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The Hare PCL:SV Psychopathy Checklist: Trump Screening 32 of 40 points (in March)


In his latest clip for GQ’s “The Resistance” series, Olbermann claimed that Trump achieved a 32 out of 40 on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist.

“The threshold for probably being a psychopath is 30 points,” said Olbermann, adding Trump may “still finish life as high as 36 points, since two of his questions pertain to criminal record and violation of parole, and there’s plenty of time for him on both.”

Olbermann used the checklist ― a clinical tool that helps to diagnose psychopathy ― to conduct a similar assessment on Trump in July 2016. The then-presidential candidate scored equally high numbers. The difference between then and now?

“In a president, the problem escalates to, you know, the possible end of the world,” Olbermann said.
Posted by factfinder_77 | Sun Sep 24, 2017, 06:22 AM (0 replies)

Trump under fire for plans to scrap Obama-era restrictions on drone strikes

Source: independent.co.uk

'These proposed changes will result in more unlawful killings outside war zones, alienate allies, and make the world less safe', said Hina Shamsi of the ACLU

According to the Times, the Trump administration would expand the targets of kill missions by the military and CIA – now generally limited to high-level militants believed to pose a “continuing and imminent threat” to Americans – to include foot-soldier jihadists with no special skills or leadership roles. Additionally, proposed drone attacks and raids would no longer undergo high-level vetting, the Times reported.

Read more: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-drone-strikes-rules-scrapping-attacked-human-rights-a7962517.html
Posted by factfinder_77 | Sun Sep 24, 2017, 04:46 AM (5 replies)

Biden rips Trump over race in South Carolina return - another old male politician.

The address was the latest, and most searing, in Biden’s series of denunciations of the president and the current tenor of politics. It’s been a rapidly escalating effort that far outstrips former President Barack Obama’s Trump-era political work — and which has poured fuel on the speculation that Biden is considering a third run for the White House.

Posted by factfinder_77 | Sun Sep 24, 2017, 04:36 AM (3 replies)

Hillary Clinton on guns in What Happened - Hitting Sanders hard on his pro NRA voting

Page 185-186
Guns became a flash point in both the primaries and the general election. Bernie Sanders, who loved to talk about how "true progressives" never bow to political realities or powerful interests, had long bowed to the political reality of his rural state of Vermont and supported the NRA's key priorities, including voting against the Brady Bill five times in the 1990s. In 2005, he voted for that special immunity law that protects gun makers and sellers from being sued when their weapons are used in deadly attacks. The NRA said the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act was the most important gun-related legislation in more than twenty years. Then-Senator Barack Obama and I had voted against it. I couldn't believe Bernie continued to support the law ten years later when he ran for President.
I hammered him on the issue every chance I got. We had a revealing exchange in a town hall debate in March 2016. A man stepped up to the microphone to ask a question. His fourteen-year-old daughter had been shot in the head during a shooting spree outside a Cracker Barrel restaurant. After a few scary days on life support, she pulled through and ended up being the lone survivor of the attack. The father asked what we were going to do to address the epidemic of gun violence stalking our country.
"I am looking at your daughter, and I'm very grateful that she is laughing and she is on the road to recovery," I said. "But it never should have happened." I told him about some of the steps I wanted to take to keep families safe, including repealing the immunity protection for gun manufacturers. The moderator then asked Bernie his thoughts about a new lawsuit challenging that corporate immunity. To my surprised, the Senator doubled down. He argued passionately that people like me who talked about suing gun makers were really talking about "ending gun manufacturing in America." To him, the idea that a manufacturer could be held liable for what happens with its gun was tantamount to saying that "there should not be any guns in America." I couldn't have disagreed more strongly. No other industry in our country has the kind of protection he supported for gun manufacturers. And in every other situation, he was the loudest voice in the room calling for corporations to be held accountable for their actions. Why was this one issue so different? As I told the crowd, it was like he was reading straight from the NRA's talking points. After months of pressure from activists and victims' families, Bernie finally said he would reconsider his vote.

Page 180
The politics of guns have been toxic for a long time. Despite the fact that, according to a June 2017 Quinnipiac University poll, 94 percent of Americans support comprehensive background checks for gun sales, including 92 percent of gun owners, many politicians have shied away from taking on the NRA. The vocal minority of voters against gun safety laws have historically been more organized, better funded, and more willing to be single-issue voters.
In the 1990s, my husband fought hard to pass both a ten-year ban on assault weapons and the Brady Bill, which, for the first time, required background checks on many gun purchases at federally licensed firearms dealers. In the years since, that law has blocked more than two million purchases by convicted felons, domestic abusers, and fugitives. The NRA funded an intense backlash to the new safety measures and helped defeat a lot of Democratic members of Congress in the disastrous 1994 midterm elections. Then, in 2000, the NRA helped beat Al Gore.

