicles or blue hair?

Must. Kill. Neighbors.

Heh heh..."May cause dizziness"

Matcom News Update: FRIEND Of Woman Suing Bacardi ALSO Suing

Spine tingling politcal songs?

Anyone Here Seen The Aristocrats?


I have blue hair now.

When your payslip comes round each month

The heat, unfortunately, will only get worse... but news coverage of...

Anyone here seen the Antichrist

How to sleep comfortably on a hot night

New to Warren Zevon...what can you reccomend?

Thread for attempting to rhapsodize in a second language you scarcely know

Hey, wasn't the Rapture supposed to happen today?

Now that MrsMatcom and I are engaged, following the ancient Scottish

You can buy an ELK CARCASS on Amazon for only $1,195!!!

Must. Leave. GD. Must. Save. Sanity......

John Stossell getting slapped by a wrestler

Anybody watching HEX on BBCAmerica?

Wow, apparently the end of the world is nigh

My cat had his teeth cleaned today and three needed to be pulled.

The really cool thing about the Rapture is that dogs don't go to Heaven

Post a youtube song that means something to you,

Bald-faced Hornet nest under my deck. A big one. What would you do?

What's the hottest it's been in the past few days where you live ?

Cool breakthrough!

See Blythe doll on eBay ($1,035 so far!) & original commercial on youtube

"Atheism is a non-Prophet organization."

good lord, I take some time off of DU and

Time To Play Fill In The Blank - "It's So Fucking Hot, __________________"

Alaska DUers, I have some questions...

Is it illegal to have a MySpace page that isn't a freaking mess?

I found a bunch of versions of THE ARISTOCRATS on Youtube

oh no! the flying noodle gets hate mail !

I demand that you all vote for me...

What was your favorite candy as a kid?

Hey Cinema Buffs , Pick up Godard's 2004 "Notre Musique"..

Which act would you like to see of the following choices



My 21-year-old cat gets wet food as a treat

Whatever Happened to.............

Shitty Big Budget movies that were suppsed to be or were blockbusters

I have a big nose

Mark.... your... calendar-Aug.20 Comedy Central roasts.... SHATNER

Hey, everybody.......Don't I have a nice ass?

Why the (bleep) is Reggie White being inducted into the NFL hall of fame?

Who are your favorite singers of the last 10 years?

Good morning darlings

Today is YORKSHIRE Day!

vague innuendo

Summarize the plot of a great book in one sentence. Then let us guess

Just got my electric bill

Rapture alert

Anyone have any experience with Ouija boards?

FDA's industry ties too binding

The falcon's feather and the hammer

Thousands of bacterial species discovered in oceans (CBC)

Geckos inspire 'super-adhesive' (BBC)

July Heat Wave Could Set National Record

If homo sapiens and all their near relatives, such as chimpanzees,

Vaccine changes metabolism, causes weight loss

GOP candidate says civil unions OK, but not marriage or adoption

1st World Outgames in Montreal, Canada

Labor Battles Wisconsin Gay Marriage Ban

Bid To Overturn Alabama Gay Candidate's Win

An email from JR Knight of the Meade, KS rainbow flag controversy.

North Carolina Anti-Gay Amendment Thwarted

The Religious Right, what we are up against

O Captain! My Captain!

Golfers! A question for you

VOICE OF THE RAZORBACKS killed in a car accident

What do you do when you see a stressful transit coming and you just...

Vedic Astrologer says Bush is out of office in 2007

Study: Iraq War Vets Suffer Mild Memory Lapses

Oh, how sad.

Kerry in the Pan-Mass Challenge

Regarding yesterday's speech.......

Any clue why Kerry was not there today? He did not vote for the

Was given a short video clip

Once more into the breach: Kerry post on HuffPo

No committee vote on Bolton until September

Is the Kerry responds to Allard video still up somewhere?

Kerry on * Economic Remarks: “Nothing More Than a One- Note Empty Promise

***Theme POll #2 (Runoff) for August Contest****

I did it!!

