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Member since: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:04 AM
Number of posts: 6,957

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"The Trump Criminal Investigations"

On tonight’s show, Donnie Deutsche made an excellent branding suggestion, “The Trump Criminal Investigations.” Barney Frank, a guest, also made an excellent branding suggestion, “Unindicted Donald.”

These are two excellent branding suggestions we can all use going forward whenever referring to Trump or the multiple investigations into his misconduct and criminal activity. Over time, they will become part of the collective unconscious and they certainly can’t hurt.

The Manistream Media is Giving Republicans a Pass on Trump:

His ignorance, his incompetence, his crimes and on impeachment. For all of Trump’s many shortcomings, Republicans are let off the hook. Apparently, only Democrats took an oath to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law.

Mueller's Statement that He Did NOT Conclude Trump Didn't Commit a Crime Should be Replayed

Endlessly in the media. The obstruction no doubt prevented a conclusion of conspiracy.

The New Abortion Laws Would Grant Government the Authority to Enforce Abortions

Prohibit or enforce abortions—it’s the same authority. I wonder if the lawmakers, in their rush to pass these draconian laws, have bothered to consider that fact.

Are the Multiple US Espionage Charges Against Julian Assange Designed to Prevent His Extradition?

Is Trump so afraid of what Assange might reveal in a US trial, that he directed AG Barr to greatly overcharge knowing that would cause the UK to refuse to extradite? Putting the First Amendment on trial may just be a distraction.

Would Republican Senators Vote to Impeach Trump if it Meant They Would Get Pence in the White House?

They might surprise everyone.

Deutsche Bank is too Corrupt to Exist

Hundreds of millions of dollars in fines hasn’t fazed them in the least. Their money laundering schemes are too lucrative.

Is There Any Doubt the GOP is the Women Haters Party?

They fight against equal pay and equal rights. Now they are criminalizing women’s reproductive rights and control of their own bodies and healthcare decisions. What will be next on their agenda for women?

Let's Not Give Republicans a Pass

Granted, it will be left to Democrats to protect the constitution and our democracy. However, I believe more needs to be said, especially in the MSM, how Republicans have given us the Trump debacle and they are not honoring their oaths of office to protect the constitution. They are knowingly and willingly selling out our country.

With So Many Democratic Senators Running for President, Who Will Serve as Democratic Senators?

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