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Member since: Wed Nov 5, 2014, 03:21 AM
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Sen. Tom Cotton Mental Patient

Tucker Gretchen Carlson called Tom Cotton a mental patient. Since Tucker "never" lies, I believe him.

Trump's Crony Grifters

TV stations keep posting a photo gallery of Trump's "best" convicts but they are missing the worst offender. Trump University paid $25 million in fines for FRAUD. Trump Foundation paid $2 million in fines for FRAUD. Innocent people don't shell out nearly $30 million in fines. Where is Trump's photo in that gallery?

When the GOP beat themselves off on Hunter Biden they should remember that the Courts did not force him to take courses on not cheating charities like Junior, Ivanka, and Eric Trump.

Fair and balanced you know.

Hey Republicans -

You forgot the hammer and sickle on that Russian-Red map behind you at the hearings. Pootie Baby is going to cut you off. Watch out.

CNN needs to fire Creepy Lewddonkey!

Why is Trump's tiny right hand a paid "commentator" on CNN? For god's sake take him OFF the air.

Oh, and tonight, Kellyanne Conway is sooooo sensitive. Poor baby should find another candidate to support. Boss Trump's stupidity is making her work soooo hard.

Challenge for Donald Trump - Put Up or Shut Up

Re: Your policy for destroying ISIS


Shut your big mouth. Get off your golf cart.

Sign up as a mercenary/soldier-for-hire and go fight ISIS.

Take your adult children with you.

Do your part and Make America Great Again.

-I am the daughter of a Korean War Veteran. I am also an aunt of an Iraq AND Afghanistan Veteran!

Peaceful Protesters Claim Victory!

Protesting for results is entirely possible. We can affect change. Here is my wish:

Peaceful Protests - And Lots of Them

Strength Through United Minds

Hold Candidates, Electeds, and Administrators Accountable.

Nonviolent resistance will succeed. Let's try:

-Booing or hissing at him/them/her
-Silent majority at him/them/her as we listen to and then need to see actions from him/them/her
-Give him/them/her the finger whether it be thumbs up, thumbs down, or my favorite...the one finger salute

United We Stand in America - the Silent Citizens Majority

Rebecca is Walker is Scott is Bradley

I think Scott throws on a wig and demands to be called Rebecca.

For certain we know they are both from the same party...the I Got Mine-Screw You Vulture party.

Take a look at these two. It is all highly suspect and deserves scrutiny.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Kloppenburg vs Bradley? Vote Kloppenburg!

Kloppenburg does not sleep with her clients. Bradley does sleep with her clients.

The choice is clear.

What Will It Take to Wake America to the Horrors of Unplanned Parenthood

Deanna Alexander's piece on Sykes' RightWisconsin site is one of many propaganda-spewing diatribes against women's health care in general and Planned Parenthood (PP) in specific. But the title caught my eye.

Unplanned parenthood is a serious problem. The results of which are swept under the rug. Women are told to suck it up and parent. There is no concerted effort to stop men from impregnating women at will. Men are not regularly forced to parent. Hell, many of them think they "babysit" their own children.

Insurers, corporations, and religious busy-bodies think it is okay to deny even birth control to women. Yet have no problem dishing out boner pills to men.

Women do not have abortions without serious consideration like Alexander seems to believe. It is a very personal decision that is the woman's alone.

Alexander speaks as if women are being victimized by PP. I wonder if she has spoken to families and women using PP's services. Or, as clearly shown in yesterday's congressional hearing, facts and women's rights be damned, she and her ilk want to control everyone.

Except themselves of course. Wherein they talk the high road but are regularly proven to be craven ideologues partaking in various disgusting, cruel, ruinous and heinous behaviors.

1-608-266-1212 Call Scottie

Call Walker and give him your opinion on his primary performance, his failure to protect Wisconsin and her citizens, his threats for more war, etc.
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