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Stoneman Douglas students take gun safety message to Alabama State House

Under a toad strangler of an early morning storm, they persisted!
What an outstanding, youthful set of inspirational figures in our body politic!!

Source: AL.com, by Mike Cason

A group of about 30 students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., came to Montgomery on their Road to Change tour, presented my March for Our Lives.

Most of the group was not admitted past security so they staged their planned "sit-in" in the State House lobby, chanting "vote them out," "everyday shootings are everyday problems," and "USA not NRA."

Tabitha Isner, the Democratic nominee for Congress in Alabama's 2nd District, came by the State House to hear what the students had to say.

"I think the biggest takeaway is how great it is to see young people that are using their anger and their fear in a positive way, that they're trying to make change," Isner said. "Lots of young people, when they feel ostracized from the community or they feel abandoned in their community will resort to bad behavior, criminal behavior. And I think it's a powerful testimony that these young folks have decided to try to change policy rather than giving up on the society around them."

Read it all at: https://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2018/08/stoneman_douglas_students_take.html

Stoneman Douglas students arrive!

Sit-in at the "People's House" -- allowed between the front door and the metal detectors.

"March For Our Lives" in Jackson!



"March for Our Lives" continues Southern tour!

Yesterday in Birmingham.

Today, Montgomery to Selma - Freedom Ride tribute!

But first:



We'll see you at the barricades!

August Premieres and Returning Favorites

Welcome to the dog days of summer!

The Sinner USA, Aug 1, Wednesday, 10-9CT Season 2, Carrie Coon featured!

Animals HBO, Aug 3, Friday, 11:30-10:30CT Season 3, animated post-apocalypse NYC!

Random Acts Of Flyness HBO, Aug 3, Friday, Midnight-11CT


Better Call Saul AMC, Aug 6, Monday, 9-8CT

Lodge 49 AMC, Aug 6, Monday, 10-9CT Goes with 'Saul' I guess?

Fear the Walking Dead and Talking Dead AMC, Aug 12, Sunday, 9-8CT Second half of Season 4

Ballers HBO, Aug 12, Sunday, 10-9CT Russell Brand joins up!

Be sure and add your favorites!

"Everybody believes in accountability until it's their guy."

I always want to ask - "Why the tattoos?"

You know what? I just 'discovered' it's really none of my business!

I Don’t Want To Talk About My Tattoos With Strange Men by Emily McCombs HuffPo

Even if a man isn’t touching or leering, commenting on tattoos can feel like a perpetuation of the entitlement to our bodies that women experience constantly. Never mind that we’re only riding the train home, or standing in line at the grocery store ― we are still on display, our bodies still up for discussion and commentary. It can feel mentally jarring to be minding your own business, perhaps daydreaming or reading a book, and have your attention drawn again and again to the reality of your thighs or your bare shoulders. The question or compliment itself often feels like a ruse, a thin excuse for men to gleefully exert that access to our bodies, to get away with something in public

Things I will be keeping to myself from now on:

CDA: "The first five of our official endorsement list for the 2018 midterm elections is up!"

Source: Christian Democrats of America

Christian Democrats of America officially endorses the candidates below for the 2018 midterm elections. After vetting the values, policies and ideals of the below candidates, we believe they are in alignment with our platform and the policies/values that are most important to Christian Democrats. This list is in no way complete, as we will continue adding to this list on a regular basis as the midterms approach. Look for special features on these candidates on our social media, podcast and blog and for an official Voter’s Guide on issues coming soon.

Richard Painter – Senate, Minnesota

Quote: “This President is a traitor. Either we impeach and remove him or we start learning Russian.”

Tabitha Isner – Congress, Alabama

Quote: My political views are firmly tied to my faith, the idea that we are called to feed the hungry and care for the sick and liberate the captive. I believe that we do better by our children and families when we support abundant life for all rather than fearing that there isn’t enough to go around. In these United States of America, we can all enjoy abundant life, but it’s going to require courage and faithfulness to our ideals. We can restore unity and strengthen the bonds of peace, but It’s going to require humility and gentleness, patience and bearing with one another in love.

