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Member since: Sat Mar 11, 2017, 09:31 PM
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Help, please help!

"Eventful" doesn't begin to describe the month we've had Xxxxxxx.

And with the month almost over, we're still about $4,200 away from our $30,000 goal.

Our deadline is at midnight tonight. So if you don't need any more convincing, click here to rush in a contribution of whatever you can afford.

And if you do need a little more convincing, here are the five top reasons you should contribute before the deadline at midnight.

CNN and The Washington Post both named this race one of the top ten most likely to flip sides in the country. And being a top race means special interests trying to beat us.
We've found out about three major ad buys in Wisconsin this month.
One of those is a $1.6 million buy from a Koch brothers-backed group.
If we don't keep up with our goals, we won't be able to fight back against Super PACs, special interests, and whatever attacks come our way.
And the most important reason of all, if we can't fight back we could lose Tammy in the Senate. And Wisconsin families cannot lose a fighter like Tammy in the Senate.

Help us close this $4,200 gap before midnight. We don't have much time left. Chip in $5 or more.


Team Baldwin


Randy Bryce, Randy Bryce, Randy Bryce!

Everyone please say that name at least 3 times a day and donate to help my state rid ourselves of Lyin' Ryan.....below is a posting from Facebook from Randy Bryce (Randy Bryce, Randy Bryce!)

"Show me a single Trump administration appointee qualified to do their job under a typical Republican President.

I'll wait." (Randy Bryce)



Randy Bryce, Randy Bryce, Randy Bryce!!!!

He needs help everyone, everywhere! Please donate to get Lyin' Ryan out!!!!


Men, your take on this.....

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