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Winston Churchill: "If Hitler invaded hell...

I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons."

I am reminded of this Churchill quote this morning. When Hitler invaded Russia, he offered Britain's full support to Stalin. After a colleague reminded him that he had always been an enemy of communism, Churchill responded with the above quote.

The reason that I bring this up is that in several threads some are objecting to many of us here at DU celebrating the efforts of some on the right and some on the left who are now supporting Biden. Somehow the people behind the Lincoln Project or former Bernie Bros. should still be shunned and attacked because of past sins.

Sorry but that just seems very short sighted to me. We need all the allies that we can get right now.

Never been a fan of Cenk Uygur but

he's making a good point.



Joe Biden Not-So-Subtly Shoots Down Klobuchar Running Mate Buzz, Strongly Hints at Black VP

Joe Biden Not-So-Subtly Shoots Down Klobuchar Running Mate Buzz, Strongly Hints at Black VP
By Tommy Christopher

Former Vice President and current presumptive Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden distanced himself from renewed speculation about Sen. Amy Klobuchar as a possible running mate, and strongly hinted his eventual selection could be a black woman.

On Thursday, CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe lit a fire under Klobuchar’s buzz with the scoop that she’s been asked to undergo vetting for the VP slot, which caused quite a stir. Radio host Charlamagne tha God asked Biden about the report toward the end of a radio interview Friday morning.

“A lot of people on social media, they weren’t too happy about that, and it’s because they want your running mate to be a black woman,” Charlamagne said, and referenced a recent Washington Post op-ed “by some of the leading black women voices in this country” making the case for why Biden should pick a black woman as his running mate.


Irony Alert: Krystal Ball accuses someone else of being deranged


Favorite War movies?

Since it is Memorial Day weekend, was wondering what are everyone's favorite war movies.

My top five are (in no particular order):

Lawrence of Arabia

The Longest Day

The Bridge on the River Kwai

Kelly's Heroes


Pandemic protesters say they are being victimized

by a fascist tyranny by being asked to wear a mask and social distance.

But which group do these people

better fit in with?


Never thought I would say this but Yay Costco.


Talk about White privilege


Biden has to fight on 2 fronts.

The first is against Trump and the GOP. We all know that.

But the second is those on the far left who can't accept that Sen. Sanders didn't win. By no fault of Sen. Sanders, they are pushing the Tara Reade hoax as well as the Obamagate one as a way to smear Biden. Plus they are already declaring that they won't vote for Biden in November but will stay home or vote green.

They don't realize is that if Biden wins, they will have completely marginalized themselves.

Part of living in a democracy is learning that sometimes you don't get your way and have to compromise as well as accept the results of elections and not act like a spoiled child about it.

But the do have something in common with Trump supporters, the are mostly white.

Not sure at whom I'm more pissed at today

MAGA types complaining on Facebook that their liberty is being attacked due to stay at home orders, social distancing and having to wear masks.

Or woke white guys who are posting twitter that Biden should drop out because they believe Tara Reade, yet not one word about Ahmaud Arbery.
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