Countdown Newsletter: 08/01/06 -- War, Protests and Anti-Semitism

Hey Israel, How About You Protect Yourself With A Just Peace?

News: Museum uses Bible to tell Earth's history

Those damn Lebanese kids

I don't know how i feel about the M.E. conflict

picts of bush/condi on protest posters

Where's a Tuesday when you need one? Please come CAPTION!!!

Where's a Tuesday when you need one? Please come CAPTION!!!

Connecticut Primary Draws Fence-Sitters

15K ground troops call up in Israel. Shit is about to hit the fan.

C&L:Ned Lamont on the Colbert Report

IDF vs US Army

In Support of an Acronym Change.

BBC: Venezuela set for poll campaign

Anyone listen to Ray on KGO, he has a freeper.

condo being scolded by a real diplomat and she`s pissed

Sgt. Rock (Is going to help me)

That explains the "why" for George and his buddies.

Leb conflict takes spotlight off Bush gang

"US Employers Look Offshore for Healthcare," LA Times."

What effect if any will the New War have on the upcoming Elections?

War is the biggest scam ever pulled on the human race.

anyone watch letterman last night?

Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land

Gradual withdrawal from Iraq?

If the Rapture comes and I fart and sneeze at that exact moment

"There were NO rocket launches from Qana on the day of the strike." (IAF)

European Union calls for an Immediate Cease fire.

good info on the Gregg bill

I am ready to declare war on the Green Party

RW'ers say Israel has a right to exist

So Much for the Good News in Iraq - Turkey Pipeline is

Who are our prophets?

Danielle Pletka will be on Washington Journal this morning.

Inquiry (by grieving families) into legality of Britain going to war OK'd

I think it's cute when Blair & Schwarzenegger get together and try to...

Granny Bee – Hot Topic

My Six Point Middle East Peace Plan

So how many Hezbollah have been killed ?

Looking for video of Amy Goodman on Nerfball last night.

It took a hundred thousand years of mankind to reach 2 billion people

Great. Great. Just frikkin' great.

Chimpy goes for relaxed summer jaunt....fails Hurricane 101...

When I see pictures of carnage in Lebanon, I feel very, very angry....

Larry King...'so what's going on over there'.

Sistani re Lebanon

Look over there!! Now!!!

Israel attacks USS Liberty killing American sailors

GOP Aids Green Candidate Carl Romanelli

Olberman must read DU...

The 9/11 panel will have a repeat broadcast tonight...

Why are people in Miami waving Cuban flags?

Anti-Republican policy is NOT Anti-American!!!

Doctors discover large growth in Bush's colonoscopy today!

You're not an American, you're a NEO-CON" who WAS that cspan caller?


If you're in CT, and you see a Lieberman petition drive, call the media.

Hey, when's that rapture happening?

Catch CBS evening news last night? "I wanna be a wild animal!" -Shieffer

House bill seeks to rescind Iraq war authorization

John Hagee and his book...Jerusalem Countdown....

I want to email a friend info about Repub's denial of global warming

Bush Re-Invades Iran-Friendly Shiite IRAQ (satire)

Rapture Index 157 Net Change +1--Updated Jul 30, 2006

Iraq the madness rolls on .... Wave of bombs kill @ least 44


I don't see worldwide protest about this

I think Castros dead within a month and Halliburton will be in Cuba by Oct

John Dean LIVE on Thom Hartmann's morning show now -10:39am EDT

Hizbollah hold their fire: 3 mortar shells land in Israel on Monday

Reagan cut military aid and froze weapons sales to Israel in 1981

Israel Bombs Malibu

Disney cancel's production of Gibson's miniseries on....The Holocaust?

Santorum, Casey or Romanelli

Hezbollah, Lebanon, Syria, Taif

Most shocking story from 2006 election...?

I sense a false flag operation ....

Castro has relinquished power, when will * follow?

