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A reminder - Hillary is NOT the establishment! (Hillary Group)

From http://bluenationreview.com/bernie-is-the-establishment-hillary-and-planned-parenthood-are-the-anti-establishment/

•There have been 46 female senators of the United States. There have been 1,919 male senators. That’s 98 percent male.

•There have been 3 female Secretaries of State in U.S. history and 65 men. That’s just above 95 percent male.

•There have been 4 female Supreme Court justices in the United States, including 3 now serving on the bench. There have been 108 male justices. That’s more than 96 percent male.

•There have been 44 Presidents of the United States. All men. The math is easy: that’s 100 percent male.

This isn't just about "guns and free stuff."

Super Tuesday winners and losers (Hillary Group)

Source: The Hill by Niall Stanage


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D)

Clinton’s edge among black voters helped her crush Bernie Sanders in the South. In Alabama, for example, she was about 50 points ahead of Sanders with 84 percent of results in. Overall, Clinton won seven states to the Vermont senator’s four.

That is expected to leave Clinton ahead of Sanders in the delegate count by a more than 2-1 margin. Clinton already enjoys a prodigious lead among the party officials and others who serve as unpledged superdelegates — and they have no reason to leave her now.

Clinton’s night was not unblemished: Sanders picked up victories in Minnesota, Oklahoma and Colorado as well as his home state of Vermont. But Clinton won the general election battleground state of Virginia and beat back Sanders in Massachusetts, making clear that she can best her left-wing rival on his home turf in the Northeast.

It was telling that Clinton barely mentioned Sanders in her victory speech, delivered in Florida. Instead, she attacked Trump by allusion, asserting that “the rhetoric we’re hearing on the other side has never been lower.”

Clinton is beginning to run a general election campaign. That says everything about the state of the Democratic primary.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)

In one sense, Sanders performed adequately on Super Tuesday, winning four contests.

But Sanders aspires to win the nomination, not merely run Clinton close, and by that measure the barriers keep getting higher.

His consistently weak support among African-American voters was evident in results from the Deep South. Sanders also lost Massachusetts, a state where his campaign had high hopes. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow described that result as a “disappointment” for the Vermont senator.

Sanders’s prodigious fundraising will let him stay in the race for some time. But the idea of him as the nominee looks less plausible with every big night in the race.


Super Tuesday Predictions Point to Trump, Clinton Rout

Statistical models, betting markets, and the Internet weigh in.

Source: Bloomberg Politics by Andre Tartar and Ben Brody

On Tuesday, more delegates will be awarded than on any other day of the presidential race. About half of the delegates needed for a Republican candidate to win the nomination are at stake, plus about a third for Democrats. In roughly a dozen state races, Republican front-runner Donald Trump and Democratic leader Hillary Clinton seem poised to win in landslides that could render them nearly inevitable.

Delegates, though, will be awarded proportionally, so challengers could use the day to position themselves for an extended fight, particularly on the Republican side, where states only begin winner-take-all delegate allocation later in March. Below, six predictions that suggest Clinton and Trump might be coming up on a very good day.

On the Democratic side, Clinton is expected to win 10 of 11 states, according to the PredictWise model, up from eight before her win in the South Carolina primary on Saturday. She has a greater than 95 percent chance of winning delegate-rich Texas, Georgia, and Virginia. The odds lean toward Senator Bernie Sanders in his home state of Vermont and have shifted away from him in Colorado and Massachusetts.

“If Clinton carries the close states, then that could end the race on Tuesday,” Rothschild said in an e-mail. “She is now 95 percent to win the nomination.”

Read it all at: http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2016-02-29/super-tuesday-predictions-point-to-trump-clinton-rout

Today - "You're gonna hear me roar!" (Hillary Group)

Sanders Supporters Trolling Elizabeth Warren To Get Her Endorsement

So far the progressive senator remains silent and Sanders volunteers are becoming more aggressive

Source: Vocativ by Adi Cohen and Jason Steinblatt

After Senator Sanders’ disappointing finish in South Carolina and with Super Tuesday looming, Bernie fans are looking for a savior in Elizabeth Warren. And so, of course, they’re kinda trolling her.

After Clinton’s landslide South Carolina win was announced Saturday night, Team Bernie started bombarding Senator Warren with tweets and posts calling on her to endorse Clinton’s challenger. The Massachusetts Democrat and progressive hero has not endorsed any of the candidates, and now, hours before the polls open in her home state, the Bernie bros are hoping she could give him a last minute bump.

Thousands of tweets calling for the endorsement have been posted during the last 24 hours, a Vocativ social media analysis found. The most popular tweet came from the Sanders campaign itself, which linked to an op-ed Warren published Tuesday about the need for family leave. “This is exactly what our campaign is talking about,” Sanders’ tweet said...

