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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 16,750

Journal Archives

You might be a racist if:

Youíre white and still supporting dump or still making excuses for why dumps racist comments are not racist. Dump is all about the politics of predjudice. Just stop already. Dump IS a RACIST. Period.

When Democrats win back the White House, it will be necessary to rebuild the entire government.

Entire branches of government remade. Highly important work reshaping our laws to prevent the next dump from ever happening again.

Iím not certain that old Allies would ever trust American leadership again. The civilized world is working together on solutions while trump isolates America. I hope we can still attract intelligent moral public servants, and at the same time worry we will never get the opportunity.

Moscow Mitch cannot be allowed to install even one more reicht wing judge.

Even if we elect a democratic president in 2020 these judges will block every step of progress for the American people. It is time for Schumer and the Senate to put a stop to this.

Mitch McConnell is blocking election security legislation despite the FBI Director testimony

Yesterday that Russia is still meddling and Director mueller testified today that Russia is still interfering right now today. Why is 1 guy single handedly allowed to help Russia steal yet another election when there is not one single doubt about what happened in the 2016 election, and is happening now?

Weíre acting like the remedy to rid America of trump in 2020 is the election when we know russia is standing ready to help republicans in 2020. We need to protect our election, the vile little man blocking this legislation needs to be exposed and removed.

The republicans have nothing.

Their questions when they pose them are not pertinent to any facts of the case. Republicans only purpose is to try and impune the integrity of this honorable man. They donít give a rats ass that Russia stole an American election.

First question, you did not clear the president of obstruction.


Watching the movie first man. Neil Armstrong moon landing. It is striking

The incredible courage and genius of so many people working together to make it happen.

Today we have lawmakers that are afraid of the stupidest man on the planet. These men had the courage to be strapped onto rockets when no one was certain if they would survive each launch.

If trump/republicans were serious about immigration they would hold employers accountable.

Until/unless republicans demonstrate a willingness to do that one thing, their vile display of immigration hate is nothing more than an incitement of violence and fear tactics republicans use to whip up a very low intellect base, not an attempt to address immigration issues.

How do we hold an election when the incumbent is allowed to violate the law?

Exactly how do we hold an election when the incumbent is allowed to violate campaign finance laws and canít be indicted but the Democratic challenger is bound by the law?

Does anyone else think this is insanity.

Peaceful protestors being arrested in the capital rotunda right now for protesting

Trump camps at the same time the liar in charge sits before congress spewing complete bullshit about the Homestead camp. Most of those being arrested appear to be white older Americans.
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