The South Park Mel Gibson episode - in case you missed it

The real reason Lieberman won't come on The Colbert Report

WaPo: Security Council (Doesn't) Set Deadline for Iran (Again)

"Nonprofit May Run Boston Wi-Fi Network"

C-Span Book TV is going to feature Mann Coultergeist and her

Just saw the "WMDs to Syria" canard again

Fox News Agrees to Settlement of Sex Discrimination Suit

Anyone hoping Castro turns out OK?

When people cite the Bible in regards to the ME, they lose me.

Ever lost a friend over Politics or Religion?

CAPTION: The Poodle and the Gubernator

Are you one who shuts things out?

another idiotic picture from bush`s florida trip

Need the website to debunk this e-mail

(VIDEO) Gore 2000 campaign ad on the environment

For fans of Chuck Hagel: He wants a military draft

Lieberman / Lamont analysis on On Point

September 18, 2001, Tehran:

BBC: Dog cull in China to fight rabies

Gibson's buy another church...

Senate DELAYS Bolton Vote

Webcast of EU counsil re Lebanon

What's Frist babbling about re: Estate Tax/Minimum Wage on CSPAN2

Should Israel be allowed to have Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Jerusalem-Post : IDF prepared for attack by Syria

White House Pressroom Gets a Makeover

Confirmation Hearing for FDA Commish. on CSpan 3 Now.

What does Israel want us to do with their apologies?

Why was the Bush admin so slow at even making the appearance

Please DU this Poll it Feingold needs to win!!

Oh, my God! Did that incident I just saw on TDS really happen ..

We Need a Progressive "USA Today-type" National Newspaper!

Lamont Rocks On Colbert (For Those Who Did Not See It Yet)

Force vs diplomacy

McAfee security programs may expose data

"Turkey Names Hard-Liner Military Chief"

Leading Members of Iraqi Parliament Call for Meeting with Anti-War Hunger

Only on Fox: "Will this [Middle East] crisis bring back the 'Axis of Wease

wafa sultan redux

Ghoulish Cuban Fascists in Miami Await a "Free" Cuba

Is it General Discussion when the majority of the post are single issue?

Does ANY country have the right to bomb their neighbors?

An old film for today - The Wind and the Lion - 1975

Considering going cableless, Netflix only. But I'm sure gonna miss...

I invite everyone to join my election fraud & voting rights group!!!

Whitney Glacier Melt Floods California Highway

We don't need a "temporary" peace with Repubs - we need a "lasting" peace

How the Brain Helps Partisans Admit No Gray

New Finding Challenges Tour Champ’s Claim (he took it)

What does this mean? re: Cuba

National Spanish television based in Miami is taken live calls

Amidst all this turmoil, may you truly be blessed...

Sucking all the oxygen out of the air?

Israel 'warns' folks to leave, but the old, infirm, and disabled stay

We Should Emulate Cuba, At Least On One Thing

today the Weather channel told us that it was so hot in D.C. that the

It seems to me real political alternatives

If a Democrat had called for an Israeli "cease fire" yesterday how many...

"Ceasefire" v "cessation of hostilities": how would you define them?

Six years of War ,,Death ,,and Debt ...vs..

Please DU this Poll it Feingold needs to win!!

Email I got from neocon grandmother

In letter, Florida GOP told Harris she can't win

You must check out this political commercial that is being aired in N.C.

Next We Take Tehran By Robert Dreyfuss

CATO Institute is Full-of-It!

Statement against the US-Israeli War on Lebanon

Remember Cuba? And Castro?

Goodbye Blue Sky

Gibson, Coulter & Tom Cruise all in one place...

Do You Have A Manichean View Of The World

Scooter Libby's fuzzy-memory defense

What do you consider to be the biggest lie coming from the RW

The dirt on the BA & personal offshore (tax-avoidance) bank acccounts;

Did anyone actually watch the Qana videotape?

Historical gas prices

Dr's Report That Prez Bush.......

Useful comment from Krugman re: Israel

Did anyone ever ask US if we want to support Israel with $$ & bombs?

Deaths, disappearances plague Iraq

Weather report.

