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Name: Pet Rock
Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 07:43 PM
Number of posts: 10,923

Journal Archives

Belarus is more likely linked to Russia's defense radar systems....

but that's just a wild-ass guess.....

But destroying protest balloons does sound like a Putin-style move.


The core essence of that statement is the objective of dividing our nation.

Division among the populace is the core objective of the ultra wealthy so they can keep us blindly occupied with jobs and consumerism while being fearful of our neighbors. In other words, community is the enemy of our corporate world and the Democratic Party believes in community. Therefore, we are the enemy. When divided, people are easily controlled.

That philosophy is cleverly promoted through right-wing media and think tanks by designating us Democrats as "the other" or "the enemy" for decades on talk radio and Faux News to the point that now, around a third of Americans are thoroughly brainwashed.

They've used every emotional tool in the right-wing fascist playbook to achieve that goal including gun ownership, racial issues, women's rights, hatred of government and taxes and faux patriotism.

I honestly have little long-term hope for our Nation and many others like the UK unless we can drastically reduce asset and income inequality around the globe.

To date, that inequality is only getting worse day by day.

KY rant done for Monday.....

'Conmen, grifters and criminals': why is Trump's circle so at odds with the law?

This is a good article to pass along to any right-win knotheads among our coworkers or friends....

'Conmen, grifters and criminals': why is Trump's circle so at odds with the law?

Apart from legal trouble, what Bannon, Manafort, Flynn, Cohen, Stone, Gates and Papadopoulos have in common is the president

Link: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/aug/21/donald-trump-law-crime-steve-bannon

To live outside the law, Bob Dylan sang, you must be honest. It also helps, apparently, to stay as clear as possible from Donald Trump, whose inner circle of advisers has suffered steady attrition since 2017, through a series of encounters with the criminal justice system.
“Why this unprecedented situation?” said Cotter, now a Chicago-based officer with the Greensfelder law firm. “My almost 40 years working in criminal law has taught me that criminals of a particular type tend to associate with other criminals of the same type. There is a comfort level and mutual understanding in such associations.

“So when I see a swarm of conmen buzzing around one particular man, in this case Trump, my experience suggests that it is because they recognize one of their own. And in selecting them to be his confidants, the president also recognized kindred spirits.”

It just keeps happening. But it has not happened to Trump, yet.

The author gives us a snapshot review of the criminality that has surrounded tRump since day one in office.


Get your ducks out on the job! These guys are coming to get you.....

if you're snail!......

Mighty ducks fight pests in South Africa | Eco-at-Africa
DW News

White dune snails are wreaking havoc on grape vines in South African vineyards. Ducks - and not chemical pesticides - are being used to fight them. That's good news for bees and other insects.

Direct link: https://www.dw.com/en/tv/eco-africa/s-32686


and a bonus duck feature for Tuesday.....

Ducks Trained to Manage Rice Paddies in Thailand

This farmer trains his ducks to do this work. It takes two months of training before they are ready. He hires out their service to rice farmers. The ducks enter rice field three times per rice growing cycle.

They eat insects that are destroying the rice and then fertilize the crop with their manure. Back at the farm they lay 500-700 eggs/day in rainy season and 2000-2500 eggs/day the rest of the year. Quite a feat of organic, sustainable method combining farming and animal husbandry.


Love the way the ducks spiral down out of his truck.


Please relay best wishes and DU hugs to Texas Towelie...

and tell him DU needs him back for election and general hell-raising support......

Hope he has a good prognosis and speedy recovery. Please keep us posted on his progress and thank you for your message.


More ways to protest Trump's screwing with our Postal Service...

1. Emailing the USPS Board of Governors:

Holly Figueroa O'Reilly @AynRandPaulRyan

If you can't protest in person, please consider emailing the USPS Board of Governors. Tell them to stop DeJoy.


2. I'm considering emailing the offices of companies I pay bills to by mail (utilities, insurance, etc.) with a request to extend the due dates on my bills by say, 5-days to allow for potential mail delays, with a note stating "due to recent Trump administration changes in the Postal Service".

Enough requests like that could result in these companies pressuring Trump to reverse those changes.


