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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 6,993

Journal Archives

I'm in Favor of Continued (& Aggressive) House Investigations into Trump's Many Shady Dealings

Investigations that when evidence is found, results in criminal indictments that could ultimately see him behind bars (wearing silver bracelets and an orange jumpsuit that matches his hair).

At This Critical Juncture, it's Imperative All the Mainstream Media Loudly Call Out this Criminality

The future of our country is now on the line. If the mainstream media falls soft-pedals what is actually happening or falls into the typical bothsiderism trap, I fear our country is done for. There are serious crimes being perpetrated right in front of us and there is no room to pretend otherwise or look the other way. These are the times that will either make us or break us.

How Did Bill Barr Keep His Law License after His Lies to Congress

and other nefarious behavior while serving in the Bush Administration? He should have been sent to prison thirty years ago.

It Might be Interesting to See a Photo of Bill Barr's Eyes Without Glasses

The eyes are the mirror to the soul. Does he have one?

How Likely is it Trump has Already Promised a Pardon to Mnuchin & Rettig?

Trump would likely do anything to keep his tax returns hidden. These are far from normal times!

Bank of America Raises Minimum Pay to $20/Hr.

Whereís the fanfare?


Trump's Seizing Personal Control of DHS is the Real Coup

As usual, Trumpís accusations of others is actually projection of what heís done. All of his blathering is merely one more calculated distraction.

Show Us the Mueller Report!

Is Trump's Latest Rampage Due to His Fears as the Investigation Walls Close In?

With so many ongoing investigations, Trump has to be worried, especially about his tax returns. It looks like this latest dive off the deep end is another example his dysfunctional and sadistic coping strategy. Iím concerned with what he might do next.

I Predict the Longer Barr Tries to Hide Mueller's Report, the More Leaks We'll Begin to See

Ultimately, the information will be revealed. Trump can run but he canít hide.
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