Just voted on an "iVotronic" machine with "paper trail." The funny thing

Democrats on Iraq: Still Vague, Still Out of Touch

Oil pipeline in Iraq a shambles: Pentagon watchdog

Mad Mel asking for help from Jewish Comm. with his drinking problem

Are Mel's Prejudices Worse Than Others?

Too many fat and sassy black chicks on TV?


Announcing the Summer Issue of DU's "The Necessary Language"

On the general nature of war

Does anyone know what happened to Thom Hartmann's radio program?

today on History Channel there is a documenty linking Saddam Hussein with

Making America Safe ... for Dictatorship

Dang, bad news

Romney's Spokesman Offers Lame Excuse For Governor's Use Of "Tar Baby"

GOP Apparently Only Sending Cheney To Safest Political Battlegrounds

Historic elections in DR Congo

Breaking On FR! Rush's Audience "The Most Knowledgable"

So, Condi announces cease-fire 2 days later Israel said it never happened

More refugees as violence spirals

W 1 Mel 1 Dick 2

Mel Gibson Arrested on Terrorism Charges.....

Gotta Love AAR Newscasters!

Anybody following the Congo elections?

Let's do EarlG's job: Who would have been on the Top10 Cons. Idiot List?

New feature film made from a Marine's Afg. & Iraq war videos...

Bush: "My job is to do....remind people about the war on terror"

Cuba: Support or don't support

Hats Off to Hartford's liberal Christian Anchor Man, Steve Bunnell!!!

How is Mel Gibson homophobic and racist?

To what degree does Israel influence OUR government?

US releases nearly all 9/11 attack photos, videos from Moussaoui Case

Does Israel have a right to defend itself?

US eyes the end of the Castro regime

Operation "First Things First"

Fucker Carlson Regurgitates The "Clinton Haircut" Myth

VOICE OF THE RAZORBACKS killed in Car Accident

Matt Bai interviews Howard Dean for the NYT Very in-depth.

4th of July Subway Terror Plot Confirmed to be Fake!

DemDaily: Kerry calls Bush's economy remarks "a One-Note Empty Promise"

Today's Quotable Quote.

Democrats voting for the Iraq War who are no longer with us...

Will Pitt will be our guest on "The Guy James Show" today

Leahy calling for an immediate ceasefire.

Israel playing by 'Hama Rules' according to Tom Friedman...


Right or wrong, we have a duty to support President during time of war?

Israel's supporters? They didn't let all* the civilians leave S. Lebanon

The Re-Colonization of Cuba....

Amateur Hour: The Rise of Internet Journalism

hope....a market without capitalism

Israel 'preventing aid convoys reaching southern Lebanon'

Do you have an automatic negative reaction to violence...?

Even with ME Crisis Faux lost viewers over July '05

Breaking: Bush has gained weight

Should India adopt the Israel model in response to the Mumbai bombing?

Oil at $76 on Iraq pipeline bombing, Lebanon conflict

Can a Conservative Christian be a good American???

Awaiting Armageddon

Prof Steven Jones concludes that thermite was planted in all three

Bush laughs off recession talk: "I hear a lot of prognosticators"

What I have learned about the pro-Israel crowd

Bill Clinton: "Hezbollah can't have it both ways"

Where are the Katyushas today and yesterday?

Did you know that Bush's Green Zone puppets helped create Hezbollah?

Warning: Mel Gibson Thread

Pap Attack breaking out on Randi's show right now.

Corporate Greed VS Nome, Alaska Residents

Mad Mel: Hours Before The Arrest & Hateration

Treasury Secretary: "Economy...not benefiting all Americans"

Canada : Only 32% back PM on Mideast

When Israel bombs Syria they will call it:

Photos transformed into 3D model (BBC)

OK-Let's DU this Poll re:troop withdrawel HARD!

What I have learned about (some in) the anti-Israel crowd

The Final Judgement

Syrian troops now on HIGH alert.

Did Bush say "Lesbanese" at a press conference? I heard

CNN Breaking: Israeli troops helicopter and land(?) next to Syrian border.

