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Profile Information

Name: Pet Rock
Gender: Male
Hometown: TN, KY
Home country: USA
Current location: KY
Member since: Thu Jul 6, 2017, 07:43 PM
Number of posts: 10,887

Journal Archives

Perhaps goes back to our innate insecurity with life...

...and fear of death. Save us, preacher man, save us!

Never ceases to amaze me...

....how a considerable sector of the human race worldwide seem to crave a powerful, symbolic leader without regards to that person's character, knowledge, or even sanity. All that's required, it seems, is (pick your race's color) skin, steely eyes, a big square jaw, a suit & tie with huge shoulder pads, an authoritative voice, and a line of bullshit a mile long. I think it has been that way throughout recorded history.

Right! And, only a tiny ray of sunlight via a leaker.

We only get an occasional peek into the vast web of dark right-wing money that controls Republican politicians and right-wing media, and what's seen is very ugly for our future. These people operate like a white-washed mafia in an airship well above our heads, lifted by billions of dollars skimmed off America's economy. I don't think the general public has a clue that this even exists. Ironic that it's fed by the public's money from trickle-up capitalism.

I recall vague details of when the Heritage Foundation (2014 revenue $97 million) and American Enterprise Institute (2015 revenue $85 million) were started. My, what lovely red-meat American names! Afterward, leakers let it be known that these and other groups are feeding daily talking points and sending policy papers to Faux News, the White House, and our Congress.

You hit the nail right on its head that our press is corrupted by constant, relentless pressure from the big boys and I would bet it comes from the executives of those media corporations. After all, they do all play golf and party together.

Clearly puts GOP corruption out in the sunlight!

Get high-wealth and corporate money out of our politics! All funding should be from grass-roots.

Most wealthy donors are disconnected from the public and don't give a shit about us.

Lucky, just experiment with it.

Some of us seem to be born worriers, but that's not necessarily a bad trait! Mine is a product of being raised by very loving, caring folks that were constantly helping (and worrying about) others, along with a streak of perfectionism.

If you live where you don't have to be concerned with people nosing through your stuff, keep a journal so you can look back at past notes. If you don't feel you have that degree of privacy, study your writings for a while until you feel some release and then destroy it.

One very important thing is to not be too formal with it and let it free-flow - don't worry about spelling or diction, LOL. However, I do think it's important to develop a format that's comfortable for you, and that you cover all aspects of the event.

At least for me, there's something magical about putting my thoughts and emotions on paper where I can see them, and knowing it's only for my consumption. Given a little time, answers - or at least some relief - seem to come magically, too!

Once, years ago while I was on a field service job out of state, I went to dinner with two guys with our company that are moderate right-wingers, born-again Christian, and both like to talk non-stop. Only after about a half-hour, I was a nervous wreck and couldn't enjoy my food. I moved away from them and sat down alone with my pocket journal. I wrote it all out and relief came very quickly. That probably saved me from losing my temper with them and possibly having to leave the job.

Hope that helps!

Just a suggestion....

....from a tired old man that has the same problem often. I learned years ago to write out my issues on paper, carefully describing the problem, listing who might be at fault (including me), and then what may or not can be done.

At least for me, there's magic in going through that process -- I think because it gets it all out in the sunshine. Plus, I can better see where I'm full of crap (or not) or just complicating something simple.

When I'm done and feeling better, I can just rip it up, shred it or burn it - or, put it in a journal. Hope that helps!

Thanks GenX, she'll use it in parts and keep it in context.

I'll send you a PM soon, and appreciate your offer of a printable copy. Since she teaches reading rather than English, I think she looks for pupil's interpretation and retention more than perfection in structure.

Regarding writing, that has been an indispensable tool for me during many troubled times, along with my self-designed forms of meditation. The way I look at writing down things that bother me is that I am "exposing them to the sunshine". I'm very shy and an introvert, so letting my stuff go verbally to a crowd doesn't work well for me, although I do crave one-on-one private talks with friends. I'm glad you're able to use the tool of open speaking effectively.

I also agree that writing stressful stuff down helps detangle all those random threads of confusing and contradictory thoughts - sometimes so bad for me I go into what some might call a mental "tizzy", LOL. Putting it on paper seems to throw aside the meaningless issues. It's amazing though, how damn hard it is sometimes to drag out that pen and paper!

Quite a coincidence - I'm an engineer, too (EE). I've worked primarily as a "Mr. Fix-it" in so many different commercial and industrial domains you probably would accuse me of lying (or being Trumpish, LOL). I was a volunteer firefighter for around 8-years in my 20s and was quite obsessed with it, but had to move on to support my family. I have quite a photo album from that time buried in my brain. Many images - some good and many bad - flash back at odd times. Overall, it was a great time for me, as I was raised to be of service to my fellow man by very loving, country folks that went through the very worst of the Great Depression. I still light-up when I hear the sirens.

Your mention of the stress of that profession is correct and I know many pros that have had serious psychological issues, with many suffering from severe alcoholism and/or depression, and early death. Our efforts to put on a facade of being strong, brave men - while bottling our emotions and feelings - is a very destructive but almost standard practice. For a number stupid reasons, our society does not deal with PTSD from any profession very well at all.

We'll perhaps chat further on these topics on PM, as I'm probably way past my allotment of bits and bytes on this thread.

Thanks, Binkie!

I now wish I had expanded my interest back them with more reading of classics, although my country school's library was limited. I took an early interest in science and technology and spend most of my time building crystal radios and tinkering.

Afterward, as an engineer, we were encouraged to not use unnecessary or "fancy" words, so that our writing could not be misinterpreted - perhaps causing a disaster. Further, most of my career's work involved interfacing with folks having high school education (at best), so I've always had to keep my dialog simple.

So now at 70 YO, I find myself still learning and using my dictionaries often. The positive result of these activities is that it helps stave off dementia!

Republicans want a selective confederacy

I suspect their ultimate motive is to establish a group of solid red states harboring all the American males who are healthy, working, conservative white Christian gun, wife and child owners with no outstanding medical issues, no criminal record, and that are only of European heritage. Basically, a laissez-faire utopia.

One will notice in all the photos of their press events, those present are white male Christians of European heritage with good paying jobs.

By passing laws and budgets that force all others to move to Blue states, most social costs are then borne by the "other".

After this process is complete, as a group of former states, they intend to secede and nationalize them as The Plutocratic Confederate States of America. They will not however, be joining the United Nations.

All Koch, Murdoch, Mercer, Coors and Walton family patriarch birthdays will be national holidays.

Thanks, grantcart for that call to action.

Our situation is very depressing at this time and I for one, needed that shake of the shoulders!

The big money boys have taken us down this sorry road with the goals of divide and conquer, dumbing-down, and the instilling of fear and hatred in the general public. They profit massively from our being misinformed, ignorant, mentally frozen, fearful and biased - it makes for the best consumers!

We must find ways in our everyday lives to reunite and somehow spread it throughout our nation. It's a massive, long-term job. Our bouncing between left-leaning and extreme right-leaning government control is not working well at all, neither in the USA or around the world.

Thank you for your service to the international community!
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