When and how to vote in all 50 states

When and how to vote in all 50 states
Stef W. Kight, Naema Ahmed

See: https://www.axios.com/how-to-vote-by-state-2020-307c3d17-ee57-4a1b-8bad-182ca1cdb752.html

Millions of Americans who normally vote in person on election day will turn to early voting or mail-in ballots this fall — but that only works if you understand your state's election rules, deadlines and how to ensure your vote is counted.

Driving the news:
Axios is launching an interactive resource, built on research by RepresentUs, a nonpartisan election reform group, to help voters across the country to get the information they need.

"This election year, voters need to take more time and effort to navigate the challenges of a pandemic," U.S. Elections Assistance Commissioner Donald Palmer tells Axios.

It will be critical for voters to have updated information on their options "to make sure that this election is a true reflection of the will of the people," said Matt Strabone, senior counsel for RepresentUs.

The article includes clickable links to state web sites for applying for mail-in ballots.

Also shows various rules for all states regarding:

* Ballots mailed to active voters
* No excuse needed
* Allowing due to COVID-19
* Excuse required
* Applicable deadline dates for:
* Deadline to request application
* Early in-person voting date
* Mail ballot deadline


The new normal: FRANCE 24 reports from Lebanon to Venezuela

The new normal: FRANCE 24 reports from Lebanon to Venezuela
FRANCE 24 English

In our show "The New Normal", which examines the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, FRANCE 24 brings you four reports from our correspondents around the globe.


An interesting series of interviews!


Biden's VP pick: Why Kamala Harris embraces her biracial roots

About Senator Harris' Indian heritage......

Biden's VP pick: Why Kamala Harris embraces her biracial roots
Soutik Biswas, India correspondent
BBC World News

Read it here: https://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2020-53745141

"My name is pronounced "Comma-la", like the punctuation mark," Kamala Harris writes in her 2018 autobiography, The Truths We Hold. The California senator, daughter of an Indian-born mother and Jamaican-born father, then explains the meaning of her Indian name. "It means 'lotus flower', which is a symbol of significance in Indian culture. A lotus grows underwater, its flowers rising above the surface while the roots are planted firmly in the river bottom."

It is clear that her late mother was a big inspiration for Ms Harris. Gopalan was born in the southern Indian city of Chennai, the oldest of four children.
US Democratic Party activists like Shekar Narasimhan say her candidacy would be "seismic" for the Indian-American community. "She's a woman, she biracial, she will help win the election for Biden, she appeals to various communities and she's really smart."

"Why should Indian-Americans not be proud of her? It's a signal that we are coming of age."

This is a great article with lots of personal stories. Enjoy!

I'm nicknaming our wonderful pair KamalaJoe. (ladies first)

Now, I must train myself to properly pronounce her first name!


Sobering U.S. pandemic statistics from Sunday.

From: https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2020/aug/10/coronavirus-live-news-us-infections-pass-500000-as-greece-sees-highest-ever-daily-cases

The US death toll stands at 162,919, according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker, with cases at 5.04m. The US population is 328.2m:

Helen Sullivan @helenrsullivan

And one in every 65 Americans has tested positive for coronavirus

Quote Tweet: Steven Dennis @StevenTDennis

1 out of every 2,000 Americans alive at the start of the pandemic has now died with COVID.

10:07 PM · Aug 9, 2020

Meanwhile, as we reported almost 54,000 new cases on August 8th.....

In China new locally transmitted cases fell to just 14 in the past 24 hours, the National Health Commission reported on Monday. The low figure was offset, however, by 35 cases brought into the country by Chinese travellers from overseas arriving in seven different cities and provinces across the country. All the cases of local transmission were in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, whose main city Urumqi is the centre of China’s latest outbreak. There are now 29 countries with higher cases than China, which has 88,793 confirmed infections and fewer than 5,000 deaths.


New Zealand has reported its 101st day in a row with no recorded community transmission of Covid-19 from an unknown source. All 21 active cases of the coronavirus have been diagnosed in travellers returning to New Zealand from other countries; all of them are in quarantine at the government’s managed isolation facilities. There were no new cases of the coronavirus recorded in the quarantine hotels on Monday.

KY......... .......... ..........
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