How Have The Israeli Attacks Attacks Effected Your View Of Israel?

Bush: Let ME Eat Cake

Who should pay for the rebuilding of Lebanon?

How Soon Until Syria Is Underfire In The Current Conflict.

Well knock me over with a feather. Tweety leads w/a story on IRAQ!

El Paso to issue a State of Emergency; Mass Flooding

'Israel will target vehicles carrying weapons from Syria'

Israel's third strike despite calling a 48-hour pause of its air campaign

CNN visits the rapture crowd

Would you all hate me if I told you I like Mel?

Is it true that Israel would dynamite the family homes of suspected....

Need help about Gov of Maryland

More Security Woes for Diebold

A question on Gore Lieberman . . . . WHY?

Senator Max Baucus' nephew killed in Iraq on Saturday...


CNN has no shame


AIPAC's Dangerous Grip on Washington

If there is WWIII because of the Middle East crisis, which side

Completely anonymous Third-Party support poll.

10 kilometers from Syria. CNN reporting fighting.

Senate approves more offshore drilling

DR Congo Elections: One More Try

Has Alien Contact Been Made? Yes! According to Dr. Steven Greer

say what you want about Lou Dobbs-his reporting is straight off of DU

9/11 panel replaying on CSPAN 1 now.

Why I will NOT buy "Made In China" ever

Panorama Quicktime image of the destruction at Qana

John Kerry on Israel/Hezbollah

What to write to a Japanese person about Hiroshima?

Wonder what Cheney has in store for Cuba?

Army Guard units: NOT READY FOR DUTY, SIR!

"Photos that damn Hezbollah" - Australian Herald Sun

Hey does anyone want to know...

Jimmy Carter in Cuba, 2002

AD: Dick Cheney's heart

Suspect in Jewish Federation Shootings Was Recent Convert To Christianity

One question will show if rep or senator serious about exiting Iraq:

Is Bush having a physical today?

Get ready for the Medicare crunch

Memory Lane: Bush RNC Acceptance Speech 2000

Let's Read & Discuss: New Bush Legislation to Spirit Us Away....

Need help for an adult with dyslexia

What would happen if Israel was hit by a nuke??

Worst blog ever

Buzzflash-Hez is playing dirty-equipment&troops in civilian-heavy suburbs

60 killed in Iraq today, and 2 Americans, keeping track of the wars.

Hysterical! H'zbollah As Legitimate as ICRC, WHO And AI.

Buzzflash-Hez is playing dirty-equipment&troops in civilian-heavy suburbs

Tuesday TOON (8/1) - Extra Pepperoni?

Rice is on The News Hour and Ray Suarez is asking...

Was or is Iran trying to stabilize the situation?

TURN ON CSPAN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chemical in Air Fresheners Impairs Lung Function

EU 25 statement on Israel-Lebanon : immediate cessation of hostilities

"American weapons being used by Israel". To what extent?

Mexico vote protests cripple capital, hurt markets (pics)

Some US Iraq war vets suffer mental deficits-study

Investigation: U.S. borders perilously porous

Israel Advances, Stock Markets Rally?

Construction of Iraq hospital touted by Laura Bush: "PUT ON HOLD"

Iraq: U.S. soldiers charged with murder in military court

US Elite Leader Endorses Hamas Peace Plan

Either you're pro war or you're not. You can't be for one and not another

Don't forget about Iraq

Please DU this poll on Plan B

Bush seeks to extend Guantánamo procedures to American citizens

Middle East Countries Beware - NeoCon Judo!

The Day after Qana Massacre: Who Cares?

Yankee, please GO HOME.

BREAKING: CNN reporting Israeli troops landing near the Syrian border

delete, quite old

Has anyone read: A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn

Why does this line bother me SO much?

Heard some wingnut defending the 80s Iran arms scandal today

I need a favor

Mel Gibson asks Jews for help in healing.