All the rest at: http://www.vocativ.com/news/291424/sanders-supporters-trolling-elizabeth-warren-to-get-her-endorsement

"Till it happens to you."

You should see who is getting Bernie swarmed!


Could Senator Warren call this a 'special place in hell'?

Good job, bros!

After Getting Blown Out in South Carolina, Bernie Again Impugns Hillary’s Integrity (Hillary Group)

Source: Blue Nation Review by Peter Daou

The Minnesota speech started out positive, but then...

Alas, he couldn’t maintain the uplifting tone and by the second half of the speech, Bernie resorted to his “release the transcripts” attack against Hillary. In essence, he’s accusing Hillary of corruption — without an iota of evidence.

As we wrote recently, Hillary confronted Bernie on his continued insinuation that she is somehow tainted by financial industry contributions:

I would just say, I debated then Senator Obama numerous times on stages like this, and he was the recipient of the largest number of Wall Street donations of anybody running on the Democratic side ever. Now, when it mattered, he stood up and took on Wall Street. He pushed through, and he passed the Dodd-Frank regulation, the toughest regulations since the 1930’s. So, let’s not in anyway imply here that either President Obama or myself, would in anyway not take on any vested interested, whether it’s Wall Street, or drug companies, or insurance companies, or frankly, the gun lobby to stand up to do what’s best for the American people.

Hillary is absolutely right. Does Bernie think President Obama is compromised by Wall Street contributions? If so, he should have the courage to say it. If not, he shouldn’t imply that a female candidate would be influenced by donations or speaking fees. There’s a word for that.

The endless drumbeat that Hillary is dishonest is now driven directly from the top of Bernie’s campaign. It is an “artful smear” where any mention of the “establishment” or Wall Street is a Pavlovian trigger designed to impugn Hillary’s character. The Wall Street Dog Whistle.

Read the rest at: http://bluenationreview.com/bernie-again-impugns-hillarys-integrity/

Winners and losers from the South Carolina Democratic primary (Hillary Group)

Source: Washington Post by Aaron Blake


Hillary Clinton: No, this win was not unexpected, but it is still a win for Clinton — and it appears to be an absolute drubbing. She has now won two straight states, and she is clearly the momentum candidate heading into Super Tuesday — which is, after all, just three days away. The question from here is whether Clinton can begin to put the race away in short order or if Sanders can hang around somehow — despite increasingly daunting delegate math. That’s a far different conversation than we were having after Clinton got blown out in the New Hampshire primary two and a half weeks ago.

Black voters: Eight years after South Carolina sent Barack Obama further on his way to becoming the first black president, black voters sent a message Saturday that was loud and clear: We aren't going anywhere. Early exit poll numbers suggest the black share of the electorate could hit a new record — about 6 in 10 voters in Saturday's primary. That would exceed even the percentage in 2008, when the eventual first black president was on the ballot. That record turnout comes after a South Carolina campaign that was focused intently on wooing black voters — even more so than in 2008. The combination of those two things mean black voters just asserted themselves as a real force in 2016.


Bernie Sanders: We pretty much knew this wasn't going to be close, but it turned into a disaster for Sanders. Yes, it's one state, but Sanders had one task here: To beat expectations when it comes to black voters. He didn't do that -- at all. He lost their votes a whopping 87-13, according to the most recent exit polls. A while back, a top Sanders adviser mused that he could win South Carolina with 30 percent of the black vote; that proved to be a foolhardy goal. And it's not just that black voters like Clinton better; they didn't seem to trust Sanders either. Just 52 percent said they would trust Sanders to handle race relations. Nearly 9 in 10 said the same of Clinton.


Young voters: At this rate, all future candidates might as well give up on trying to build a campaign around the support of young people. Despite tens of thousands of people showing up to Sanders rallies, and young people favoring him overwhelmingly so far, they just aren't showing up to vote like he needs them to. Fewer than 1 in 6 voters in South Carolina were under the age of the 30. And it follows a pattern of young people just not giving Sanders the turnout he needs. In fact, young voters were less of the electorate there than in any of the first three states

Read all the rest at: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/02/27/winners-and-losers-from-the-south-carolina-democratic-primary/?hpid=hp_hp-top-table-main_fix-winners-losers-940pm%3Ahomepage%2Fstory

I'm gonna see the Big Dog Saturday!

Come on with us!

Alabama State University
1055 S University Ave.
John Garrick Hardy Student Center
Montgomery, Alabama 36106

Saturday, February 27, 2016 from 3:45 PM to 7:00 PM CST

On Saturday, February 27, President Bill Clinton will travel to Montgomery for a rally to get out the vote before the primary in Alabama on Tuesday, March 1. He'll make his case for why Hillary is the best candidate to raise Alabamians’ wages and incomes and break down the barriers that exist for too many families. Get there early for a good spot!


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