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A Warning from Wisconsin


The massive paper mill has churned relentlessly since it began feeding off the energy of the Wisconsin River more than a century ago, forming the cornerstone of a cityís economy and producing glossy paper coveted by publishers during the heyday of U.S. magazines.

But the covid-19 pandemic has sped up a long-term trend ó the waning need for the paper used in magazines and printed advertising ó and Verso Corp.ís Wisconsin Rapids Mill will finally fall silent at the end of the month. The shutdown, announced June 9, will knock some 900 people out of work and has sent tremors across the regionís economy, reaching from the plantís gates through town and deep into the Wisconsin forests that supply wood pulp to make paper.

More at link:


*And this is what happens when you vote against your own interests and the ďeldersĒ have been doing so for decades, not allowing new businesses to come to this area....Heartstrings

Vote-by-mail deadlines by state...courtesy of Barack Obama...

The Wall of Moms link....these moms are fierce!


CALLING ALL MOMS - We meet again at the Salmon Street Fountain on the waterfront at 8:50pm. We will walk over together at 9pm to the Justice Center. Wear yellow and protective gear if you can. Due to the escalated violence by the Feds, please know your participation may result in arrest, tear gassing, and being shot by rubber bullets or even live ammunition once assembled in front of the justice center. Please take every safety precaution available. Thank you to all you brave mamas!

We listen to Black leaders. We are here to follow their direction, behind the scenes and at the justice center. We go where they tell us.
Our goal is to push the media to turn the focus where it belongs: Black leaders.
We will use our white bodies, not our white voices.
Bevís vision was that we moms would take some physical hits in hopes our Black and Brown kids, friends, neighbors, and loved ones will be spared some pain. To summon that mom warrior spirit to protect our kids-- ALL our kids. To let the Feds/cops hit, gas, shoot us first. Not to be the voice of the movement.
A lot of us havenít put our bodies in harms way like this. Itís really scary and awful. But itís whatís been happening to Black and Brown bodies for years.

Letís help each other do this. And thank you all for your grace and courage.


Miami Marlins postpone game as 14 team members (12 players)test positive....


LOL! That's definitely a silver lining...

I will send this to anyone I see espousing not wearing masks.

Hospitals have really been feeling the lack of our NODA (No One Dies Alone) volunteers. If the people who think those of us taking this seriously are ďgiving in to our fearĒ they can come and show how brave they are by sitting at bedside without a mask or any other PPE and holding the iPad for a patientís family to say goodbye over FaceTime.

The more you know....

Some positivity....Imagine Tomorrow

My dilís virtual work team video, and a Jack Johnson song!

Serious but true meme here!

A note from a teacher....😥

Give us a minute.

I spent today removing my personal belongings from my classroom. I'm not alone. This is being required in many districts right now.
Nothing but desks and chairs remained.
I left my empty classroom and cried all the way home.

Give us a minute.

Before you say that parents need to be able to work. That parents need a plan. That parents aren't teachers. Remember. Most parents aren't teachers, but most teachers ARE parents. We want what's best for your kids and OUR kids, too. We are in this together.

Give us a minute.

Before you spew your negative personal experience with virtual learning from the spring. Think. Do you have any idea how hard we worked to make it the best it could possibly be? Do you have any idea how it feels to read your words?

Give us a minute.

Before you rattle off your ideas about what will work in the fall. Understand. For every idea you have, we know a student and a family who needs something different. What works well in your house for your children is not necessarily the solution for all.

Give us a minute.

Teachers are not supposed to be working right now.
But we are.
As always.
There has never been a time before when we weren't ready to make it ok.
We use nights and weekends away from our families to make sure your children feel supported.
We go to sporting events and plays. We buy girl scout cookies and boy scout wreaths.
We buy supplies.
We buy food.
We visit homes. And hospitals.
We prepare for gunmen.
We do whatever it takes. Every single time.

But right now we're scared.
We are scared to death.
We are not sleeping. We are sick with worry.
We want to do what is right for our kids, and yours, because we consider them ours, too.
Give us a minute. Please.

* Credit to Sera Deo via Facebook
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