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Update: Tracey Grissom story goes national

Link to recent broadcast of "48 Hours: The Girl Next Door:"


SEC Football, where's the love?

Last Saturday 2 games offered up agony and ecstasy of epic proportion!

Texas A&M at Auburn was unforgettable, as the magic that has sustained Auburn for so many years came to an end, and an 18 year old true freshman quarterback made it a game. For Auburn, miracle catches were followed by miracle fumbles. What goes around, comes around.

This was followed by Alabama at LSU in Death Valley, ..."where dreams come to die." Ole Miss died there, now for 57 minutes it looked like Alabama's dreams were ending in a typical SEC old-school slugfest where the bigger, faster, stronger pound each other into submission. When Yeldon lost the ball due to excruciating pain, and somehow Alabama held LSU to a field goal, and then for the first time in the entire game put together an Alabama drive, and then KICKED a tying field goal to go to overtime, well, agony and ecstasy again!

That was a remarkable 6 hours of entertainment, wasn't it?

Oh yes -- No.1 Mississippi State comes to Alabama this Saturday. Are you ready for some football?

Here we got more Republicans - less Sharia Law.


In Alabama, we know crazy. A last requiem...and then we move on.

"And that's all I have to say about that."

Alabama General Election - 5 Statewide Constitutional Amendments

I am sure our candidate selections will be simply each and every Democrat on the ballot. To eliminate any easy machine discrepancy from electronic ballot readers advantaging a particular party, I recommend marking the oval by the Democrat's name, not the Straight Party Voting oval. I guarantee you, all the voter fraud is in counting, not voting!

Convinced of overwhelming victory, our only hope as Democrats is the Republicans all assume some other Republican will go and vote. Low turnout is usually a plus for Republicans, but utilizing a stealth Democratic Party strategy (so stealthy even Democrats didn't hear about it) we may be able to steal some elections if the Democratic base turns out and the Republicans take a nap. The strategy may be working:

The Alabama State Constitution is regularly amended during elections. Adopted in 1901, this constitution is quite unique. From Wiki:

At 340,136 words, the document is 12 times longer than the average state constitution, 40 times longer than the U.S. Constitution, and is the longest still-operative constitution anywhere in the world. (The English version of the Constitution of India, the longest national constitution, is about 117,369 words long, a third of the length.)

About 90 percent of the document's length, as of 2012, comes from its 856 amendments. About 75 percent of the amendments cover only a single county or city, and some deal with salaries of specific officials.

Tomorrow we vote on 5 Statewide Constitutional Amendments submitted by our state legislature. There can be additional local amendments on local county ballots, so there may be more than 5 on your ballot.

Simple explanation of amendments from our simple Lt. Gov.:

1, 3, and 5 are right-wing hyperbole. 2 and 4 are reasonable requests.

Number 1 is really outlawing Sharia Law, just in case. Really?

Number 2 is to borrow from General Trust Fund to get critical long-term loans for funding National Guard building improvements and construction.

Number 3 is a State's Right guarantee in addition to our Supreme Court right to keep and bear arms - just in case the Federal government or the UN has other ideas.

Number 4 is to end unfunded mandates imposed by State legislature on local school boards, very reasonable.

Number 5 is an addition to our Supreme Court right to keep and bear arms with right to shoot things with those arms.

So, print you out a ballot for reference, carry it with you - fill in ovals for D's, fill in NO for 1, 3, 5, fill in YES for 2 and 4 - and remember, vote early and vote often!

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