Page 182
Wayne LaPierre helped make the NRA one of the most reactionary and dangerous organizations in America. Instead of being concerned with the interests of everyday gun owners, many of who support commonsense safety protections, the NRA has essentially become a wholly owned subsidiary of the powerful corporations that make and sell guns. Their bottom line and twisted ideology are all that matters to them, even if it costs thousands of American lives every year.

Page 183
After the massacre of nine parishioners at Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina, in June 2015, my team focused on why the twenty-one-year-old white supremacist killer was able to buy a gun despite having an arrest record that should have been flagged by the required background check. We found that, under the current law, if a background check is not completed after three days, a store is free to sell a gun with no questions asked. This is the result of an amendment the NRA designed and pushed through Congress during the debate over the Brady Bill in 1993. Experts say that more than fifty-five thousand gun sales that should have been blocked have been allowed to proceed because of what we started calling the "Charleston loophole." I made closing it and other gun loopholes a major part of my campaign.

Page 188-189
All told, the gun lobby spent more than $30 million supporting Trump, more money than any other outside group and more than double what it spent to support Mitt Romney in 2012. About two-thirds of that money paid for more than ten thousands negative ads attacking me in battleground states. The organization didn't have the guts to take on my specific policy proposals - which were widely popular, even with a lot of gun owners. Instead, it went for fear mongering and demonizing. In one ad, a woman is alone in bed when a robber breaks into the house. "Don't let Hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone," the narrator warns, suggesting falsely that I would have stopped law-abiding Americans from having guns.

I'm sure that some of my fellow Democrats will look at this high-priced onslaught and conclude, as many have in the past, that standing up to the NRA just isn't worth it. Some may put gun safety on the chopping block alongside reproductive rights as "negotiable," so as not to distract from populist economics. Who knows - the same might happen to criminal justice reform and racial justice more broadly. That would be a terrible mistake. Democrats should not respond to my defeat by retreating from our strong commitments on these life-or-death issues. The vast majority of Americans agree that we need to do more on gun safety. This is a debate we can win if we keep at it.
Posted by factfinder_77 | Sun Sep 24, 2017, 03:57 AM (23 replies)

Trump on 2016: 'No, Russia did not help me'

Source: CNN

President Donald Trump on Friday called the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election "one of the great hoaxes," and denied anything they did aided his victory.

"No, Russia did not help me, that I can tell you, OK?" Trump said.
"Are there any Russians in the audience, please?" he asked. In a jab at rival Hillary Clinton for losing a key state, said he "didn't see many Russians in Pennsylvania."
"Honestly, it's the thing they did best," Trump said of Democrats. "They did a rotten job of running, but they convinced people about this hoax. That was probably the thing that they did best, but it was one great hoax."

Read more: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/09/22/politics/trump-russia-alabama/index.html
Posted by factfinder_77 | Fri Sep 22, 2017, 10:55 PM (13 replies)

CNN live: President Trump slams Russia Probe as a "hoax"

Posted by factfinder_77 | Fri Sep 22, 2017, 10:51 PM (7 replies)

Sanders: I don't consider myself a Democrat


watch from 1.15

Sanders Senate campaign committee registered as independent for 2018 Senate campaign Oct 10, 2015

According to this document filed on behalf of Bernie Sanders official 2018 Senate campaign from October 10 2015, Sanders registered his campaign organization as an affiliated Independent.


To be clear; Friends of Bernie Sanders, was a Senate campaign committee during the 2012 election based in Vermont. As of December 31, 2012, the committee raised a total of $6.27M and spent a total of $2.65M.uring the 2012 election based in Vermont.


The person signing, Lora Haggard, was Chief Financial Officer for the 2016 Sanders presidential campaign. Ms Haggard is also the Treasurer for Friends of Bernie Sanders, the PAC supporting Bernie’s previous senatorial campaigns.

The PAC has to date $4,852,006.00 on hand


Sanders has previously said that he only ran as a Democrat in the presidential election for 'media coverage

Bernie Sanders on Monday told NBC’s Chuck Todd that he ran as a Democrat to get more media coverage.
During a town hall-style event in Columbus, Ohio, the independent Vermont senator said, “In terms of media coverage, you have to run within the Democratic Party.” He then took a dig at MNSBC, telling Todd, the network “would not have me on his program” if he ran as an independent. Money also played a role in his decision to run as a Democrat, Sanders added.

“To run as an independent, you need — you could be a billionaire," he said. "If you're a billionaire, you can do that. I'm not a billionaire. So the structure of American politics today is such that I thought the right ethic was to run within the Democratic Party.


Posted by factfinder_77 | Fri Sep 22, 2017, 09:41 PM (7 replies)

BS:Even with McCains opposition to the Republican health care bill, our own opposition is not over.

Posted by factfinder_77 | Fri Sep 22, 2017, 04:28 PM (2 replies)
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