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Profile Information

Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Phila.,PA
Home country: USA
Current location: San Diego, CA
Member since: Wed Mar 1, 2017, 09:12 PM
Number of posts: 34,225

About Me

I am 54, retired teacher and illustrator, life-long dem., activist, union member. Also I do not use social media and I'm technologically retarded. I love dogs, rock music and swearing (alot).

Journal Archives

Ukraine envoy named in whistleblower complaint resigned.

Do people do this when they are guilty?

CA issues subpoenas to doctors over vaccines.

Too many doctors in San Diego were exempting students from being vaccinated. The unusually high number was the reason.


I just found out this group exists.

Is this what we use for discussions about the Impeachment WB?

What do Dems do if McConnell won't allow a vote?

We know he has no problem doing this (SCOTUS and other issues)? We also know the GOP are enablers and none will break ranks.

This Halloween should have some pretty clever costumes on parade.

Last year I saw a lot of little RBGs running around the neighborhood. Who will be popular this year?

Nancy just went into the room to read Whistleblower's complaint.

I hope she speaks afterwards.

Time to Bind tRump Wed 9.PM (PST), get your orange candle and Tower card out.

Time to Bind tRump Wed 9.PM (PST), get your orange candle and Tower card out.


9PM PST and midnight EST. Happy binding!

"Deeply alarming, disturbing, detailed and well done" Dem rep

is saying on CNN after he just read the whistleblower complaint. He can't say what the details are but reinforces what they learned and is a blueprint for what Congress needs to investigate now. Also the whistleblower took a big risk and did a great thing.

Rep Quigley is reporting his reaction (Intel Comm).

I just heard him speak. You are correct, fluent!

The other countries at the UN must have had some

interesting conversations about Boris and the fucking moron this week.
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