Kelly Fryer – Governor, Arizona

Quote: “I will use a human rights lens to write every policy, sign every bill and draft every budget – people first. I think Arizona is the most beautiful state in the nation but we face a long list of challenges, including deep economic inequity and high poverty, struggling public schools, mass incarceration, a water shortage, racist immigration policies, anti-LGBTQ bias, constant attacks on women’s rights and an assault on our natural resources. These problems have reached or will soon reach crisis levels as a result of decades of negligence, incompetence, ideological blindness and immoral leadership. As governor, I will use 3 principles to tackle every challenge: 1) People first – I’ll use a human rights lens to write every policy, sign every law and draft every budget. 2) Everyone wins – It isn’t true that, for someone to “win,” someone else has to “lose.” I will seek solutions that work for all of us. 3. Be fearless – I’m going to listen to the smartest people, look for the best ideas, think big and act boldly to make Arizona work for everyone – and I mean everyone.”

Joan Greene - Congress, Arizona

Quote: “We must be the Voice for the Voiceless. We fight for the people and not an industry. We must include compassion in every decision we make because when we do, we would never have the atrocities we are having now. We must always extend our hand to those in need. Together we can turn our Community and Country back to the WE it should be instead of the me it is becoming.”

Tim Kaine – Senate, Virginia

Quote: “Let’s hear from the “least of these,” who must deal with the ramifications of the decisions made in Washington. In the end, our collaboration and openness to new ideas will produce solutions that do a better job at caring for those most in need.”

Song by Christina Forrester – Executive Director/Founder, CDA

Nick Saban's contract sends message to college football

Source: AL.com, by Joseph Goodman


Saban, who is 66 years old and 132-20 in 11 seasons at Alabama, extended his contract by one year on Friday to 2025. It sent a powerful message to coaches (and their recruits) throughout the SEC. The Tide's glorious ride isn't ending anytime soon, and the greatest coach in the history of college football will not be aging out of the sport's most demanding league.


It's clear at this point that beating Saban will be the only way to get him to retire. Good luck with that. He's 64-7 over the last five seasons, and one failed defensive drive away from winning three straight national championships.

Saban's Alabama is the favorite to win the championship again this season, and, at this point, his biggest problem every year is convincing stockpiled talent not to transfer. Saban's quarterback controversy this fall will be the envy of every other coach in the country.

If Auburn's starting quarterback goes down with an injury this season, the Tigers are done. If Alabama's starting quarterback gets knocked out, the backup has starred in a national championship.


Read it all at: https://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2018/07/nick_sabans_contract_sends_mes.html

The Process starts here. See y'all September 1st!

After rosy report, Dotard says economy going to go 'higher'

Source: CNBC, by Tucker Higgins

The president also championed the GOP tax overhaul passed late last year, saying that "as a result, more than 6 million Americans are enjoying new bonuses, better jobs, and far better paychecks." The president said that Democrats' efforts to turn back the tax cuts would be a "disaster for our economy."

It's not clear that the Republican tax plan has resulted in increased wages. The Bureau of Economic Analysis noted Friday that personal income growth, in the form of wages and salaries, decelerated in the second quarter despite the GDP increase. Real wages have remained stagnant over the past year, according to government data.

Meanwhile, corporations have boosted their stock buybacks and cash distributions to shareholders, which have accelerated at a record pace. Bloomberg reported in May that 2018 was on track to be the first year in which shareholders saw a $1 trillion windfall from stock buybacks.

By pumping up expectations for U.S. economic growth for the remainder of the year, Trump raised the political risks for Republicans in November's midterm elections and for himself for a 2020 re-election bid.

Read it all at: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/27/trump-were-going-to-go-a-lot-higher-than-4point1percent-gdp-number.html

While the 'genius' was rambling on, reading his prepared speech, this began - and ended the day:

Trump's back in Jersey this weekend

President Donald Trump is spending another weekend at his Bedminster golf club.

The president is scheduled to fly into Morristown Airport late Friday afternoon and then head over to Bedminster. It will be his fourth visit to New Jersey in the last five weeks.



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