Interesting mention of 1980 "October Surprise" in CIA pilot's '04 speech.

electric car

Raise your hand if you believe in Peace

62% men and 38% women listen to Rush. Men WAKE up

condi Rice interview on Jim Lehrer News Hour now.

So Should I Feel Bad For Israeli Soldiers Killed On Lebanese Land?

10,000 Israeli troops inserted into Lebanon

ACLU weighs in on St. Mary's attack of the Freedom of Information Act

Is there any tax that should ever be repealed?

Israel promises air strikes will be much more "Surgical" in Lebanon

Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act

HELP! From budget cuts to "Homeland Security," BushCo = POISON to arts&ed!

Speaking of Democracy

Question to weopon experts , Why can't Katyusha's be simply intercepted ?

Hey DU: Where was/is this passion for Iraqi civilians?

CNN's Cafferty went after Cynthia McKinney...said she will GO DOWN

Ummmm ...

"I came over here because I wanted to kill people."

How to bust a freep who says "Some of may best friends are...

Rare clouds over Antarctica suggest global warming

The rich have a Cannibal Plan to eat all the poor people...

The Bush regime's Tet offensives in Iraq failed to create any 'victory'

Bill Bennett and Mona Charen discuss swearing (it helps the terrorists)

Jack Cafferty's question for this hour:

Israeli troops have entered a hospital in Northern Lebanon ...

BBC: Cuba - The best health service in the world?

Setting the Record Straight: President Bush's Foreign Policy Is Succeeding

Is it just me, or the only pictures of destruction from Lebanon and

Would You Vote For Any Republican For President In '08?

EXCLUSIVE: Accused Soldier Claims Competition for 'Kill Rates' - ABC News

CNN: Israel needs one more month to finish up in Lebanon.

Do you value love and forgiveness more than hate and condemnation?

Official: Castro's last moment 'far away'

Too many warmongers, apologizers for warmongers and

One of the most powerful videos on the Arab-Israeli conflict I've seen:

I have one question re Mel Gibson...

CNN: Israel leafleting north of the Litani river

If some enemy ever bombs my town and kills me, The US will

DU is a great lab for observing human nature . .

The real issue with Castro....

Global Warming rate may increase by 50% in the next two years

According to CNN: "Shock and Awe" for Lebanon beginning Nowwwww!

TURN ON CSPAN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swastikas Found Painted on Eight Homes in N. Suburb of Chicago

Bush Cites "War On Terror" As Reason For Castro's Hospitalization...

Mark Your Calendars for RAPTURE DATE: Jan. 20, 2008

Hartford Courant runs good article on Lamont's Colbert appearance,

Gibson asks Jewish community to help him

Bush wants to bring democracy to Cuba!!!!

I have only one question for the "Rapture Ready" crowd...

Why should I care about Mel Gibson? What did he ever do to me?

"Swiftboaters" To Go After John Murtha

Marine recruiter just came to my door

Breaking: Neocons Cream Pants Over New "Liberal" Following.

Why Should Feds Track College Students?

Shocker: US has 'no strategic military reserve'

Cut off All Financial and Military Aid to Israel NOW.

CNN: Iowa Election Reversed after Handcount, Sibel Edmonds, Mexico News

Tune into Randi NOW

Low cost housing from shipping containers

"HAVAMI", (formerly Cuba) to become the 51st State?

Floridians -Tropical Storm Chris

Is Bush Sexy?

I don't care

Bush may bypass Senate on FDA nominee

Let's be clear: Israel LIED about Qana.

Israel doesn't care about the innocents. Aid convoys are being blocked.

Israeli Troops Trapped In Baalbek Hospital

To EAT or To HEAT... Tough Choices this Winter for many in the North

Question for feminists (male and female) about sex.

why not just shoot down rockets launched into Israel?

Thoughts regarding Israel and Hezbollah.

In the name of peace, US Jews should pay for rehabilitation of Lebanon?

Mr. Gillerman, Ambassador from Israel. just smeared Carter in a very

Ad for Army has kid arguing with his father about joining up

So could Rice do a better job in the Middle East if she were a man?

