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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 14,279

Journal Archives

Why do the people who claim to love freedom consistently try to restrict freedoms?

The more conservative the more they want to control others. Why do these people think their world view should be shoved upon the entire population? Why do we put up with it?
Posted by onecaliberal | Sat Nov 8, 2014, 01:34 PM (5 replies)

I guess Rachel, Chris and Lawrence

Are all ratfuckers, because 90% of all their shows have been about how democrats are going to lose and what Republicans are going to do.

Who would have ever thought

That International human rights protection groups would need to come to the United States?

Does anyone know

If any media actually asked for the video footage of Michael brown in the convenience store?
If so why hadn't that agency previously reported that story?
Why didn't the media at the press conference call bullshit on the chief when he said he released the video because press was asking for it.
The people have been asking and are still asking for the shooting report.

I hope every ounce of karma that police chief deserves catches him very soon and takes a whopping bite.

29 Black people killed by police since January

And 16 since Trayvon Martin was killed by neighborhood watch person George Zimmerman.


Speaking of stupid stuff

Just to clarify: "Don't do stupid stuff"

Like vote to allow bush to invade a sovereign nation you knew was no threat to
The united states. A decision you knew damn well would destabilize the entire Middle East. Arguably the worst decision a US congress has ever made based on complete fabrication. Then try to pretend it was someone else's decisions that let to the cluster fuck that is now Iraq.

I am sick of my government paying trillions to kill women and children in foreign countries and then pretending we can't take care of the children in the United States.

Breaking ABC News

2 star general killed in Afghanistan on an afghan base. Inside job.
Posted by onecaliberal | Tue Aug 5, 2014, 10:37 AM (3 replies)

Did Elizabeth Warren really campaign

For Natalie Tennant?
We seriously don't need more supposed democratic polls to defend big oil and coal. Politicians in West Virginia need to start telling the truth about Coal.
We have to stop allowing people like Tennant to pretend Climate Change doesn't exist. We don't need less regulation we need much more.

Just curious...

How many men would be okay with women legislating limits and control of their healthcare and what they can and cannot do with their body parts.

Why does the MSM

Act as though Rasmussen Polls are anything other than terribly wrong.

Posted by onecaliberal | Wed Jul 2, 2014, 08:34 PM (1 replies)
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