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A Democrat in Alabama!


Montgomery County Probate Judge Steven Reed was one of only a couple probate judges in the state of Alabama expected to issue marriage licenses to gay couples today before a stay was issued on a federal judge's ruling Sunday night.

"From my standpoint, it was pretty clear cut," he said. "The federal court ruling striking down that (gay marriage) ban, to me, meant that any couple who wanted to get a marriage license could get a marriage license."

So, while the process unfolds, many Alabamians are ready to celebrate another landmark decision affecting Alabama's classic Southern heritage. It was supposed Alabama would be one of the last states to recognize same-sex marriage -- and this process could still take longer -- but when the Republican state legislature doubled down on man/woman marriage law (nothing better to do), they got the ball rolling.

Judge Reed indicated his political persuasion had nothing to do with it, of course. He's a judge! I'm glad I voted for him -- political persuasion had everything to do with it! Thank you, Judge Reed!

Prior to the stay, the Alabama Probate Judges Association advised its member judges to not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Reed, who is a member of the association, said he disagreed with the legal opinion received by the Probate Judges Association.

"In my position, the people of Montgomery County elected me to make decisions based on my best judgment not based on a general body or an association," he said.

Reed, who is a Democrat, said his political views didn't come into play when making the decision. He said that would be against the "canon of judicial ethics."

Reed did say that he considers himself "an active guardian of the equal rights of everybody under the 14th Amendment."

If the federal judge's ruling isn't overturned, Reed said his office will be ready to issue marriage licenses to gay couples on Feb. 9.

Obama coming to Selma!

Saturday, March 7th. More news on schedule to come, but this would be a once in a lifetime historic opportunity to join our brothers and sisters in Selma!

50 years. President Obama. We did this.


Obama will be in Selma March 7th for the 50th anniversary of the march. Obama will be joined by Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga, who was among the marchers on that day.

The event will commemorate the 1965 march when voting rights advocates were forced to turn back after a violent encounter with police. The violence of that day, known as "Bloody Sunday" captured worldwide attention and led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act.

We're Number One!

Finally, some relief from football, bibles and canned vegetable self-defense!

School employees in Alabama were accused or convicted of sex crimes with students more frequently than in any other state on a per capita basis in 2014, according to records compiled by a former chief of staff of the U.S. Department of Education.

To be sure...and, oh so reassuring...

Terry Abbott, who in 2001 served as chief of staff under Secretary of Education Rod Paige during George W. Bush's first term as president, spent 2014 tracking every available report of teacher-student sex nationwide.

Abbott is quick to admit that his methodology isn't perfect. Because there is no federal law that uniformly legislates the legality of this issue, a relationship that's illegal in Alabama may not be in Montana, and one that's OK in Alabama may be a felony in Michigan.


"...with liberty and justice for all."

Siegelman remains incarcerated as a result of the Department of Justice political persecutions under Bush 2.0.

This video highlights the failings of the judicial system regarding his conviction - in case you all missed it.

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