FR: "Katherine Harris Should Be Polling Hire"

What was the ethnic ancestry of Gibson's arresting officer?

Offshore drilling bill clears hurdle :(

Hitchens on Gibson's anti-semitism (and more)

Who's your favorite Ex-President?

Beware the 729!!! Boycott Israeli Goods!!!

Michelle Malkin and her neck tendons address Qana

Mel should pay me. I called this at the get go....

Is there any justification offered for the Land Grabs?

I think people should seriously ponder what is "right" and what is "wrong"

Millions of Democrats love McCain

Mel Gibson was absolutely correct.

Sherffius TOON. This is sad

I DO support the Green Party!

Must read: Jimmy Carter speaks up in an op-ed today in the Washington Post

PLEASE SHARE: New Flash Based On Bamford's Article About Chalabi The Spy.

How different is what Iran is doing with respect to Hezbollah...

On DVD release day: SF Gate "V for Vendetta" review

Pennsylvania law will allow flag-flying at all times

What I have learned about progressives and liberals

EU Countries Shut Down Nukes Because of DROUGHT!

Christian Newswire: Abortion is of *NO* help to rape victims

For Andy

Amidst all this turmoil, may you truly be blessed...

We decided to leave the US...Thoughts on this would be appreciated

Evolution key issue for Kan. voters

Does Hezbollah have a right to defend itself?

GOP aiding Green Party

The Latest from Washington - Barbara Boxer

* reacts as he stumbles while walking off Air Force One

DINOS afraid of the progressive community; As well they should be

The Religious Right, what LGBT people are really up against

Missouri Senate: McCaskill Moves Ahead

Here We Go: Tropical Storm CHRIS

An email from JR Knight of the Meade, KS rainbow flag controversy.

Red Cross: 'No Hezbollah Rockets Fired from Qana'

How Legitimate is Hezbollah?

Building a coalition to confront Louisiana Sheriff Jack Strain

Message from Ned Lamont PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WEDNESDAY TOONS: Condizilla's Rapture edition

PHOTOS: A survey of Rapture Art on the Internets

Should religion be outlawed as it seems to be at the epicenter of most

Reasonable Jimmy Carter on Israel vs. Hateful Pat Buchanan on Israel

A question for Jewish DUers who support Israel.

From Senator Leahy: A Call For An Immediate Ceasefire.

10 yrs. on, the Project for a New American Century is going VERY well

My letter to a pro-life leader

How is everyone managing with heat/power?

Can some one please make a rational case for the Left "owning" the party?

How will Democrats prevent another 9/11?

Will you go to Mel Gibson's new movie "Apocalypto" --

While the rich get even richer, the poor go hungry

If I had a rocket launcher....

"The Democrats hate Bush and the Repubs more than our enemies..."


Stratfor analysis of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

I need some help, DUers

African American Capital Police: "McKinney Targeted By White Officers"

Get ready to LAUGH like you have

Reminder: Why it is VITAL you vote for a Democrat, even if a DINO in '06

Kerry on * Economic Remarks “Nothing More Than a One- Note Empty Promise

Time Out in Beirut and Tel Aviv

Viva! A Brief History Lesson

John Bolten is such a dolt

Senate Dems Should Pass The Minimum Wage Bill In Spite Of....

"No commitment" Frank Lautenberg on Lieberman's 3rd party run

Jane Hamsher, FDL: I’ll Take “Vote Buying on $60 a Day”

Media's Attention Deficit Helps Republicans and Lieberman Run From Iraq

Just by way of reminder, let's celebrate, as "Word of the Day" the word

The last half-hour of "Air Force One" makes me cry...

Stupid Olmert's "10 more days to finish the job," reminds me of Cheney's

Have you seen this map? Clever...

bloodthirsty neo con Danielle Pletka of the Amer. Enterprise Inst.

