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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 16,706

Journal Archives

Watching the movie first man. Neil Armstrong moon landing. It is striking

The incredible courage and genius of so many people working together to make it happen.

Today we have lawmakers that are afraid of the stupidest man on the planet. These men had the courage to be strapped onto rockets when no one was certain if they would survive each launch.

If trump/republicans were serious about immigration they would hold employers accountable.

Until/unless republicans demonstrate a willingness to do that one thing, their vile display of immigration hate is nothing more than an incitement of violence and fear tactics republicans use to whip up a very low intellect base, not an attempt to address immigration issues.

How do we hold an election when the incumbent is allowed to violate the law?

Exactly how do we hold an election when the incumbent is allowed to violate campaign finance laws and can’t be indicted but the Democratic challenger is bound by the law?

Does anyone else think this is insanity.

Peaceful protestors being arrested in the capital rotunda right now for protesting

Trump camps at the same time the liar in charge sits before congress spewing complete bullshit about the Homestead camp. Most of those being arrested appear to be white older Americans.

Dear white racist:

This is not just your country. This country does not stand for anything you stand for. America was founded in part on religious freedom. Your fake brand of Christianity is akin to the taliban terrorizing citizens who fail to allow phony religiosity to hijack the country. I will never stop fighting to rid America of the racist hating xenophobic red hats.

If you can’t understand or appreciate why America’s diversity is and always will be her strength, perhaps it is you, who “hates her”. You do not have the right to force your views on another person, especially when you run around quoting the Bible, while your actions demonstrate the opposite. The criminal occupant of the Oval Office is not the duly elected president. He’s a pathalogial liar, a rapist, a cruel and soulless person who will do anything for money, including the sale of America to ruthless dictators in foreign countries.

Please understand you will not win. You will have to pry this country from my cold dead hands, and there are millions more like me. We fought the original king and emerged victorious, we will defeat your orange want-to-be too.

In what world does an alleged child rapist get bail consideration.

Republican Jesus Commandments

1. Money is your God
2. Thou shall idolize money
3. Thou shall not misuse the name of money
4. Thou shall always keep money holy.
5. Thou shall honor money only
6. Thou shall not kill white people
7. Thou shall always be unfaithful
8. Thou shall steal whatever you want from those you hate
9. Thou shall be a pathological liar
10. Thou shall hate the black and brown skin people unless they’re under 14. or a fetus.

Gerry Connolly nails it!


Republican sex crimes.

This is mind blowing


Why are people on the right sickened by Bill Cosby, but not Jeff Epstein?

Even amongst criminals, black and brown men do not have defenders/protectors. Is R Kelly going to get that sweetheart deal for the rapes he allegedly committed?
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