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Is this - finally - real proof of 266 pound catfish?

Survivor Season 30 Worlds Apart starts tonight! 2/25/15

I know how network programming gets lost in the choices, so a reminder.

Should be epic!

White collar vs. blue color vs. no collar.


Come on with us to Selma!

President Obama will be in Selma, Alabama - yes, Alabama! - Saturday, March 7. Over 100,000 are already expected to be present for this 50th anniversary remembrance of 'Bloody Sunday.' This is your chance to witness history!

Lots of informative links at the following al.com link.

From USA Today:

WASHINGTON –Ninety-five members of Congress will make a civil rights pilgrimage to Alabama next month, record attendance for the annual event organized by the Faith and Politics Institute.

The delegation of House members and senators will spend March 6-8 in Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma and Marion for the 50th anniversary of the historic voting rights marches in 1965. President Barack Obama will join them on March 7 in Selma to commemorate Bloody Sunday, when state troopers attacked marchers as they tried to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge on their way to Montgomery to demand voting rights for African-Americans.


That other state license?


It's good to live in a deep red state -- at least taxes will be lower, right (regardless of loss of government services)?

Oh, no!

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency raised the rate on renewal operational driver's licenses by 54 percent. The new rate went into effect Monday.

Renewing your driver's license -- which is good for four years -- now costs $36.25. Previously, the rate was $23.50 for four years.

The rate hike stands out even more when compared with Alabama's neighboring states.
•Georgia: $20 renewal for five years.
•Mississippi: $24 renewal for four years.
•Tennessee: $19.50 renewal for five years.
•Florida: $48 renewal for eight years.

But don't worry, service won't improve and everyone will just whine about the government. All part of the Republican master plan.
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