GOP Apparently Only Sending Cheney To Safest Political Battlegrounds

Jim Rogan to be named judge

Q regarding the Estate Tax/Minimum wage bill passed by the House Fri

Got Bush's resume' in an email today

New Report: Multinationals Avoid Taxes

Mary Landriu wants to take us fishing off an oil rig in the Gulf of Mex.

Lamont's COLBERT appearance is front pages news! (And it's GOOD!)

A Primary Lesson for Lieberman

Romney's Spokesman Offers Lame Excuse For Governor's Use Of "Tar Baby"

Video Wall to be put up behind Tony Snow - Now BS Will Be Visual

Lieberman takes Walmart PAC money and plans to attend anti-Walmart rally

Katherine Harris and a women scorned could be the next lesson for BushCo.

How Will *Co Try And Take Credit For What's Happening In Cuba.....

UK Guardian: Hey, Joe

Frank Rich: The Peculiar Disappearance of the War in Iraq

34 Years ago this month

The Foreign Policy of 20 Million Would-Be Immortals

So, Why Do You Think The repugs "Deserted" k. harris?

Bush to kill successful suicide prevention line (calls put in data base)

What would happen if RFK,Jr. could proove

Reason 12, 354 to NOT listen to Ed Schultz

The Let's All Call Up AT&T And Protest To The President March.

Santorum urges total defeat of Hezbollah and Regime Change Iran

LOL-Sharpton Blasts Lieberman for Racist Flyer=Clinton Smearing

So...... It looks like it's the US and Israel ......

PANORAMA: Distruction in Qana, Lebanon

Rasmussen: Democrats lead in Ohio

Another win, convincing them one at a time . . .

Boehner Pledges To Privatize Social Security: ‘We’re Going to Get Serious

Another win, convincing them one at a time . . .

"Ramblings of a Sane Man" -Editorial Letter

Senator Baucus' nephew killed in Iraq

FYI: Debate between Cynthia McKinney and Hank Johnson, CSPAN1

Why does Bush give most of his speeches and appearances down South??

Florida Gov: Davis (D) beats Gallagher (R), does not beat Crist (R)

I voted. Not many issues for a Dem voter in KS but machine was interesti

Randi Rhodes Talks To Mike Papantonio re: Vote Machines & Lawsuit

(LOL) Tom Tomorrow "Wrong, Wrong, Wrong"

Will the Green Zone & Embassy survive?

LAT: Bush Baggage Could Cost Lieberman Primary

On the lack of Iraqi coverage:

Does anyone have a list of the Democratic Primaries for today?

Dem. Party divide is not Liberal-Conservative, or Liberal-Centrist...

Bush got the works at his annual physical. (good Health Insurance

Help save Democracy in Ohio

Question: Why did Israel allow Hezbollah to acquire so many missiles

So impressed by the GA Democratic Reunion turnout. NM kids baking.

If Bush invaded Cuba, would Venezuela defend it?

Bush "Believes in the forgiveness of sins for all who seek forgiveness"

Senator Byrd: speech about Iraqi civil war, and a petition to sign

Dean explains strategy about the party to Matt Bai, NYT audience, audio


Here's how Iraq will end. It is inevitable.

MoveOn's clout divides Democrats

If you're in the dark about the Mexican Election Crisis, please read!

Desperate McKinney, Johnson clash over finances, donors

So.... If the Cuban "exiles" who left Cuba when Castro took power

AIPAC's Dangerous Grip on Washington

Filthy Swiftboaters next stop? ....John Murtha's hometown...

United on Iraq - please sign

When the # of civilian deaths in Lebanon reach 1000, what will the world

My Friend is Going Out of Business

'Tipping Point' -- Just another day in Ramadi: Another IED, an ambush...

Hannity today endorsed Lieberman even OVER the Republican in CT

What Industry would you like to Nationalize the most??

I can only think of one fix for the Israeli/Arabic situation.

PA Green Party Supporters can KISS MY ASS - You're in bed with Rick

Time is running out to help Ned Lamont.

August 27, 2001 PNAC : A Green Light for Israel

Ok... convince me that Lamont can win a 3-way race....

If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence