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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 04:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,686

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The Owner Of Trump University Tried To Bribe Kamala Harris Twice

Trump tried to bribe Kamila Harris into not prosecuting him for ripping off citizens of California.

It worked in Florida.....

I Am Giving Trump A New Name Today - Orange Death

What do you think?

$12 Trillion Has Been Spent Propping Up The Stock Market So Far Anyone Know About This?

Watching the news yesterday I heard an anchor say that worldwide $12 trillion has been spent propping up the "market".

I think that number was worldwide.

Anyone know about this?

And they don't want to spend $2 Trillion propping up our country's suffering people.

This needs to be made real news.

So I Hear Biden Loses His Train Of Thought From Time To Time Just Like Me

Republican operatives on Fox Lies, Hate Radio, and working for VLADIMIR PUTIN are screaming their lungs out this makes Joe unfit to be president.

I lose my train of thought from time to time. It can be embarrassing, yes. I admit I can't speak like President Obama, or Bill Clinton.

I would still make a trillion times better president than the serial lying white supremacist orange nazi pile of human feces Trump.

There. I put in perspective.

Joe Biden 2020.

I dont care what Fox / Putin says.

Maybe The 1% Could Use Some Of Their $50 Trillion

To pay for some of this.


They just made $500 BILLION since March?

Get outta here.

Trump Is Smart Enough To Know Millions Believe His Lies

The future of the planet rests on those of us who understand he is a serial pathological liar, and truth does matter.

And Jesus Said "Infect Thy Neighbor"

Somewhere in the Bible right?

Make Sturgis Attendees Pay Cash For Their Medical Care

They are infecting each other on purpose.

Tax Payers shouldn't have to pay for their attempted suicides.

Poor Little NRA

Maybe they shouldn't have laundered all that Russian election money for Trump.

Ya think?

If You Are Not Human Scum Trump Wont Hire You

Highway To Hell Inc.

Today's White House.
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