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Thomas Hurt

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Member since: Wed Mar 8, 2017, 01:59 PM
Number of posts: 5,726

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Getting the stimulus check if you haven't filed taxes for last two years?

My sister has been my step dad's caregiver for the last two years. He passed away in November and she is now looking to get back to gainful employment. The 1200 dollars would come in handy but she hasn't filed taxes in a couple of years since she had no income.

Anyone seen how folks like my sister can get their check or deposit?

The latest Facebook explanation for COVID 19...

It is God's punishment cuz we attend too many movies, plays, sporting events, and too much consumerism and not enough time playing a pod person in church.

See how easy an explanation it is...the divine, loving, forgiving, all powerful, all knowing God is having a jealous snit and acting out.

Turn on my tv just now and there was Pence...

the President this, the President that, must have been five times in the minute I listened, and the amoral pig is standing right there.

Oh the ass kissing and the kissee standing right to make sure he can take it all in.

Amazing how much the pig is doing isn't it.......healing the sick, raising the dead, exorcising demons.......I am impressed.

Trump must be jonesing since his Touch Myself Rallies are a no go now.

After all that has happened in the last two or three weeks...

my libertarian (read alt-right) step brother has declared that the globalist world order conspiracy is working on all us sheeple and he is doubling down on resistance....he will going out and tongue in cheek has threatened to lick door knobs.

Standing to the end with Trump's bullshit Randian hyper-individualistic scam.

God's speed dude, don't let the man get you down.

Odds Trump uses the national emergency declaration to try to attack and censor the press?

just had a discussion with a co-worker, don't know if he voted for Trump

but his basic position was that the media is responsible for the responses by nations, corporations, pro sports, and the hoarders, to their news about corona. Still buying the bee ess, and this dude has an MBA.

The scare is somehow the invention of the media.........(smh)

Local grocery store provides curbside service and I just checked the online listings...

No times available for pick up until Saturday afternoon and they are out of bottled water and TP

Was in the Doctor's waiting room this morning here in Texas. COV-19 came up in the room

The chatter was the Trump narrative down to the, it is just the flu, it is the Democrats' and Media's fault.

The economic downturn does seem to be concerning though.

Serious Question: How many dead due to COVID-19 before we should be concerned...

half the deaths of the regular flu? Not until it exceeds flu deaths?

A few dead people is okay, as long as it not too many.....too many is when the pig's poll numbers take a hit?

If that is the measure, then is that too late and it will be raging across the country.

Is there a tipping point besides a political one.

So, when is the stable genius going to save us from Corona virus or even talk the public?

Isn't King Donnie the Venal a germophobe, he must itchy and jumpy if he is.
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