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Member since: Sat Mar 11, 2017, 09:31 PM
Number of posts: 5,957

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This happened in my neighborhood last night....

The family that lives in this home is bi-racial. The only signs in their yard were BLM signs. The BLM signs were taken and these were put in their place. Their security cameras were off, but will be on tonight and every night from now on. The neighbor next door security camera caught 3 white, MAGA wearing “kids” walking past their home before they got to this one....the police were called, they did nothing but take a report over the phone, didn’t even come out to watch the video. So much for law and order....

"I'm President T Rump, and I own these guys like a used Buick"

Colin Kaepernick's absence should haunt Roger Goodell and the NFL

“We want our fantasy football and we want our fantasy, period. We need the fun-and-games escape from all of America's problems. And our blessed medicine, our respite from months of sea-to-shining-sea sickness, arrives this weekend in an avalanche of wonderful football, God bless America.

But as our country's history records the victims and the complicit in real time, in a way that can't be whitewashed like the school textbooks we've always given our children, it should be forever recorded and remembered that it was a United States Army Green Beret who first suggested to Colin Kaepernick that kneeling was the most respectful way to request that police stop being so brutal to Black people -- a long time before protesters would take to the streets, a lot less quietly and a lot less politely.“


"People Get Ready"....Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart

If you're tired of explaining all the crimes trump has committed,

I found a condensed version for easy sharing. His kids have all been indicted already refusing to show up in court believing they are above the law because they have their family pet Barr heading to DOJ.  He’ll stop at nothing to cheat this election. He has dismantled the US post office, he won’t release intel regarding the Russians interference in this election and the extent of their attacks. We are all exhausted we just have to hang in and vote in November! #GOTV

Our country is lost....😥

I’ve been wondering why this entire
country seems to be under a cloud of
constant misery.

Why we all seem to be Russians
waiting in line for toilet paper, meat, Lysol.
Hoarding yeast and sourdough starter
“in case we can’t get bread”,
Buying stamps so that one of our most
beloved institutions might survive.

Why we all look like we are in bad need
of a haircut, or a facial or a reason to dress up again and go somewhere.


There is no art in this White House.
There is no literature or poetry in this
White House. No music.
No Kennedy Center award celebrations.

There are no pets in this White House.
No loyal man’s best friend. No Socks the family cat.

No kids science fairs.

No times when this president takes off his
blue suit-red tie uniform and becomes human, except when he puts on his white shirt- khaki
pants uniform and hides from Americans to
play golf.

There are no images of the first family
enjoying themselves together in a moment
of relaxation.

No Obama’s on the beach in Hawaii
moments, or Bushes fishing in Kennebunkport, no Reagans on horseback, no Kennedys playing touch football on the Cape.

I was thinking the other day of the summer
when George H couldn’t catch a fish
and all the grandkids made signs and
counted the fish-less days.
And somehow, even if you didn’t even like GHB, you got caught up in the joy of a family that loved each other and had fun.

Where did that country go? Where did all
of the fun and joy and expressions of love and happiness go? We used to be a country that did the ice bucket challenge and raised millions for charity.

We used to have a president that calmed and
soothed the nation instead dividing it.
And a First Lady that planted a garden
instead of ripping one out.

We are rudderless and joyless.
We have lost the cultural aspects of
society that make America great.

We have lost our mojo. Our fun, our happiness.
The cheering on of others.
The shared experiences of humanity that makes it all worth it.
The challenges AND the triumphs that we shared and celebrated.
The unique can-do spirit Americans
have always been known for.

We are lost.
We have lost so much
In so short a time.

* Taken from Facebook

9/11 #neverforget memorial thread


On the eve of 9/11...let's never forget. 🇺🇸🕯

On this date 19 years ago, 246 people went to sleep ahead of their morning flights. 2,309 people went to sleep in preparation for another routine day at the office. 343 firefighters, 71 law enforcement officers, and 8 paramedics went to sleep not knowing what their next shift would bring. None of them saw past 10am the next day.
In one single moment, life may never be the same......
Before you go to sleep tonight, take a moment and think about all you are thankful for in life that can sometimes be taken for granted.
Hug and kiss the ones you love.

And remember those 2,977 people whose lives were tragically cut short that following day.

Never forget. 9-11-01 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Anyone watched "Immigration Nation" on Netflix?

Watching with my dil....we’re on the 2nd episode we’re both alternating between 😥 and 😡.
Posted by Heartstrings | Mon Sep 7, 2020, 11:32 PM (6 replies)

President Biden! ❤️

Posted by Heartstrings | Sun Sep 6, 2020, 01:52 PM (4 replies)
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