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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 6,995

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With So Many Democratic Senators Running for President, Who Will Serve as Democratic Senators?

In Today's Op-Ed, Paul Krugman Addressed Some Harsh Realities About Bi-Partisanship

I hope his title doesnít put DU readers off:


When do the Bar Association Complaints Begin Against AG Barr for Ignoring a Congressional Subpoena?

As the Attorney General of the United States and an officer of the court, he has a sworn duty to uphold the law. Giving a big middle finger to a congressional subpoena is a breach of those duties and illegal. Let the multitude of complaints and the subsequent disbarment proceedings begin!

China, if You're Listening...

Where would this end?

Since the Republicans Are Apparently Fine with Russian Interference in Our Elections...

...letís ask the Chinese to hack the IRS & publish Trumpís tax returns. What could possibly be wrong with that? Seriously, where does it end?

Could it Be Possible Mueller Wanted to Highlight the Complete Hypocrisy of Asking Him to Investigate

obstruction when current DOJ rules prohibit indicting a sitting president? Seriously, why bother? This arbitrary rule that has no basis is the Constitution or legal precedent, and for all intents and purposes gives us a king.

Realistically, How Many Elections Could Republicans Actually Win if They Didn't Cheat?

An even larger question is, why do we continue to let them?

Has Trump Promised Pardons to Everyone He's Ordered to Ignore Congressional Subpoenas?

Since apparently Trump canít be indicted while president, he appears to be acting like he can commit any crime.

Which Will be Delayed Longer, Trump's Tax Returns or the Unredacted Mueller Report?

Combined, I think they will be the end of Trump.

"The Mueller Report Shows That Bad Guys Who Play Dirty, Like Trump, Always Win"

In his "First Thoughts" piece in The Guardian, Jonathan Freedland tells us that although we had hoped that Mueller would be the savior to deliver us from Trump, we are disappointed because he did not quite deliver the smoking gun. Instead, the report, "handed the American public and their elected representatives a fully loaded revolver, with a note attached: 'Now, it's up to you.'

Two comments in Freedland's piece are telling. First: "Mueller emerges as a ref who allowed himself to be bullied by an especially belligerent star player."

Second is with respect to Mueller finding evidence of criminal conspiracy: "Because we knew we couldn't indict Trump for crimes, we made sure not to find any."

The article can be read here:

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